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Boccieri Heavy Putter EL Series Review

Heavy Putter EL (10)

50 Words or Less

EL = Extended length.  VERY heavy.  Impressively balanced.  Affordable counterbalance option.

Heavy Putter EL (12)


There was a time when it wasn’t trendy to have a heavier head on the end of your putter, but there was this one putter out there going against the grain and getting funny looks from anyone who picked it up.  It was called the Heavy Putter.  Fast forward a few years later and all of the sudden, the golf world realized that these “nut jobs making funny putters” were onto something.  Now there isn’t a major putter manufacturer that isn’t making a heavier putter and messing around with more weight and counter balancing, largely in response to the impending ban on anchored putters.  There’s only one company that’s been ahead of this curve for quite some time, and that’s Boccieri and their Heavy Putter products.  This review will examine the EL Series (Extended Length) and the Q2-H putter.

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The Boccieri EL Series putters come in two different color schemes.  Depending on your desired head shape, you will either be able to get a black or silver PVD finish, both of which reduce sun glare and have a high durability factor.  A strong positive in Boccieri’s favor is that they have a nice variety of different blade and mallet head shapes with different hosel configurations.  Boccieri has a nice fitting guide that will help you choose the right putter for your game.

In terms of the Q2-H that we reviewed at Plugged In Golf, the black finish is nicely accented with a bright green paintfill, a lightly milled face, and a really nice matching black and green grip.  It’s a basic Anser-style head that sets up with a full shaft offset.

Heavy Putter EL (15)

Sound & Feel

The sound of the Boccieri Heavy Putter is a little different than you would normally hear out of a non-insert putter.  The face doesn’t give off as much of a click, but it doesn’t sound as muted as an insert either.  I would define the sound as more of a muffled thud that falls right between the former comparisons.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest selling point to Heavy Putters always has been, and always will be, the feel.  The face has a very soft feel, and, though it’s unforgiving when you’re off center, the precise balance makes finding the sweet spot very easy.

Heavy Putter EL (3)


The idea behind a counterbalanced putter is to find an easier way to maintain control by creating a higher moment of intertia (MOI).  This is supposed to make the putter feel and swing with more stability and create some of the sensations found in anchored putters.  The way this is accomplished is by making the putter head heavier, extending the club length (typically 36″-38″), and adding weight in the grip.  This is especially beneficial to golfers that use conventional putters and want the benefits of an anchored putters without switching, or for anchored putter users that are looking to switch over to conventional lengths before the anchoring ban hits.

For me, the true performance test in counterbalanced putters is how easy they are to control.  Being that I don’t typically play a counterbalanced putter, I had to spend a bit of time getting used to the Heavy Putter, but it demonstrated a few things to me right away.  The first thing I noticed is that I got the best roll on the ball, and the smoothest stroke, when I just let the club do the work.  The more I tried to fight and control it, the more I seemed to hit terrible putts.  Once I put my faith in the putter, loosened my grip, and just put smooth, easy strokes on the ball, I was seeing the ball tracking on great lines with a nice pure roll.  The higher balance (from the added weight in the extended grip) is what manages the control, you just have to maintain the proper tempo.  For a guy like me that doesn’t like an anchored putter, this whole Extended Length, or counterbalance concept is certainly interesting and something to really take seriously, especially with the control and stability results I was consistently seeing after a very short period of time with the putter.

Heavy Putter EL (8)


Whether you’re preparing for your professional mandate to switch back to a non-anchored putter in 2016, or just looking to get better at putting consistently, you may want to take a look at Boccieri’s Heavy Putter EL Series.  Boccieri is the O.G. of the exceptionally heavy putter game, hence the name “Heavy Putter.”  It’s no surprise to me that Boccieri took the current counterbalance putter craze and did a great job creating an affordable, high-quality putter option for those ready to make the change.

Price & Specs

The Boccieri Golf Q2-H EL retails for $120.

The Boccieri EL Series Putters are available in 27 different head shapes and are available in lightweight, mid-weight, and heavy-weight.

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  1. Please include me on the newsletter list

  2. Phillip Angelair

    I am looking for Boccieri heavy putter model A 3 – M right hand 35″ length

    Please advise if you can locate.

    Thank You

    • We are not a retailer. I would suggest clicking through the Boccieri links in the review and go through them to try and purchase one.

      Best of luck.

  3. ron kazmierczak

    I am returning the “heavy putter” Q2-L for full credit. I soon will be 85 and have always been a “handsy” putter……it didn’t feel good with my pop stroke and the “toe heavy” component.
    Sorry but keep making you one – of-a kind putter.

  4. I had a heavy putter 15 years ago. Best putter ever had. Been playing since 6 years old. Feel in love with the putter from the moment picked up. Pure, natural feel. Lost during move. Been trying to find one again.

  5. I had a heavy putter 15 years ago. Best putter ever had. Been playing since 6 years old. Feel in love with the putter from the moment picked up. Pure, natural feel. Lost during move. Been trying to find one again. Beginning to play again after having successful surgery for Parkinsons.

  6. Donald Decker

    I have been toying with the idea of both heavier putter heads and counterweighting the shaft. I am looking for the model number and weighting specs. Let me know if that info exists

  7. Paolo Mongini

    Hi, I live in Italy, I’d like to buy a boccieri heavy putter, can you help me? Thanks in advance, paolo mongini

    • You’ll need to check with Boccieri for that Paolo. Or try a quick internet search for stores that offer the putter.

      – Meeks

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