Bolle Bolt Modulator V3 Golf Sunglasses Review


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The athletically inspired Bolle Bolt frame combined with the optical clarity and enhanced contrast of the Modulator V3 Golf lens, makes these sunglasses one of the best options for golfers.  Put them on, leave them on, and enjoy the round.



Founded in 1888, Bolle began producing sunglasses all the way back in 1956.  By developing technology in frames and lenses, Bolle has become a world leader in outdoor performance, sports oriented sunglasses.  How does the Modulator V3 Golf lens in the Bolt frame fare on the links?  Read on.



The Bolle Bolt frames do exactly what you want on the golf course:  stay comfortably in place, even when sweaty.  Bolle achieves good gription with their proprietary Thermogrip in the nose pads and temple arms.

Performance is critically important in the lens and Bolle hits it stiff with the Modulator V3 Golf.  To start with, the brown tint of the lens provides contrast that really highlights the subtleties of the grass, trees, clouds, and the like.  Next, the photochromic lens changes tint, adjusting automatically to light conditions – great for those partly cloudy/sunny days.  Finally, for what Bolle calls their B-Clear technology, the clarity of the view through these Modulator V3 Golf lens is impressive and on par with the crispness of glass.


Style & Fit

The Bolle Bolt is a classic semi-frameless, straight temple sunglasses style.  Clearly designed for athletic pursuits and not an outdoor wedding, the frames come in shiny black, shiny white, and neon yellow.  The glasses stay comfortably in place, and the fit is secure, but not tight.  The nose pads are easily adjustable to get the frames to sit as you like.

Overall, the sunglasses offer plenty of width across the eyes for a full field of view and look appropriate on medium to large faces.



Although the lenses are interchangeable in the Bolle Bolt, I don’t see any reason to switch from the Modulator V3 Golf lenses.  This frame/lens combination gives you lightweight, all-day comfort along with undistorted, vivid contrast while blocking harmful UV rays including 87% of blue light.   At $170, these golf specific sunglasses are right in line price wise with other premium brands, and definitely worth the step up from sunglasses under $100.

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