Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball Review

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The Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball bridges the gap between distance balls and Tour balls in the short game while providing more forgiveness in the long game.


Last year, Bridgestone stole all of the excitement around golf balls with their new Tour B [review HERE].  The hype was well-deserved because the REACTIV Urethane Cover performed exactly as advertised.

This year, Bridgestone has again claimed the biggest story in golf balls with their e12 Contact.  This new mid-priced model has a dimple that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it promises to raise the bar on performance.


The Bridgestone e12 Contact hits a sweet spot for me in terms of putter feel.  Longer putts get a little of that “low compression marshallow” feel, but not so much that the ball feels like it won’t get to the hole.  Similarly, the sound wants to be a dull “thud,” and it is very quiet, but it’s just a touch staccato.

With a wedge, the e12 Contact creates a very satisfying feel.  This ball feels soft off the face in a way that’s a combination of soft cover and low compression.  It’s not fully the Tour-ball urethane cover feel nor the marshmallow-y low compression feel, but something uniquely its own.

Short Game

One of the supposed benefits of the Contact Force dimple is that it creates more friction with the club face and thus more spin around the green.  In testing the e12 Contact head-to-head with the Bridgestone e6 and Tour-level balls, I found this claim to be true.  The Bridgestone e12 Contact spun noticeably more than the e6 which does not have the new dimple.  It still trails a Tour-level ball in spin by about 10%, but that’s significantly closer than many mid-tier golf balls.

Long Game

The real selling point of the e12 Contact is, to quote Bridgestone, “straight distance you can see.”  The Contact Force Dimple claims to create more ball speed, thanks to greater contact with the club face, and lower spin for straighter shots.  In my driver testing, I found the e12 Contact is as low spin as the lowest-spinning Tour balls.  If you hit ballooning, curvy shots off the tee, you will love the e12.  It will not only give you more distance, it will keep you out of the trees.  I also saw a slight uptick in ball speed compared to e6.

This low spin performance carried over to the irons.  I was seeing significantly less spin with the e12 than I did with a low spin Tour ball.  Again, for the player that needs to rein in the wild hooks and slices, the e12 will be fantastic.  That low spin also translated to greater distance with my short and mid irons, but decreased carry with my long irons.  As always, the key is getting the right equipment for your needs.  I’m a lower spin player.  Higher spin players may see distance gains throughout the set.


The Bridgestone e12 Contact sits squarely in the middle of the price spectrum at $30/dozen.  This price tier typically gets hand-me-down technology, but the Contact Force Dimple is a genuine upgrade that improves its performance in both the short game and the long game.

Whether you play it in white, matte green, matte red, or matte yellow, the e12 Contact is an outstanding golf ball and a great value.

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Matt Saternus

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  1. I will check these out, off the tee I struggle at time’s with too much spin and have played around with the avx in the past . Thanks for the review!

  2. David A Lorenzini

    I agree with you review. I played the ball for the first time and hit 12 of 14 fairways! Wedge, iron and putting was also better. Bridgestone has a winner here! I’m 74 years old and shot 83 from the blue tees. Best round ever.

  3. Dimples look like the old Wilson TC2 met the Royal ball from the mid 70’s, lol

  4. Absolutely love these balls. I think I have 8 rounds in with them now and there are no plans to change things up. Thinking of branching off and trying some color ones also, cuz why not? :-)

  5. Michael Pasvantis

    I was given a sleeve of 2 of these balls by Bridgestone about a month before their release date for testing and review. I tested these balls over two very windy days (15-25mph) and what struck me the most was how unaffected this ball was by the wind. Left or right wind could not touch this ball and it did very well into the wind as well. It had a nice soft, but not too soft, feel and it did well around the greens as well a with putter feel. I normally play the Tour B X ball so I am hoping this dimple design will find its way into that ball!

  6. Christopher Carlson

    Would the e12 be the best for a slower swing speed (85 mph) or would the e6 be better?

    • Matt Saternus


      Both are good off the tee. The e12 is going to give you more short game spin.



  7. Jack Derderian


    E12 contact is lower spin off the tee than “new” 2021 E6? If so, E12 contact should be straighter off the tee than “new 2021” E6?

    Great review – thank you for making this a bit easier to understand if you are not a “golf insider” – appreciate your time!

    • Matt Saternus


      Off the tee, the e12 and e6 are very similar in terms of spin. Both are very low spin and thus very straight.



  8. Can you compare this to ERC Soft?

  9. I have used Titleist NXT for years. I have finally used up all of the sleeves I had. I used the e-6 about 5 years ago, but there was something missing in the feel around the green that made me go back to the NXT. I am looking at the e-12 and wondering about the comparability to the Tour NXT and that missing link I didn’t have in the e-6. I am taller so I probably have a higher swing speed as I get thru the ball.

    • Matt Saternus


      Without head to head testing, I’d be hesitant to say much about an NXT vs. e12 Contact comparison. As I said in the review, I think the e12 is excellent, especially relative to its price.


  10. These balls fly straight off all clubs but I wouldn’t say their distance is exceptional. My distance with these balls is about one club less. I will continue to use them for now since accuracy assistance

  11. Michael. O'BRIEN

    Like the e6, liked the e12 soft even more. Don’t understand why one would discontinue a good product. e6 is a fine golf ball for a rec golfer, so was the e12. Any thoughts? Mike O

    • Matt Saternus


      The Contact Dimple is a pretty major upgrade for the e12. Bridgestone still has the e6 in their line, and we’ll have a review up soon.


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