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Bridgestone Tour B X, Tour B XS, Tour B RX, Tour B RXS Golf Ball Review

50 Words or Less

The new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls have some of the boldest performance claims I’ve ever seen for a golf ball, and they deliver on them.  Four models allows for a precise fit.


Every time that a new golf ball gets released, we get inundated with the standard claims: longer, softer, more green side spin, etc.  With the new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls, the claims carry a lot more weight because Bridgestone was willing to get specific.  Thanks to the new REACTIV Urethane Cover, Bridgestone has stated that players will see 1.5 MPH more ball speed from their driver and 350 RPM more spin with their wedges.  I was excited to test them to see if they could back up those promises.

A quick primer on the four Tour B models.  The Tour B X and Tour B XS are meant for players who swing over 105 MPH.  The Tour B RX and Tour B RXS are meant for players who swing below 105 MPH.  In short, if there’s an “R” in the name, it’s for slower swings.  Similarly, the Tour B XS and Tour B RXS are meant to have higher short game spin.  If there’s an “S” in the name, it should have more spin.

Check out the 2022 Bridgestone Tour B golf balls HERE


Feel is most important on the greens, so we’ll start there.  As you would expect, the Tour B X and Tour B RXS are the most extreme.  The Tour B X has a typical Tour ball feel, though its on the softer end of that spectrum, producing a “tock” when struck with a milled putter.  In contrast, the Tour B RXS is a marshmallow.  It’s heavy on the face and makes a lazy “thud” when struck.

The Tour B XS and Tour B RX are very similar to each other with a feel that’s notably softer than most Tour balls.  Even on longer putts, they both lean more toward a “thud” than a “tock” or “click.”  It’s splitting hairs, but I found the Tour B XS to be slightly firmer, a difference I could only discern on longer putts.

In the wedge game, I found that the Tour B XS felt heavier on the club face than the Tour B X.  The Tour B X had a very crisp feel, the Tour B XS was much softer.  Both the Tour B RX and RXS shared that softer, heavier feel off the wedges.

Short Game

To test Bridgestone’s claims about the new Tour B golf balls, I tested the latest version of the Tour B X against the previous generation.  While my short game is not at the robot levels needed to see exactly 350 more RPM, I was seeing higher peak spin and higher average spin from the new Tour B golf ball.

Within the new line, I found that the gap between the Tour B X and Tour B XS was most pronounced on 3/4 and full wedge swings.  On pitches, they were very similar, but longer shots produced an average spin difference of roughly 8%.

With both the Tour B RX balls, I saw slightly higher spin on pitch shots compared to the Tour B X golf balls.  Interestingly, the spin was no higher on 3/4 and full wedge swings.  Overall, unless you want absolutely every last RPM, you should be happy with any of these balls around the green.

Long Game

We saved the best for last: the promise of an extra 1.5 MPH of ball speed off the driver.  I tested the previous generation Tour B X against the current generation and found that the new Tour B is absolutely faster off the driver.

The day I did this testing, I was feeling pretty good.  I started with the older Tour B X and put up some ball speed numbers that are, for me, quite strong.  My first swing with the new version was pretty poor, but when I looked up at the screen the ball speed was still excellent.  Throughout the testing of the new version, I saw that my best swings produced more ball speed vs. the old Tour B, and my poor swings were faster, too.

Within the line up, because I’m right on the 105 MPH border of the X and RX families, I didn’t find much difference in ball speed.  I did see spin differences with the driver, though they were fairly small because I’m a low spin player.  As you would expect, the Tour B X was the lowest spinning followed by the Tour B XS, Tour B RX, and Tour B RXS.

That pattern was different for me with irons.  Both the Tour B X and Tour B XS were very similar in terms of iron spin, but the RX and RXS spun about 10% less for me.  In testing the RX and RXS, Matt Meeker saw that the RXS spun less than the RX and created more ball speed.


Testing the entire series of new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls led Matt Meeker and I to two conclusions.  First, these are some of the best golf balls on the market.  Second, getting fit for the right model is important to maximizing your performance.  Thankfully, Bridgestone is the industry leader in ball fitting, offering both in-person fittings and their excellent new VFIT program.  Try it for free by clicking HERE.


Post a comment with your name, location, and the Bridgestone Tour B model that fits your game.

We will select three winners on March 31.  Winners will be contacted via email.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Brian Benton

    Hey guys great site. I enjoy reading the articles every morning down here in Georgia. Would love a dozen RX. Shot 74 (8hcp) last weekend with it, but down to my last sleeve.
    For anyone considering these balls, do the VFit on Bridgestone’s website. It’s easy and they provide great information. RX was my fit and it is helping my game.

  2. Daniel Tatum

    Thanks for the chance, love reading your stuff. I would be best fit by the Tour BXS and I am in Jeffersonville, Indiana

  3. Bridgestone tour x
    Algonquin IL

  4. Steve Pilacik

    I excited to try your golf balls
    Sounds like tons of fun

  5. I live in North Carolina and currently play the Bridgestone E-12 and Tour B RX. I would like to try the new Tour B RX to see the difference.
    Brad Neal

  6. Tom C
    Tour BXS


    Wayne from Elizabethtown, KY…… the Tour BX sounds beneficial!

  8. Hi Pádraig Maclochlainn here from Buncrana in co. Donegal, Ireland. I’d like the Tour BXS please, last time I was fitted my swing speed was 115mph

  9. Curt Flournoy

    Thanks for the reviews. They are always great!

