Bonobos Golf 2019 Apparel Review

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Designed for performance without sacrificing style, the 2019 collection from Bonobos Golf boasts versatility beyond the golf course.  Clever details and abundant fit options.


When you’re at the top of your game why change?  Because sometimes change is needed to make you better.

Both in the midst of change for 2019, Bonobos and Justin Rose partnering together has brought a synergy that seems to occur only when stars align.  As the Maide brand was being reimagined as Bonobos Golf, Justin seemed the perfect golfer to represent the new brand.  His victory at Torrey Pines confirmed that – and reaffirmed what Rosie has been saying for years:  “Look good, feel good, play good.”


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Rose’s home golf course is in the Bahamas when I look at the fun prints and vibrant colors of the Bonobos Golf M-Flex Polos.  The crisp, clean lines of the shirts are mirrored in the flat front Highland Tour Golf Shorts and Pants.  Together their style offers versatility for easy transitions between the golf course and real life.

Easy to overlook as a mere accessory, the Clubhouse Stretch Belt is worthy of solo praise for its amazing stretch and blue-grey color that seemingly goes with everything.


Bonobos Golf may be the best in the business on delivering upon the premise that fit is important to both style and performance.  The fit choices allow golfers to get dialed in based on body dimensions and personal preferences.  The Bonobos website does a great job explaining the various fit offerings.

The M-Flex Polos come in slim and standard fit.  I opted for medium size in the slim fit and couldn’t be happier.  The shirts are form following without being tight or restrictive.  Sleeves come to mid-bicep.

The Highland Tour Golf Shorts are offered in even and odd waist sizes plus a choice of 8” or 10” length.  Delighted to be able to have 33”, I found the fit just right around the waist.  Through the seat, the shorts have a tailored fit while the 10” length put the hem right at my kneecap.

The Highland Tour Golf Pants take choice to the next level offering four cuts:  tailored, slim, athletic and straight.  And again, they offer even and odd waist sizes with lengths in 2” increments.  I found the slim fit exactly as depicted in Bonobos Golf’s “find your fit” link.


There’s a good reason why “Golf” is in the new brand name – the apparel is designed for action.  Beyond the prerequisite moisture wicking ability, the M-Flex’s 88% polyester/12% spandex fabric also has wonderful stretch.  I came to appreciate the shoulder seam that’s moved forward when carrying my golf bag.  As seen on the back of the Pink Palace Strip polo above, the seams outlining the scapulae create stretch panels for unencumbered range of motion.

The Highland Tour Pants I reviewed in 2016 have been a staple of my golfing wardrobe, and I was pleased to see the numerous features I value still in play with the new Bonobos Golf Highland Tour Golf Pants and Shorts.  The 4-way performance stretch fabric flexed freely with every golf gyration I created and also repelled moisture thanks to a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Looking back at my ’16 review, there may not be any better way to hit upon a few of the excellent interior features than quoting myself:

“Coin pocket so you don’t have to fumble around for the ball marker deep in the pocket.  Interior pocket within the back pocket to keep your cell phone in place.  Special back pocket fabric to avoid sweat through – no soggy score card.  Gripper gel along the waistband for holding your shirt in place.  A locking snap that won’t unsnap accidentally when you bend over (seriously, this is one cool snap).  And my favorite – four embroidered eyelets, a/k/a air holes, for keeping your personals ventilated.”


Just like seeing the subtle breaks of a green, Bonobos Golf has done an exemplary job at paying attention to the details that make the difference for an enjoyable round of golf.  In addition to integrated features and performance fabrics, the polos and bottoms offer fit options all focused on keeping the golfer comfortable.  And when the golf shoes come off, the clothes are versatile enough to step right back into life off the course.  I just wish my steps were in the Bahamas, kicking back with Rosie.

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