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Bolle 2018 Golf Sunglasses Review

50 Words or Less

The Modulator V3 golf lens not only adapts to light conditions, it also enhances contrast.  The new Bolle Anaconda and King frames offer a versatile, sporty look.   The lens and frame package makes outstanding sunglasses for golfing or enjoying life outdoors.


The Bolle Bolt with Modulator V3 golf lenses have been a PIG favorite since I first reviewed them in 2016.  Matt S loved them so much he did a follow up review in 2017.  For 2018, Bolle has taken that same great golf lens and paired it with two new frame styles – the Anaconda and the King.  Both come with a case, a cleaning cloth and a sweet $99 price tag.


Full disclosure – I’m going to plagiarize my Bolt review.  There’s simply no reason to wordsmith the amazing performance of the Modulator V3 golf lens.

Performance is critically important in the lens, and Bolle hits it stiff with the Modulator V3 Golf.  To start with, the brown tint of the lens provides contrast that really highlights the subtleties of grass, trees, clouds and the like.  Next, the photochromic lens changes tint, adjusting automatically to light conditions – great for those partly cloudy/sunny days.  Finally, due to what Bolle calls their B-Clear technology, the clarity of the view through these Modulator V3 Golf lens is impressive and on par with the crispness of glass.

Then only criticism I have of the Modulator V3 golf lens relates to cleaning.  The front of the lens has an oleo/hydrophobic coating which keeps water and gunk from sticking, and is super easy to clean.  I find the back of the lens extremely difficult to move a cleaning cloth across.

The Anaconda and King frames do a fantastic job of staying comfortably in place while golfing.  Bolle’s proprietary Thermogrip in the nose pads and temple arms keeps the sunglasses from slipping when sweat flows.  The size and shape of the frames keep them out of your vision regardless of head position when addressing the ball.

Style & Fit

The Anaconda and King frames have a sporty look that’s versatile.  The tortoise Anaconda have a casual appeal with more traditional sized temples.  The tall temples on the King frames offer more protection for eyes and skin.

Both Bolle frames wrap around the eyes and almost hug your face.  The Anaconda are designed to fit medium to large faces while the King are suited for large faces.  The bottom of the Anaconda frame was just on the periphery of my vision – noticeable at first, but not after a few minutes of wearing.


Overall, the Bolle Anaconda and King sunglasses are both lightweight yet sturdy.  With the Modulator V3 golf lens, no matter what the light conditions are, your eyes will feel fresh and relaxed at the end of the day – whether golfing or enjoying other outdoor pursuits.  If you want a pure athletic look, stick with the Bolle Bolt.  If you prefer more diversity in the style department, the Bolle Anaconda or King are great options.

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  1. Chad Hershberger

    I can’t find them available anywhere with those lenses. Did they give you an official release date for sale? They have both those frames on their website but not with the Modulator V3 golf lens. I’m definitely interested in trying these out.

    • Matt Meeker

      We’re working on finding an answer Chad. According to our Bolle liaison, both models we reviewed are available. As to why not on their website – they’re checking.

      Matt M

      • Chad Hershberger

        Thanks! Let me know. I think several of us might be interested in purchasing once we can find them somewhere.

        • Matt Meeker

          Bolle is working on getting their website up to date. PIG speaks – they listen.

          • Chad Hershberger

            Thanks! I opened a support ticket on this with Bolle the same day I read your review and their reply was,


            Thanks for contacting Bushnell Customer Support.

            The Anaconda’s with the Modulator V3 lens’ have been discontinued. You might be able to find some for sell still out there online but we don’t have anything left in our current inventory.

            Sorry for the inconvenience.



            Bushnell CS Rep”

            I think they may have a few internal issues. Haha. I’ll be on the lookout for a site update.

  2. David Panella

    Can’t find them anywhere myself

  3. Matt Meeker

    Bolle has updated their website. Here’s the most direct click sequence from the home page: Products>Sunglasses>Recommended For: Golf.

    • Chad Hershberger

      Thanks! I see them listed on their website. Unfortunately, they still aren’t selling them in their actual online store yet. Hopefully they will be available for purchase somewhere soon. Thanks for the help.

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