  10. John Vecchiarelli

    Played the rxs for years as I felt it was best for me. The new rx ball exceeds my requirements.
    Living in Florida.

  11. Hi i think the tour bx would suit my game would love to try them

  12. Mark Peters

    Love the channel, could do with a few more premium balls

  13. Michael Hinsman

    I never really paid attention to the ball I was playing till I played the B RXS I actually felt the bite and spin when it left my club.

  14. Good Morning, Great article and has convinced me to adopt Bridgestone for my bag.

  15. Douglas Chadwick

    I am 7 handicap golfer in Southern Maryland. I enjoy the Tour B XS. I like the extra spin around the green. I am excited to see if they are lower spin off the driver.

  16. Curt Gillingham Cincinnati

    I played the Tour B XS version all of last year. The new Tour B XS seemed softer and more spinning to me. I didn’t like the feel. I went to the Tour B X and love it. Like you say, it’s more of the Tour feel. Your review confirms what I was thinking. I rely on your thorough reviews and information. I had no idea it is a bit faster, like that too!

  17. John Gallagher

    Thanks for the Bridgestone review and I will definitely trial the new balls.

  18. Rick Harris

    I was fitted for the E12

  19. Peter Hunt

    Thanks for all your information and tips!! Priceless as I try to reduce my handicap!!

  20. Gary Dougherty

    I play Titleist. I haven’t hit any Bridgestone balls. However, I am willing to give them a try. Make me a convert.

  21. Chad Bowen

    Excellent review, you guys are always spot on! At 63 years young I am a Tour RXS kind of guy! Thanks for a great review.

  22. Max Ammerman

    Great review, thanks! Love what you all are doing.
    I play the Tour X in Lansing, MI

  23. Ken Lackey

    Thanks for the review. I switched to the RX last year and it did seems to fit my game really well. Winning a dozen of the new RX would be great!

  24. Tour B RX for me. Played it, loved it.

    Wilmington, Delaware

  25. Mark Terry

    Would love to switch to Bridgestone RX, after 20 years of FOP’s (found, other people’s ;).

  26. Russell Avery

    Thanks for the review. Best fit for me is the Tour B RX in yellow please.

    I’m in Clayton, NC.

  27. Tour B X
    Rock hill S.C.

    Can’t wait to try

  28. Wayne Follenius

    Thanks for the great newsletters – the RXS is for me!

  29. Interesting review, Matt, as always! I would love to try the BRX model. Steve M from Doylestown, PA

  30. Nice review. Tim Yorke 17 rosewood drive . Kensington PEI C0b1m0. Canada . Tour b x.

  31. Shawn Subdon

    Nice review. I believe I would be in the RX and I am from Orlando Florida. Gonna check on the website to ensure fit.

  32. Gary Newlon

    I think these balls could change my game for the better. I think the RXS will fit my game greatly.

  33. Rick Tremallo

    Good review. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who thinks that the softer golf balls feel heavier. I am in central MA and think that the Tour B RX would be my golf ball.

    • Tom Donnelly

      Awesome review. Lines up exactly with my unscientific, highly subjective, anecdotal experience. I’ve played the Tour B RXS (and it’s predecessor, the B330RXS) for years. The first day I played the new Tour B RXS, I knew Bridgestone’s claims were true when the strangers I was grouped with commented on how much my ball was spinning on the greens.

      Tom D.
      Monrovia, CA
      Tour B RXS

      • Paul Friman

        Please note that the Bridgestone Tour B RX fits my game.
        Thanks for the review!
        Paul Friman
        New York City

  34. Nate Woznick

    Nate, Michigan
    Tour BX

    • Hey Guys looking to change balls just turned 61 . I have a high ball flight reasonable distance off the tee but not sure Bridgestone I should use. Was hoping you could suggest one . I am located in middle georgia with hot summers .

      Thank you

  35. Matthew Ballard

    Matt Ballard
    Jacksonville Fl.
    Tour B XS.

  36. Dave Anderson

    Thanks for the review Matt! I would love to try the BRXS.

    Amarillo, TX

    • Love the review! I was given a Tour B RX to play…enjoyed it. I’m in Maryland area, but play all over. Feel is very important, but 1.5 is intriguing to me. I have TP5’s (gift) that I gladly trade for opportunity to try new RX’s…lol. Hit’m straight gentlemen.

  37. Keith Finley

    I’m interested by the 1.5 mph. If 105 mph achieves it what would Tiger see on a full out drive?
    I would love the RX. Current ball and i swear by it.

  38. Logan Tillery

    Thanks for the opportunity. My name is Logan I live in Cedartown, Georgia and the tour b x would fit my game best.

  39. Mike Peterson

    Great article and test. I am a 10 hdcp and 63 years old so I am definitely <105 mph. I play on the RTJ Golf Trail in AL so I am hitting to small targets on the greens so I need all the stopping power I can get. I think the RXS would be the best ball for me.

  40. Douglas Broyles

    A long time Prov1x loyalist…..recently tried the RX and certainly will consider purchasing more. . Very good ball.

  41. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point, NC
    Would love to try the TourB RX.

    Please and thank you.

