Antigua Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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50 Words or Less

Smooth feel, smooth zippers.  Antigua’s 2016 fashions are polished and ready for the course.


Antigua’s Jewel polo and Embrace skort perform in the ways you would expect from athletic apparel.  Antigua’s clothes are unique, because they strike a balance between athletic, cozy, and dressy.

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It can be difficult to strike a balance between athletic and fuzzy.  If you’re Ronda Rousey or Mrs. Claus, perhaps you don’t care about the balance.  But if you’re my shirt, I’d prefer you to be game-ready and a little soft around the edges.  The texture, feel, and stretch of Antigua’s Jewel polo are right on.  I know it will stretch with me, but I feel like I’m wearing a normal shirt.  This is the Ronda Claus of shirts.

A feature of Antigua’s Embrace skort to highlight is the quality of its zippers.  This may seem like an odd thing to highlight, but athletic apparel zippers can leave a lot to be desired.  The side and rear zippers on Antigua’s Embrace skort are on seam and invisible, and the rear pocket zippers are very smooth.  They are more reminiscent of a cocktail dress than a golf skort.

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Style & Fit

Tops usually fit according to expectations, and this shirt is no exception.  Great fit.  Great length.  Super comfortable.

Bottoms, however, can be a different story.  If they don’t fit just right, we ladies can end up with a myriad of unfortunate situations – no elaboration necessary.  Antigua’s Embrace skort lives up to its name.  I am a pretty solid 6, and this skort fit me well.  However, if you are between sizes, go with the higher one.  The shorts are very stretchy and comfortable, but the waistband might get some people in trouble.  There is a bit of stretch, but not enough to forgive that half (or whole, no judgment) pizza from last night.

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Antigua’s women’s apparel is a solid performer and can transition comfortably from on course to off.  Thanks to the timeless style, the pieces I tested will be in my wardrobe for the next few seasons.

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