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The Bettinardi BB8 is a solid putter continuing the traditions of the BB putter line with a few cosmetic changes.



Known for precision milling and being completely manufactured in the US, Bettinardi has established itself as a staple of high-end putters through new designs as well as interpretations of classic designs.  The 2016 Bettinardi BB8 is a solid representation of the Anser 2 style putter which will appeal to golfers with its classic head shape paired with bright lime and purple finishing touches.



Long established as a hallmark of Bettinardi putters, the honeycomb face milling is present on the BB8 putter as well as the rest of the 2016 BB series putter.  Though comparable to previous BB8 honeycomb face mills, the 2016 feels a little more subtle than its predecessors.  The intention of this signature face milling is to provide as close to a flat surface on the face as possible.  Speaking of traditional, the Bettinardi BB8 is a more squared off shape inspired by the famous Ping Anser 2 preferred by golfers all around the world.  Being a strong milling shop, it’s no surprise that the head shape is perfectly executed.

When I first saw pictures of the new Bettinardi BB8, I was really excited to the see dark rainbow PVD finish Bettinardi is calling “Midnight Black.”  I was hoping to see a bit more of the rainbow hue in person, but the rainbow is more subtle and will likely appeal to a wider range of golfers with it being more subdued.  Though I would have been excited for more of that rainbow in the finish, there would have likely been more glare issues.

Of course, it’s hard not to notice the lime green paint and the lime green and purple grip, as well as the bright white and lime headcover.  Historically, the BB series putters have had more modest colors, but with the recent trends of bright colors, Bettinardi jumped on board and added a little extra vibrancy to the BB’s which will appeal to a more youthful crowd.


Sound & Feel

Since establishing itself as a signature line for Bettinardi, the BB Series putters have a certain standard of sound and feel that golfers have grown to expect.  The Bettinardi BB8 has a firm feel but the thinner face and top line gives you a nice amount of feedback at impact.  True to form, the sweet spot is fairly small which will require a precise strike.  The thinner face also contributes to a pronounced “click” when struck in the sweet spot.  Shots more toward the heel or toe tend to have a little more of a dead “crack” to them.  If you have been a fan of the sound and feel from Bettinardi BB putters from past generations, you will be just as pleased with the 2016 version.



Predictable and consistent are two words I would use to describe the Bettinardi BB8’s performance.  I did mention earlier that the BB8 is not forgiving, and I stand by that, but if you have a solid putting stroke, the BB8 will put a nice roll on the ball.  The precision milling and balance that Bettinardi putters are known for makes it easy to trust your stroke with the BB8 rather than giving you the feeling of swinging a small brick at the end of a stick like you may find with other large-scale production putter companies that you pick up off the shelf from your local big box.



If you’re in the market for a well made, traditional putter, and willing to spend a few dollars, the Bettinardi BB8 is certainly worth considering.  The look is a little more modern and trendy than we’re used to from Bettinardi in the BB Series, but the putter is well made and still maintains the classic appeal of the Anser 2 head shape.

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  1. Just picked up one of these. Took a few rounds to get used to it but it is a very good top-end putter. #SecretGiveaway

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