  42. I would love to try the RXS ball.

  43. Jeffrey Fish

    I’m in the Columbus, Ohio area. I’ve just started testing the BX this year – I am also on the swing speed border but really like these so far. The reaction on the greens seems better for me than ProV1. It has been really wet on the course, so it will be interesting to see how they react on a dry course.

  44. Interesting and detailed review as always. Balls are not much use currently in dear old locked down Cambridge, UK but Tour B RX please if I’m lucky enough to be picked.

  45. Awesome. Would love a dozen of XS. For someone right on the cusp, would you suggest going for the XS if you want a little bit more spin with the irons and around the green, rather than RX (as the feel seems to be the same)?

  46. Brian Melville

    Would love to try the B RX. I’ve used Bridgestone balls on and off over the years have always liked them (price is always a factor). Golf shut down in Scotland just now due to Covid19. Cabin fever setting in.

  47. Peter Mcpheters

    Have played in Florida most of the winter,but due to the recent outbreak of Corvid 19,had to return to Maine.Enjoyed your article.Probably will not be playing until May,but would love to try your new balls.What ball is best for Seniors?

  48. Great article. Bridgestone seems to have maybe the best ball on the market this year. Lots of buzz about it. Ron Vaive, PEI, Canada, Tour BX

  49. Steve Zimmel

    Great ball review. I have found many of your equipment reviews helpful in choosing products. Would like to try the BRXS.

  50. Mike Trautman

    Mike Trautman
    St Louis MO

  51. Chris
    Syracuse NY
    Tour b x

  52. Peter Henry

    I have tried a few different bridgestone balls in the past and didn’t like the feel with my irons , but would like to try the RXS

    Keep the articles and reviews coming

  53. Mark Armstrong

    I was able to secure a demo box of 2 balls B XS
    I was impressed with the balls performance
    I am the Men’s and Senior Men’s Club Champion at my club
    Members are always asking me about equipment and should I change
    from pro V1 many will follow

  54. Kelly Gordon

    Hi guys, I think you have a great website and always love your reviews. I play the RX, and it is awesome off the driver and feels really good on shots from 100 yards and in. I’m a 15 hdcp from Albany, Oregon.

  55. Jim Cooper

    Great review on Bridgestone new Golf Balls. I’m using Callaway now and have been skeptical about the value of different golf balls, thought all major brands about the same. Your article is making me think…..I’ll certainly try the new Bridgestone Balls, after proper fitting, thanks.

  56. Chad Moller

    Thanks for the giveaway. Chad Moller in Columbia, Mo. I think the B RX sounds right for me.

  57. Hello,
    I read two sites: you and mygolfspy. it’s a pleasure. my ball is B RX. Thank you

  58. This lineup is the most intriguing ball launch in years. I sure wish they offered a yellow version, but I still plan to give these a fair shit this season. Based on the VFIT, I would be a Tour B X player.

    Madison, WI

  59. Thanks Matt TourB RX is a fit for me
    Arlington Heights, IL

  60. Tim Wildon

    Good review. Like the last Bridgestone balls, am sure I will like the mew ones based on your review.

    Tim Wilson
    Tour B XS
    Lansing, KS


    I’m definitely in the B-RX designer’s minds ….old and slow but with a decent short game. Nice to see spin from a percieved distance ball!

  62. Mark Williams

    Thank you. BRX

  63. Thanks for the review. Playing the previous Tour B RX now in Charleston SC

  64. Joe Frigo
    Lemont, IL, 60439
    Tour B XS

  65. Kevin Seroski

    Love playing Bridgestone. My favorite ball is the Tour B X. Played last yeast ball and would be so happy to put this years in play! Thanks from Spring Hill Florida!

    • Andy Pierce

      I’ll start off by saying this is a great review as always. I believe the B XS would best suit my game as I’m looking for more short game control. Thanks for the opportunity from Fond du Lac, WI.

  66. Eduardo Zalduendo

    Thank you for the review
    I would like to try the B RXS

  67. Mark Lehman

    Play Bridgestone now. would love the BRX
    Mark Lehman
    Crestview Hills, KY


  68. Charles Bartholomew

    Currently playing the Srixon Zstar and really like it. Don’t know what the equivalent Bridgestone would be, but would be willing to test it against the Zstar.


  69. Josh G
    Edgerton, OH
    Fitted for Tour B XS.
    Thanks for opportunity!

  70. Tommy Sneddon

    As expected up there with the best ,balls to suit every golfer at all levels,well done bridgestone

  71. Dale Patterson

    Played the previous generation of RSX and loved them. Looking forward to playing the new version. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

  72. Ramond Iverson

    I’ve played both the RX and the RXS and although I got a little more distance from the RX. I got plenty of distance from the RXS and the additional spin on approach shots and chips. Puts the RXS ball ahead for me. I also got exceptional ball control with each. It does have a different feel off the putter, which I like. I was able lag putt very well with these balls.

  73. Ken Riegel

    BRXS play in NC. Got some used from a site and love them

  74. Scott Crane

    The BRXS suits my game, it’s like a will trained police dog. It attacks the pin, and I can make the ball stop and sit when, I’m hunting
    for a birdie. I’m moving to Bridgestone from prov1. I enjoy your site Thanks Scott St Louis Mo

  75. Have played Bridgestone E12 & E6 in the past … slow swing speed with limited distance however like the feel of softer ball which would probably be the RXS … hope all are social distancing and Covid free … cheers from sunny, snowy Alberta, Canada !!

