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With a style that always garners a second look, you might see Alial Fital clothing on the pages of fashion magazines as well as in the final pairing of golf tournaments.  But what you see you may not be able to get – everything is limited edition.

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Opening the plain white box and finding the inside exploding in red, white, and blue invoked the American spirit with picnics and apple pie, so I grabbed the quilt my grandmother made by hand to use as the photo background.   Turns out Alial Fital also hand crafts every piece of apparel in the U.S.A.  And although my quilt is one of a kind, Alial Fital only makes 100 of each piece.  My Louder Than Bulls polo is number 13 – lucky for me.

Even before I received the package, Alial Fital impressed me with their online tracking.  Instead of linking you to the shipper’s generic site, Alial Fital displays a page showing graphically where the box started (Seattle) and where it is destined, along with every detail you might need, including contents.  It’s nothing fancy, but to me it shows they care.

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Alial Fital shorts and shirts don’t scream golf, but they are fit for the course.  Bo VanPelt was actually a paying customer wearing the line on the PGA tour before CEO and founder Gibran Hamdan (former NFL QB) realized who Robert VanPelt was while watching the 2011 Masters.  Afterwards, Bo helped Gibran develop the high performance options required for the heat of summer.  Nice work to both of them because this polo manages moisture very well, and the spandex provides complete freedom of movement for any golf swing.  In the shorts, I really like the lack of buttons on the rear pockets for slipping your glove, yardage book or scorecard in & out with ease.

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Style & Fit

Alial Fital exudes a style I envision on the private courses in New England and around town in Miami.  This is what sports stars wear to look spiffy for the camera.  You might be thinking these clothes must be hideously expensive, but they really aren’t.  Don’t get me wrong, $95 for a polo isn’t cheap, but for a limited edition, handcrafted shirt, it seems very reasonable.

The polo shirt body is made of 92% micropoly and 8% spandex making it an incredibly tight weave that’s soft on your skin and has considerable elasticity.  The collar and trim are cotton much like a dress shirt.  Combined is what Alial Fital calls “the intersection of comfort and style”.  The shirt length is great for wearing un-tucked for a more casual look – and to show off the piping and edition number.  Having a four button placket gives you plenty of reveal options.

The shorts, called USA Pack Navy Performance, are 97% polyester and 3% spandex with a nice sturdy feel, yet soft on the inside.  Sitting right on the hip and available in various lengths, the 11” I tested falls about mid-knee.  The legs are tapered providing a tailored look while maintaining freedom in the thighs.  The signature small red and white dots on the side of the shorts are subtle, unique and pair perfectly with the red polo.

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Looking back through the archives of sold out editions, the style is consistent but there’s wonderful variations of colors and patterns.  It’s worth checking the Alial Fital website every so often to see what catches your eye, or, even better, sign up for their insider’s newsletter and get first dibs on the next great design.

Win an Alial Fital Prize Pack!

Know where the name Alial Fital comes from?  Check out their website to find the answer and post it below.

The first person to answer correctly wins an Alial Fital prize package including hat, socks, and tees.

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  1. Alial Fital, named for his parents Laila and Latif (spelled backwards)

    I actually have their long pants and love it!

  2. Laila and Latif his parents

  3. The name comes from the creators parents names spelled backwards

  4. The company name is his parents first names spelled backwards.

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