Bridgestone e12 Soft & e12 Speed Golf Ball Review

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The Bridgestone e12 Speed and e12 Soft golf balls deliver the straight distance they promise.  Clear differences in the feel of the two balls.  Fairly low short game spin.


“Straight distance” is something every golfer desires, and it’s been the calling card of the Bridgestone Golf e Series golf balls for several generations.  The new e12 golf balls seek to enhance the brand’s reputation with a three-piece design optimized for players who swing over 105 MPH (e12 Speed) or under 105 MPH (e12 Soft).  I tested both models to see how their performance compares to the highly regarded Tour B series (review HERE) and previous e Series golf balls.


When testing two golf balls in the same family, finding differences in feel can be difficult.  That’s not the case with the two e12 golf balls.

The e12 Soft is appropriately named – it’s marshmallow-y off the putter or wedge.  On the green, it produces a dull “tock.”  With a good forged wedge, the sound is muted without any “click” at all.  This ball feels like it melts into the club face.

By contrast, the e12 Speed feels similar to your average Tour ball.  Off the putter, it produces a crisp “click.”  With a wedge, there’s a similar, responsive “click” that accompanies a good strike.

Short Game

While the e12 Soft and e12 Speed have dramatically different feel, their performance in the short game is very similar.  Both e12 models have spin that is typical for a non-urethane covered golf ball.  For me, that meant the e12 was more appropriate for pitch-and-run shots than those that land and check or back up.

Long Game

The focus of the e Series golf balls has always been the long game: providing low spin, straight flight, and plenty of ball speed.  On all those counts, the e12 Speed and e12 Soft deliver.

Off the driver, both these balls are very low spin.  For me, with a swing speed right around 105 MPH, I found that they performed similarly.  In testing with other players, I found that Bridgestone’s recommendation was smart: the e12 Soft produced a bit more ball speed and slightly more spin for the slower swingers.  For the faster players, the e12 Speed maximized their speed and lowered the spin a bit.  The differences I saw weren’t huge, but who wouldn’t take every bit of ball speed they can get?

In the iron game, I found that the spin and ball speed of both e12 balls were similar to the Tour balls I typically play.  Ball speed was slightly better with the e12 Speed, but spin was nearly identical.  I will give my standard caveat: I’m fairly low spin, and higher spin players may see more noticeable differences.


Most people now understand that the driver is the moneymaker, not the putter.  With that in mind, get fit for a ball that can optimize your distance – and keep you in the fairway – like the Bridgestone e12 Soft and e12 Speed.  As with any equipment decision, fitting is important, and no one does ball fitting better than Bridgestone.  Find a ball fitting event HERE or use their on-line fitting tool HERE.

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  1. I have really enjoyed the e12 Spft. The distance for me is good and it performs well around the green. It is a nice feeling ball.

  2. Despite the price, what’s the difference between e6 and e12? both them are 3-piece ball.

    • Matt Saternus


      The e6 is a two piece ball and there’s currently only one model (excluding the Lady’s version). The e12 is a three piece and it offers the ability to fit for swing speed.



  3. John Solian

    I participated in a Bridgestone ball fitting at a demo day and was surprised to find how much better my numbers were with the e12 soft over other balls. I am now playing it consistently and feel my game has improved. I recommend a Bridgestone ball fitting to anyone unsure about what ball they should be playing. Definitely eye opening to me. The e12 soft is a good ball.

  4. Hi Matt.

    I currently play the e6 speed (until I run out!) I get great distance with it and love it. My swing speed is in the mid-90s, and the new e12 speed is said to be for golfer’s with 105 mph+ swing speed. Would I be better served going with the e12 soft?

  5. What’s the difference between how the e12 soft and the Tour B RX performs with a relatively slow (90mph and under) swing speed?

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