  76. Kevin C, Tour B X in Burlington, CT

    Good to see some buzz on Bridgestone again, I liked last years Tour B X ball.

  77. Thomas Gonzales

    Great Brand I use the B RXS

  78. Allen Bird

    Allen Bird

    Madoc Ontario Canada


  79. Myron Bish

    Another interesting review. I’ve used their RXS balls for years and would love to try the BRXS.

    Denver, North Carolina

  80. George Francis

    Gentlemen: Great review. It answered some of my questions. I have a lower club swing
    and would like to try the BRX balls.

  81. Greg Moore

    Been playing the Tour B330RX. Great ball. Would love to try the new B-RXS! Really enjoy your newsletter! Clarksville, TN

  82. Garry Cherven

    Great review of the new Bridgestone golf ball lineup. I have been playing Bridgestone golf balls for about six years and they seem to improve the golf ball with every new model. It is nice to experience a product that is always consistent and improving in performance. I live and play golf in the Vancouver, British Columbia Canada area and currently play the RX ball

  83. Steve Pitts

    Thank you for another great review. I have been curious about these new Bridgestone golf balls.
    The Tour B RXS best fits my game.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win a dozen. I appreciate it.
    North Brunswick, New Jersey

  84. Terry VanMeter

    Terry VanMeter, Campbellsville, KY
    Bridgestone RXS
    Love your reviews, read it every week.

  85. Glenn Funamoto

    Love your reviews, as I get better (ha) I am drawn to the technical side so I like the comparisons and reviews. I need every mph that I can get from technology. I’m 66 and not getting any younger, so I don’t think my club-head speed is going to increase much. The eFit shows that I need the e12 soft ball. I currently play the Srixon Q-Star Pro and have had good success.

    Thanks, carry on

  86. Bill OBrien

    Thanks for the review. I am definitely an RX golfer.

  87. Through this review, it seems that the B RX is the ball for me. Why doesn’t any ball manufacturers sell a sampler dozen so you could test for yourself?
    From the SoCal desert.

  88. manufacturer

  89. Tim Smawley

    I would love to give these a try. Looking to see if there is a better option for me out there. Prob the RX spin , Tim Smawley , lacombe alberta

  90. John Harmon

    Would love to try out the Bridgestone BRXS…thanks for the review! I never win anything so I never gamble but I’ll roll the dice here!

  91. Very good review! I Bought a dozen B XS last year and was impressed, so interesting to see your review of them getting even better with their new line.

    That being said would love to try the Tour B X to start the new golf season.
    Kevin R. Lebanon, Maine

  92. Patrick Bulgaro

    Your reviews have been spot on. Keep it up, we hackers depend on you.

  93. Thanks for the review. I follow all your reviews.

    Bridgestone BRXS would be my purchase.

  94. Mike G.
    Syracuse, NY.
    Tour B XS.

  95. Joseph Barrett

    I love the reviews. Please keep em coming. would love to try BXS.

  96. Jim Greenfield

    Good work – thanks for the info
    Tour BX
    Dallas, Ga

  97. Jorge Ortega

    Love playing with Bridgestone. I’ve played Tour B X, but would love trying the new Tour B RXS.
    McAllen, TX

  98. Max Szilagyi

    Hey Matt –
    Thanks for the article and keep up the good content. Funny enough, I found a Tour B XS last round, while searching for my errant 1st tee shot in the woods (whoops)… finished the round with the same ball & set a new personal best for fairways hit!

    Hadn’t played Bridgestone before, but love the product.

    Max in Durham, NC

  99. Blake Hall

    Love reading a review like this.

    I was already planning to make the Tour BXS my ball of choice this year. This review seals the deal.

    Can’t wait until I can get outside and see how it performs in Green Bay, WI

  100. The Tour B X suits my game. Tyler Haysville, KS

  101. Great review as always. I’m one of those stuck between the R and the tour with a 104-108 SS. Experimenting with the old models, I found the RX performed worse for me but felt softer. Between the X and the XS, the X feels harder but without significant performance differences. Thanks again

    David Kim
    Shreveport, Louisiana
    BXS for me!

  102. Great job guys, the reviews are awesome. I am from Michigan and would like to play the BXS golf ball. Thanks again.

  103. Tour B x for distance and feel in the wind! Excellent control around the greens without excessive spin. My “preferred” golf Ball!

  104. Andrew Recob

    Thanks for the review.

    Tour Bx fit me best out of the old line so I am starting to there this time around. I am located in Illinois.

  105. Steve Gold

    Would love to try the TourB RX

  106. Nice write up on these balls. I have always enjoyed playing Bridgestones when they were in the bag. I think the best fit for me would be the Tour B RXS

  107. james j wenzel

    Really enjoy all your reviews. Use them extensively when researching equipment.
    BXS would be my ball.

  108. Michael M, from Oakdale MN. I would love a dozen RXS (in yellow would be great but white would be great as well) to compare to the RX that are sitting in my basement waiting for life to resume. Thank you!

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    Willing to give them a try.
    Tour B RXS

  110. Great review.

    Los Angeles
    Tour B X

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    The new RX Tour would be a welcome addition to my normal RX ball. Love Bridgestone products. Thank you.
    Gil from Vail, AZ.

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    Did the Bridgestone ball test on line, the BXS was my fit. Would love to give it a test drive here in Scottsdale, AZ !

