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The Big Max Blade Quattro is an extremely light, compact, four-wheeled push cart that makes walking the course a breeze.


These days, push carts seem to have two goals in mind: being the most compact when folded and being the lightest cart possible.  Big Max not only hits the nail on the head with the Blade Quattro but adds a ton more value, making it a top candidate for best push cart on the market.

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Size & Setup

In terms of size, the Blade Quattro hits a home run, both when folded up and unfolded.  Although the Quattro has four wheels, I was still able to fit it in the trunk of my car along with my clubs.

When I first unboxed the Blade Quattro, it looked like it was going to be a difficult setup process.  Boy was I wrong.  The main unit comes pre-assembled out of the box, and all that is left to set up are the wheels.  The easy-to-use instructions explain which wheels go where, as there are two different sized.  The wheels snapped quickly in to place, and the cart was ready for the course!

The lever used to fold/unfold the cart is extremely easy to operate, and a second lever is used to fold down the handle portion of the cart, which can also be used to adjust the angle and height of the handle.  Folding up the cart is equally easy, making the Blade Quattro one of the easiest to use push carts I have every owned.

Storage & Accessories

The mesh bag storage system on the Blade Quattro was surprisingly large for such a compact cart.  Other carts I have used do not provide as much flexibility, but the bag was easily able to stretch and move to fit smaller items I want easy access to.  Keep in mind, if the storage is full, it can cause issues with the folding of the cart.

The Quattro also features a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and a drink holder, so your water or Gatorade doesn’t need to take up storage space in the compartment.  Big Max also provides a variety of additional accessories to add to the Quattro here.

On-Course Performance

The dual strap system on the Quattro made for a very sturdy hold on my golf bag.  As someone who uses different bags depending on the day, the adjustable arms made it very easy to fit a small carry bag or a larger cart bag.  The light weight design, combined with the four-wheel setup, made controlling the Quattro simple.  It was very easy to control on flat, uphill, and downhill portions of the course.  Steering was a breeze, and I never felt “out of control” with the Quattro.  The brake functioned as expected, and the overall design made for a fantastic walking experience on the course.


For someone who hasn’t used a pushcart in ages, I was extremely impressed by the Big Max Blade Quattro.  It made walking much more enjoyable, and had all of the “bells and whistles” I would look for in a cart.  The lightweight design, ease of use, and overall performance would put this at the top of my list for push carts.  Who knows, this might even get me out on the course walking a bit more this summer too!

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  1. gary maxwell

    I am considering this trolley but which is the best the Quattro or the IP , size wise they look about the same , which is the most stable , easy to assemble and easy to live with. You would think the ip as it’s the newest but I’m quite liking the Quattro but just not ready to pull the trigger mainly as there are no direct comparisons.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately we had two different writers review the two carts that you mention, so neither of them can offer a direct comparison.



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