Bad Birdie Golf Polos Review

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Bad Birdie golf polos are hand-sewn in Los Angeles, California and are by far one of the most outgoing style expressions in golf.


Being a part of agolf website often leads to some interesting review opportunities.  Maybe it’s some crazy contraption that’s supposed to be a training aid.  Or maybe it’s a wild putter that’s going to revolutionize the golf industry.  The possibilities are seemingly limitless.  You know what?  That’s probably my favorite part about doing this whole thing.  Sometimes you get to happen upon some outrageously fun stuff that puts a smile on your face and refreshes your spirit for the game.

This is exactly what happened when I first spoke with Bad Birdie.  I had never heard of the brand prior, but that first trip to the website both cracked me up and caught my attention.  Bad Birdie’s polos are far from traditional but make a fun and expressive statement on and off the golf course.


As long as you get the fit right, Bad Birdie‘s polos perform great on the course.  I’ll cover fit in depth later, but the athletic fit will be restrictive if you don’t get the correct size.

In the correct size, the Bad Birdie polos are very lightweight and comfortable through a round of golf.  Fortunately, I haven’t noticed any odor issues, so I’ll assume this technology is doing a good job.  Between that lighter weight and the moisture-wicking fabric, I stayed nice and dry with plenty of breathability.

Style & Fit

To say that Bad Birdie golf polos ooze style would be a massive understatement.  Of course, I’ve read enough golf forums and played with enough random people to know that the term “style” is  subjective, and the Bad Birdie style isn’t going to be for everyone.  The prints are bold and the patterns are reminiscent of the late ’80s/early ’90s.  I like to think that if I had these polos back in the day, I would have fit right in at Bayside, and Kelly Kapowski would have been impressed.  If you’re looking to break the mold and make a statement, Bad Birdie has you totally covered.

The fit is geared more toward a slender athletic fit.  If you have wider shoulders you may want to go a size up.  This will also give you added length for a more comfortable tuck in.  That jump in size can often leave you swimming in a lot of extra shirt, but that’s not the case here.  A small detail that impressed me was the “rigidity” in the button portion of the shirt.  This part of of the shirt is very structured which keeps you looking crisp throughout your round.


I personally like to approach golf a little more lightheartedly, and I enjoy brands that try to do the same.  While Bad Birdie may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are a lot of players in the younger generation that will find the vibe appealing.  Bad Birdie claims, “Stories of increased net worth, free beers, and less shanks have been reported after golfers have worn a Bad Birdie polo.”  I’m dying to put this claim to the test and see if it comes true.

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  1. Jim Rosteck

    Can you tell me a little more about fit? I normally wear a large or in between medium and large. The Badbirdie size chart seems to lead me to a small.

    • I can really only echo my comments in the style and fit section. I’m not familiar with their sizing chart. If you’re a medium normally, I’d be hard pressed to imagine a situation where going down to a small in these shirts would make sense.

      Good luck!

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