  113. Brooke Brooks

    Can’t wait till I try they out. With everything that’s out I’m confused as to what to use as my swing speed has slowed to 80 mph, spins to high on drivers and not enough on wedges. Hopefully I’ll say “move over” Titleist and/or Callaway!

  114. James R Clem

    Seems interesting will try this summer

  115. Ralph Currier

    South Bend, IN


    I feel the RXS fits my game the best. I am 69 yrs old and my swing speed has slowed down.
    I play the old model RXS and feel the Bridgestone Ball is the longest ball in Golf.
    I have been playing Bridgestone golf balls since 2008 and have always said no golf ball is longer .
    Thanks for the review

  117. First time posting, but love your reviews! Before I purchase new clubs, I come here first.

    Tour B X for me!


  118. Dale Wedan

    I would love to use the RX for my next ace in Wichita, Kansas.


    Another great, honest and complete review for the masses! You guys rock! I just switched to the B RX since I am 67 and way under 105 mph swing speed. Best and longest drives EVER! I would love a free box so pick me..pick me!!

  120. Kevin Duffy

    Kevin Duffy
    Columbus, OH
    Tour BXS

  121. George Nix

    Bridgestone Tour RXS was my fit using the VFIT. Thanks for the suggestion to use the VFIT.
    Dacula GA

  122. San Jose California
    Tour B X
    Seeing as how I now have to drive almost 3 hours to find a golf course that hasn’t been shut down, I could really use some free balls to help offset the gas costs.

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  125. Robert Cooper

    The tour B XS has won me over so far this year with my trip to Fla. last month

  126. Graeme Wright

    Tour BRXS for me, I can pretend I’m Freddy when I play Bridgestone balls. Great distance and feel. I guess I’m a bit too far away here in the UK to get a dozen, but it is good to contribute. Graeme, in Gwynedd North Wales, UK.

  127. Brandon West

    Brandon West, bourbonnais, IL, tour rxs

  128. Chad Barrett

    Love your articles. I live in Henderson, Nevada and my ball is the Tour B RX.

  129. Jay Grabow

    Jay Grabow
    Great reviews , tour B RX is the one for me,
    Keep up the good work, Howell Michigan

  130. Eddie Pabon

    Thanks for the offer. I have to say I really enjoy your reviews at 50 words or less. Have you considered a supporting video with your reviews? Would be a great compliment to your reviews.

    Eddie Pabon
    Plainfield, IL
    Tour B RX

  131. Enjoy your reviews and insights and stats to back up the reviews.

  132. Tour B XS is the ball for me. The extra spin around the greens really helped my short game

  133. Love the feel of Bridgestone balls in general. Lookin to try the RXS when the current issues abate!! I live in Emmitsburg, MD.

  134. Paul Pickering

    Thanks for some great insight. It will be hard to wait through these shelter in place restrictions to try the new BX on the course. Keep up the great work.

  135. Great review. I just did the VFit fitting and was fit into the aTour B RX.

    Gary R.
    South Lyon, MI

  136. Jim Pecoraro
    Naperville, IL
    Tour B XS for me!

    Great stuff as always, Matt. Final update on irons (I was the guy asking all those questions about Srixon Z785s after a TrueSpec fitting last fall). The new sticks are great. I used to play a fade with my irons and often lost distance to height and spin. Now it’s a controlled draw and penetrating ball flight. Much better in the wind and more carry distance AND control. Overall, the total package. Rifle 7.0’s with Z785 heads for the winning combo.

    Best of luck.

  137. The First and hopefully the last time I say this..I love these balls! Bxs please. Mike from Slc utah

  138. James Knapp

    Great summary – thanks.
    Tour B RX
    Jim Knapp
    Parrish, Florida

  139. Roy hyden
    Chandler az
    9 handicap

  140. Great review – would love to try the Tour BX
    Barrington, IL


    I love the craters on the B balls. Very appealing to me. I’m interested in feeling the difference with the proV1.
    The RXS would be my choice.

    Golfnut Manitoba Canada

  142. Steve Morris

    Thanks for the great revue! I’m in search of a ball (what’s new? LOL) that can improve my game and not break the bank. I’m right on the cusp of 105 mph. I’d love to try the Tour B RX.

  143. Robert Sanchez

    The RX is the ball for me. I used it to shoot my age (74) twice recently. At my age I need all the help I can get.

  144. Scott Kefalas

    Scott K
    Thomasville, GA
    Tour B RX. Have played every single generation of that ball since it was first introduced.

  145. Great review should you go for the lower ball speed if you are right on the 105 as you get tired during the golf round and later holes on the back nine ??

  146. Corey in Alabama, here. The Tour BX best fits my swing and game.

  147. John Charbonneau

    Sounds and looks like ball of the year IMO.
    Tour b xs

  148. Steve Silky

    Had the chance to hit the Tour B RX at a recent golf show. I usually hit Calaway Chrome soft. Felt the Bridgestone was a little firmer with less spin. Have hit Bridgestone in the past, nice ball.

  149. Old guy here BRXS for me, thanks for all the great reviews.

  150. George Batty

    Thanks for the giveaway. I think the B RX sounds right for me. Review was very informative George from Cass City MI

  151. Todd Williams

    Tour B XS
    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, VA

  152. James LaBrel

    Sounds like the Rx would be good for me!

  153. Steve DeMond

    Anxious to try the RX. Thanks for the review!

