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A newer brand, Bradley Allan offers clothing with a modern look and unique colors.  Designed for golfers, the line features materials that are breathable and functional.


The apparel section of the PGA Merchandise Show is similar to a shopping mall in that the vendors have designed booths, much like stores, to emulate their brands and draw you in.  The Bradley Allan booth had stark white walls and bright lights to highlight the wonderful pastel colors of their clothing.  The booth was clean and simple and gave you the sense of being in an art gallery.  However, Bradley Franklin, the founder and designer, wasn’t pushing Picassos but proudly displaying his modern style apparel.


We’ve experienced an unseasonably warm winter in Central Florida, which is perfect for testing cotton blends.  The 70% pima cotton, 30% polyester Solid Polo is lightweight, and the knit is very breathable.  In a bit heavier fabric, the Stretch Gabardine Short adds in 2% spandex but still maintains good breathability.  It wasn’t summer soaking heat, but hot enough to notice sweat absorb into the fabrics and evaporate.  The light colors also aided in keeping cool.  Both pieces stretched and moved freely throughout the rigors of golfing.

Style & Fit

If you didn’t get a feel for the Bradley Allan style from my intro, click on over to their website.  Bradley Allan is all about clean lines, unique colors, and a “refined, modern fit”.  This is a brand where fit is part of the style.  Let’s start with the Solid Polo again.  First off, go a size up.  I’m a medium by most norms in the apparel industry, and the large is a good fit.  Form fitting through the chest and shoulders, but not tight.  The sleeves have a little wiggle room and fall mid bicep.  The body length is a perfect balance between long enough to stay tucked in and appropriate length to wear untucked.  The split seam with white embellishment is a great detail for the latter.

Through the hips and legs, the Stretch Gabardine Shorts are the best fitting shorts I’ve worn in a while – like they were tailored just for me.  The size 34 waist was a touch loose for me as a size 33.  The gripper strip around the inside waist kept the polo tucked in nicely.  Kudos to Brad for placing the rear pocket buttons on the outside.  He clearly understands golfers like to slip things in and out of the pocket while playing, but being able to secure your wallet is important also.


With names like Izote and Lunar, you know the colors aren’t going to be run of the mill.  Coupled with the cut and fit of the clothing, Bradley Allan has established itself as a unique brand.  With a simple logo on the back between the shoulders, Bradley Allan maintains its modern look that’s “work day tee time”.

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  1. Any comparison between Bradley Allan and Holderness and Bourne? They seem to be going for a similar clean, athletic fit while staying away from excessive logos.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Meeker

      Great observation Bryan. The biggest difference to me would be the ‘look’. B-A is using muted colors and more modern striping. H&B has some bolder colors and more traditional stripes. Websites reveal a lot about the tone of a brand and these two feel different from each other even with the similarities you mention.

      Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts if you try either one.

      Matt M

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