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Generous fit.  Updated colors.  A good fit for a diverse range of golfers.

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The current trend amongst most brands in golf apparel is tight and slim fitting.  There’s a catch; not everyone wants to wear tight clothes, not everyone should wear tight clothes, and not everyone fits in tight clothes.  Thankfully, there are some classic brands out there that keep this in mind and provide a more traditional fit for golfers looking to have normal, true-to-size clothing.

Antigua has been in the golf apparel game for almost 35 years, and while expanding their product line over the years to stay current, they have kept true to their traditional standards.  This was apparent in the polo and 1/4 zip pullover we had the chance to review.

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Both the polo and the pullover performed well on the course.  The fit is comfortable and nonrestrictive making it extremely easy to make a full golf swing.

As we are transitioning into Fall here in Chicago, I have had plenty of opportunities to test the pullover in a variety of weather conditions.  This pullover was perfectly adequate in the 45º to 60º days I wore it in and kept me plenty warm in the wind.  The only complaints I would have about the pullover is its lack of pockets, and the zip collar felt a little too tall to zip all the way up.  All in all, it’s a good, reliable pullover, but you’ll just have to use your pants pockets.

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Antigua has made an effort to provide more trendy color options.  In this case, the polo is a bright orange and the black pullover has neon orange accenting.  Though bright colors are used, both the shirt and polo are tasteful and fall far from being over the top.  No one is going to confuse you for Rickie Fowler while you’re wearing it.

As much as the fit is generous and traditional, it is not flattering for me.  I found both the shirt and pullover to be a little boxy on me.  However, after I finished trying out the Antigua goods, I gave them to my dad and they fit him much better.  He loves the fit and feel of the clothes and wears them regularly.

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Ultimately, Antigua apparel is always very fairly priced.  You will be hard-pressed to find the quality of clothing for the price you get with Antigua.


Antigua offers a fairly priced and safe option of clothing for the golfer looking for appropriate apparel for their day at the golf course.  The generous and comfortable fit give golfers everywhere basic options that will perform on the course and remain functional off the course.

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