  154. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim at home ☹️ In Rio Vista CA. I would like to try the B RX S when Newsom lets us back out on the golf course.

  155. Craig Goodwin

    Great review Matt! Craig Goodwin, Colfax,CA. Close to Sacramento. Would love to try the Tour B RX. Thanks.

  156. Kim Kozlowski

    Good stuff as usual.
    Tour BX
    Kim K
    Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

  157. joseph lopiccolo

    I think the tour RXS model is the one for me haven’t had a chance to test this ball yet. But if its as good as their previous
    models I’m sure I will like it.

  158. Barry Etzler

    Tour B RXS is the ball for me. Barry Etzler,Van Wert,Ohio

  159. Wally Sabati

    Thanks for your reviews. I liked the info about the ball spin off the driver this will help me decided which ball I would choose. Also, I liked the way Bridgestone package their golfballs. It is so easy to distinguish each model.

  160. Bill Jochum

    Tour BRX
    Long Beach, CA

  161. Richard Moore

    Richard Moore
    Columbia, Tennessee 38401
    RX Red

  162. Brian Parkinson

    Brian Parkinson
    Rexburg, ID

    BR is best for my swingspeed

  163. Johnny Hagy

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive the new Bridgestone golf balls.
    Johnny Hagy, New Jersey.
    Tour B RX

  164. Herbert Gates

    Herb in Gaithersburg, MD

    The ball for me is; B RX S


  165. Jim Dolliver

    Great review Matt. I always get some very useful info from the newsletter. With my swing speed under 95 the BRXS sounds like the ball for me.

  166. I am in Punta Gorda, FL. I like the B RX ball but would like to try the RXS.

  167. Nelson R Radcliffe

    Love the in depth reviews, keep up the good work.

  168. Jonathan Blum

    Wilkes-barre , Pa. looking forward to trying the new RX

  169. Chad Duffield

    B xs
    Love this review. Excited to hot these!!

  170. Chad Duffield

    B xs

    Las Vegas.

    Excited to hit these!

  171. michael mcferron

    I’ve been a fan of Bridgestone balls for years. I believe my favorite will be the B RX. I’m one of the fortunate golfers still able to play. My home club in AZ is allowing members (walkers or single rider carts) to play. No rakes or touching the flag – but we’re playing! Thanks for the terrific review.
    Mike McFerron
    Prescott, AZ

  172. Adam Barker

    Tour B RX!

  173. I use the e6 balls and do good with them in warmer weather. Would like to try either the B RXS or B RX and see how they do.

  174. Douglas Mael

    Doug Mael
    Langhorne, Pennsylvania
    Tour B RX

    I have a 95 MPH clubhead speed with the driver, and would love to try this ball, as I have always liked, and gotten good results with, Bridgestone golf balls.

  175. Azmarul bin Abd Aziz

    Bridgestone Tour B X should be fit my game…
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  176. Aaron Patterson

    I’m playing Srixon right now but totally open to try Bridgestone.
    The fitting tool says I should be hitting the BXS, which sounds cool and Tiger-like.

    If I win some balls, would like to get either of the the R-series balls (half and half, maybe?), because Freddie says he likes that line. Seeing as I’ll be 62 this year, might be time to closer identify with Fred than Eldrick.

    Pick me, pick me!

  177. Bob Orminski

    I would be great to test a ball

  178. Bob Orminski

    It would be great to test the RXS. Give it a shot and see what happens if we ever get to play again this year. All courses are closed in Southampton, Pa.

  179. New Jersey
    Tour B RX

  180. New Jersey
    Tour B RX

  181. I had played with the 330S for years and always found it to be the longest ball in my bag. Now I’m not sure what ball has replaced it. Can you help me. I want to know what to buy. I’m a 16 handicap at age 76 if that helps. Thank you

  182. Evan Butcher

    Tour B XS! Always been a big fan of these balls.

  183. Richard Kinnison

    Thanks for your unbiased reviews!
    Rich Kinnison
    Cincinnati, OH
    B RX fits me

  184. Greg Niles

    Greg Niles from Downingtown, PA. Just did the VFIT and I was fit into the Tour B X. Can’t wait to try these new balls. My brother-in-law and I took second overall in my member-guest last summer playing B330s. That extra 1.5 mph is probably all we need to get the win!

  185. Joe Menard

    I would love to try your RBVX balls. Great review

  186. Alan Raville

    Alan in Laurens, SC. Been playing the Tour B XS for the last couple years. Would love to try the new version.

  187. How does this year’s RX compare with last year’s RX in terms of ball speed (are the differences as big as the X comparisons)?

    Alex C.
    Seattle, WA
    B RX

  188. lynn van loton

    I turned 69 years young in January I live in Michigan so the golf season is almost here I would like to try the new b rxs ball

  189. Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor
    Wichita, KS
    Thanks for the opportunity

  190. Cary Taylor

    Tour B RX
    Palm Harbor, FL

  191. Murray Miles

    Missing playing right now. From your review (and thanks for that, btw), sounds like the B RX would be the prescription for me (see what I did there?).

  192. Pat Francis

    I currently use the RX ball and could definitely use the extra speed of the new ball. Thanks for the review.

  193. Thanks for the informative article. Was up in the air as to which ball to switch to,as I am getting older & handicap is on the rise. Bridgestone fitting guide was very helpful. Currently on lockdown, so I have plenty of time to decide.
    Be careful, stay healthy , & KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! as I try to increase my distance.

