BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour Bag Review

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The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour bag is designed with large pockets to handle loads of gear and to keep it all dry with water-resistant materials.  14-way top, comfortable straps, and sturdy legs.


Playing golf during the summer months here in Florida, you assume it’s going to rain.  I’m not referring to solid rain were you probably opt out of playing, but those pop up showers that come and go – often on the same hole.  The Dri Lite series of BIG MAX golf bags, with 2,000 mm water-resistant rating, are designed just for those types of days.  I’ll delve into that rating in the Performance section, but first let’s explore the looks of the BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour bag.


Considering it’s a stand bag, I was initially a bit confused about the “Tour” aspect of the name, but the side profile does reflect the girth typically associated with a tour bag.  Modern tour caddies have also embraced dual shoulder straps, so I’m on board with the Hybrid Tour name.

I really like the aesthetics of the long angled zipper on the large side pocket.  Above that, the honeycomb graphic on the valuables pocket is visually interesting, but detracts a bit from the otherwise cohesive look.  BIG MAX isn’t shy about labels, whether it’s branding or identifying a feature or function, but that’s understandable when you’re trying to grab a buyer’s attention.

The Dri Lite Hybrid Tour bag comes in five attractive colorways:  silver/blueberry/merlot (featured here), steelblue/black/rust, black, charcoal/black/red, and white/black/orange.


The first feature that grabbed my attention was the rigid flat base that allowed the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour to sit vertically – with confidence.  I always engaged the legs around the course, but I appreciated the ability to keep the bag vertical while in the house or garage for space conservation.  The flat base is also optimal for sitting squarely in a push cart.

On the other end, the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour features a 14-way top that I measured as 8.5” x 10”.  The layout and spacing of the full length slots offered plenty of arrangement options for my clubs.  The large molded handle that extends past the body of the bag left plenty of grab room for my fingers. 

The accessory port shown above deserves a quick spotlight for its multi-functionality.  It’s covered up with my glove, but the slot aptly named “GLOVE” was perfect for securing a glove beyond the two Velcro-friendly spots found on the bag itself.  And I really liked being able to slip my Uther towel’s loop into the port.

The pockets on the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour are indicative of the brand name: Big and Max.  I was able to easily slip three boxes of balls into the ball pocket and six beers into the cooler pocket.  The insulated cooler pocket is snug so make sure your beverages are pre-chilled as there’s not room for ice – nor are there drainage holes.  The fully waterproof valuables pocket is deeper than the opening which gave me comfort that I wouldn’t lose my phone or keys if I left the zipper open.


Adjusting the shoulder straps was simple and intuitive.  As comfortable as the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour bag was on my shoulders, it was the Air Channel padding at my lower back that really made a positive impression.

Engaging the legs took a deliberate push to initiate, but then they easily popped to full extension and created a wide, stable stance.  When I lifted the bag with the shoulder straps, top, or side handle, the legs quickly retracted and held steady against the bag.  There’s also a wide Velcro strap to secure the legs against the bag.

Circling back to the water-resistant rating, the 2000 mm refers to the amount of water the fabric can withstand over a 24 hour period before allowing moisture penetration.  If you don’t have a calculator handy, that equates to just over 78”.  And while that may lead you to conclude the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is waterproof, it’s not, and BIG MAX is all about accurate nomenclature.  The good news is during my testing in a classic Florida downpour, there wasn’t a hint of moisture inside any pocket.  Even better news for those of you that enjoy playing in steady rain, BIG MAX makes truly waterproof bags and you can check out my review of the Aqua Wave HERE.


The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour bag is true to its name.  Water-resistant materials keep your gear dry in light rain or a passing downpour.  It’s lightweight at just 4.4 pounds.  It features staff bag size pockets as well as comfortable backpack straps and solid legs.  Retailing for $259.99, it’s in the ballpark of other quality brands.  So who’s the bag for?  I’d say the golfer who likes to pack a lot of gear, enjoys a few beverages during the round, and uses a cart – pushing or riding.  Not to say that the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour isn’t designed for a comfortable carry, but loaded up, it might test your endurance for 18.


Matt Meeker

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