Bettinardi BB1 Putter Review

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Classic.  Precision milled.  Genuine made in the USA with superb quality.
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The first Bettinardi putter I ever owned was an old, used BB1 that I picked up for a relatively affordable price. At that time, I was a typical golfer that thought there was only one high-end putter option out there.  Using that BB1 for the first time opened my eyes to some of the best pieces of craftsmanship in the game of golf.

The new 2014 BB Series of Bettinardi putters is once again anchored by the BB1 and it’s certainly worth taking a look at if you want precision-milled putter that is completely made in the USA with superior craftsmanship.
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The BB1‘s focal point is the signature Bettinardi Honeycomb milling.  This face milling not only visually stunning, but it’s functional in giving you a perfectly flat face to putt with.  This is not a feature to take for granted as it is a very complicated and precise milling process that few are capable of getting right.

Though the face and sole of the putter are a polished silver finish, the rest of the putter has a satin silver finish that is great when it comes to preventing unwanted glare from a bright sun leaving you more focused on making putts rather than burning your retinas.  It’s a classic finish on a classic head style that should give any golfer that warm and fuzzy confident feeling standing over their putt.
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Sound & Feel

When I think of the quintessential tone that should come from the face of a milled carbon putter, I think of the exact tone that comes from this BB1.  It’s definitely a pronounced click, but it’s soft and almost sounds as if the face is absorbing the ball at impact.

The feel of the BB1 is just as satisfactory as the sound.  At impact, you will experience plenty of response and a solid reassuring feel.  On every stroke, you will make certain to hit the sweet spot so you can enjoy the full experience of what it’s like to put a good roll on the ball using a Bettinardi putter.
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There’s a reason the BB1 head style has been around for so many decades and been relied on by millions of golfers: it just works.  Along with the textbook construction, sound, and feel, this putter rolls the ball very consistently.

We’ve addressed how the Bettinardi BB1 feels, and how the ball rolls off the face and everything seems to be adding up to why this putter performs so well.  The biggest testament to its performance is how precisely the BB1 is made.  Bob Bettinardi is arguably the best in the game when it comes to precision milling, and it shows when you first feel how well balanced the head is.  This makes it easier to swing because you aren’t fighting to control it throughout the whole stroke.
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If you’re an avid Bettinardi supporter, the greatness of the new BB1 is no surprise to you.  If you’re new to the brand, I hope you come away realizing that the Bettinardi BB1 is a putter worth taking a look at.  The BB1 is a classic design with the touch of a master craftsman that should be considered the standard when it comes to precision milling in golf clubs.  On top of the build quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find many putters as tasteful and beautiful as a classic Bettinardi BB1.

Price & Specs

The 2014 Bettinardi BB Series retails for $299.  The CB (Counter Balanced) models retail for $349.

The available models are the BB1, BB1F, BB1 CB, BB32, BB32 CB, BB43, BB55, and BB55 CB.

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  1. What are the changes from previous years models?

    • Generally, there isn’t much of a change aside from aesthetics. Last year’s BB1 was a pewter PVD finish whereas this year is Satin Silver (read blasted stainless). The Satin Silver is a little bit lighter looking finish than the slightly darker pewter PVD.

      Aside from that, the graphics and paint scheme are updated.

  2. Cedric Theofanous

    Does Bettinardi offer custom fitting? I believe putter fitting and checking someone’s ability to aim a specific putter head is crucial!

  3. ray wilson

    Are Bettinardi putter grips available in the UK ?
    Thank you

  4. I have a 2013 BB1 and was wondering if the toe slant (not hang) is the same on the 2014. It looks like the 2013 may have a sharper slant out at the toe giving the putter a more upright lie appearance as opposed to a more squared, flatter lie when standing over putts.

    • Thanks for the question, Jay! Without having both in hand to compare side by side, it’s tough for me to answer that question. In theory, they should be pretty close to identical. The BB1 is one of Bettinardi’s classics and they try and maintain a consistency of high standards with it year after year.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Up and Down Davey

    I bought the 2014 BB1 and it is a fantastic putter. The milling is very precise and has a soft feel and sound. If you like a milled Anser 2 style putter, I’ve found the best options without going to a custom club maker are the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 and Bettinardi BB1. Both of these putters are great, but the difference I have found is the Scotty is a little lighter and the BB1 is a little heavier. Depending on which weighting you prefer may dictate which putter is best for you. I have both and go back and forth depending on how things feel from time to time.

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