  194. Dave Sanguinetti

    Great review- love the B line and assume the BRX is once again my ball.

  195. Phillip Barrett

    Switched from Srixon Z-Star to the older B XS then moved to the B RXS but distance has dropped off, perhaps the B-RX may be a better fit. Swing speed 95mph.

    Melbourne, Australia (not Florida!)

  196. Terry Mason

    I have always looked for E6 balls and have had good success with them,but the days of 95-105 swing speed are behind me.I would love to try the e12 soft;It sounds like a ball that might roll back my genetic clock by a few shots.Never hurts to hope.

  197. Ryan Smith

    Thanks for the great review! Would love to give the Tour B X a try.
    – Ryan S. in Chicago, IL

  198. kate nielsen

    Thanks for the offer!
    My cart buddy let me borrow an RX and i loved it! I typically play a Callaway ERC.
    I posted an 82 that day. (8 handicap)
    I’m in San Clemente and cant wait to get back to open courses again!

  199. Steve Peck

    I am going to give the Tour B RXS a try.

  200. Look forward to your email every week !
    Would love to try the Tour B RX. Another interesting review, as always !
    Just signed a petition to open the golf courses, hoping this all passes soon for everyone.
    Waterford WI

  201. Eric Hutchens

    Birmingham, Alabama. RX would fit me.

  202. Drew Turner

    I normally play Callaway or Taylor Made balls here in Locust, NC. The Bridgestone Ball Analyzer recommended for me the Tour B XS. Curious to try it out and see if there is a noticeable difference. Always looking for an edge…perhaps Bridgestone offers one.

  203. Brandon Cox

    Great review! Would love to try these out!
    Brandon C
    Oklahoma City
    Tour B X

  204. Thanks for this opportunity Matt – details are as follows;

    Noel : Sydney : Australia ; BXS

  205. Jordon Tilley

    Ottawa, ontario, Canada, tour b xs would suit me perfectly!! Would be an awesome tester!

  206. Richard Bernard

    I would like to compare the tour B XS to my current gamer, the Q star tour. So far this has been the best all around ball for 95 mph swing speed.

  207. Chris Howard

    Love your reviews. I don’t have a fast swing speed. I’d like to try the RXS

  208. Tour B X
    Malden, MA

  209. Dave Clark

    Thanks for the chance to check these out!

    Tour B RX
    Keswick, VA

  210. John Harrar

    need to try some of the BRX model

  211. Gary D Wilkie

    Hi guys, currently play srixon zstar would love to compare the B RX to it. Thanks

  212. Great contest! Hope to try these out.
    Cleveland, OH
    B XS

  213. John Tokarsky

    I liked the previous Tour X; would love the opportunity to try the new version vs. ProV1x and Z-Star XV
    Youngstown, Ohio

  214. David Anthony Bernard


  215. Phil Hollis

    i would like to get hold of some RXS and try them…

  216. Brian Wilson

    I enjoyed the article. I would like to try the RX.

    Castaic, California

  217. Scott G.
    Bay Area, Ca
    B X

  218. I appreciated the accurate descriptions of the feel of each model of ball.
    I’m surprised that Freddy Couples plays the RXS, as I would think his swing speed is still over 105 mph.
    And this article mentioned that the feel of that ball is like a marshmallow.
    I’d probably opt for the RX model.
    Crestwood, Illinois.

  219. They all come out of the wood works when they here free

  220. Ian Marshall

    Bridgestone could do with more penetration in the UK, it’s not a ball I’ve tried, as yet. Looking at the swingspeed rating,I would say the RX Tour Distance would suit me as I’m in my late 60’s, and my speed has slowed in the last few years.
    Hampshire UK

  221. Brooklyn, NY. Wish I could try a sleeve each of the RX and RXS. According to the Bridgestone Ball Selector, however, I should be in the RX.

  222. Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander
    I live in Toronto, ontario, canada
    Ball model is Tour B RX

  223. Ryan
    Chicago, IL
    Tour B RXS

  224. Colin Leather

    BRXS for me please. Would love to see them fly – all the way over to me here in Surrey, UK

  225. Leif M Andersen

    i like the brx

  226. George Solis

    Hi Guys, George from Galveston County TX, I will love to try the RX balls. Yesterday I was able to play a nine hole round with +5 over pat. Good luck to you all!

  227. Kevin McGallion

    Kevin M. Beaumont, TX. VFIT matched me to Tour B XS.



  229. Jeff Stewart

    Great ball I like the tourB RXS.
    West Chester Pa. 19380

  230. Angela
    S.F. Bay Area, California
    Tour B RXS

  231. Michael J Kazmier

    MJ Kaz

    Without a doubt, Tour B RXS made my 93mph look like 113mph.

    Prescott, AZ

  232. John Solian

    Great, honest reviews as always.

    Tour RX

    Kingston, NY

  233. Raymond White

    Would love to try the Bridgestone BX.
    I play the Titleist ProV1 can the BX Compared.

  234. Raymond White

    Chi-town in the house.

  235. Ryan
    Great review as always.
    Awesome review, VFit recommends Tour B XS
    Los Altos, CA

  236. Larry Morris

    Bridgestone has been my ball for the past five years. They keep improving not just hyping. Older and slower so RXS

  237. Thomas Brokl

    Thank you for the concise explanation on the letters used in the models.
    I need the B RXS. (Slower than 105 MPH and need Spin around the greens)

  238. Jay Vincent

    Jay Vincent
    Rowayton, CT

    Thank you again for these great reviews. They keep me engaged in all the great stuff that I probably won’t ever buy, but in this case, I’m all in.

    I hope all you other guys play the RXS too, so that I can find your lost ball, clean them up and play them. Please don’t mark them up too much, it makes them harder to clean, just try to keep it to a dot or two, because your initials are a distraction.

    Please stay safe, healthy and sane out there my golf brothers and sisters. This dark shadow will pass over soon enough and we can all get back to our favorite obsession playing in the sunshine together.
    Many blessings to you and yours. See you on the other side.

  239. Would love to try

  240. Gabe Sasso

    Thanks for the excellent review. I have been playing Bridgestone golf balls for a couple of years now and the quality and performance is phenomenal. I like the added spin and control with my speed (Driver swing speed around 115).

    Amsterdam, NY

  241. Andrew from the Twin Cities, MN- I’m very intrigued by these balls. B X seems to be the recommended ball for me.

  242. I live in Wisconsin, snow is mostly off the ground. Will be awhile until things dry out before courses are open. In the meantime my GC2/HMT is getting a lot of use in the garage.
    Would like to try the Tour B RXS

  243. Terry Showalter

    I have been a loyal Bridgestone RX guy for years. Then I received another brand as a present, played well and kept using them. I need to try the latest version of the RX!!!!!

  244. Dale Moser

    I am 64 years old and a 11.5 HCP golfer. I switched from the PV1 to the Tour B RXS recently and proceeded to shoot 79, 74, 76. The ball was deadly accurate off the tee, while adding approx 20-25 yards to my drives. Thus, I was always one maybe two clubs less on approach and I felt the ball landed soft and true each time. It putted very consistent and led me to feel more confident over the ball each time. The results, my HCP is now down to a 9.8 and winning some local club tourneys! Thanks Bridgestone for making the “Best Ball “ I’ve ever played!

  245. I loved the Bridgestone B330’s when it was originally released but saw it take a bit of a downturn through the later releases. This new series has definitely peaked my interest and have ordered a dozen RX and RXS, I was a B330S user and moved to the ChromeSoft and TP5 but haven’t fallen in love with either like I did the original 330S. Can’t wait to get some twilight time where I can hit both of them from varying distances. Feel like I am going to love the RX off the tee and with mid-irons but will love the RXS greenside. I will have to find out which of the two fit me best.

  246. I’ve seen all the hype about the new Bridgestone Tour B X and the skeptic in me thought it was just that, marketing hype. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought sleeve to try. I’m a 12 handicapper but steadily improving. I was impressed almost giddy with the results that I got. What I thought was all hype turned out to be all fact. I’ll try the RXS next. Thanks Bridgestone!!!

  247. Jimmie Sorrels

    Great article. Would love to try the Tour B RX. This is what the fitting tool came up with for me. Thanks

  248. Thanks for the review. I am a 13 handicapper. I have been playing Callaway super soft. Love the feel not the ball fight. I look forward to giving RXS a try.

  249. Kevin Morrison

    Has anyone heard whether Bridgestone will be addressing the durability issues/concerns in their 2021 version of the Tour B X based on multiple reviews (and which I’ve experienced first hand recently) in playing the ball?

    In paying as much as we do for a dozen new balls of this caliber, expecting the ball to last longer than a few holes before getting scuff marks shouldn’t be a large ask. On the fence between this and the TM TP5 (which isn’t as long, but doesn’t have the durability problems). LOVE the results of the ball, but this needs to be addressed.

  250. Thank you for the solid review
    Just purchased Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons.
    I would like to try the 2020 B RXS balls. Wonder how they perform in the cold? 12 rounds in so far in 2021 in Mass.

  251. Thanks for the excellent review, Matt. I don’t play Bridgestones, but I was gifted a case of the B RX recently. The last time I played a Bridgestone ball (10 years ago…) it was like hitting a brick, so my expectations about the new balls were quite low.

    Man! Was I surprised when I switched to the B RX on the back nine at my home course. Yes, the Bridgestone was firmer than my gamer (Callaway Chrome Soft), but not by much. And the accuracy was brilliant! I hit more GIR on the back nine than I ever have. This ball flew true and straight. I was even able to work it a few times. It’s also long. I moved back a tee on the back and it still carried to the 150 stake or beyond!

    So, I am not a convert yet, but I am definitely a Bridgestone B RX believer!

  252. Jim Sunderhauf

    Love this opportunity to buy Bridgestone balls. Been playing both Bridgestone e12 balls exclusively for years and moved up to RX model. When someone hands me a new ball to try I flip it back because I know what works for me.
    Jim from New Jersey

  253. Mark Pankey

    I play the BRXS but just went through the fitting process and was fit for the BRX. I will tee those up this weekend here in the Big Bend of northern Florida

  254. Mark Hollard

    I am currently playing with the RXS it’s a magic ball excellent of the tee and especially great for shots onto the green. I have tried the RX and even though it is a good ball it’s not for me. I used to play with pro v x1 but not anymore I am converted thanks Bridgestone. Legend ball. I am from Waikato in New Zealand.

  255. Göte Dahlback

    I’m just a 95mph player now at 55, but I still get the best overall performance from the B X💪

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