Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoe Review

adidas zg23 golf shoe

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The Adidas ZG23 spiked golf shoes provide lightweight comfort and stability with replaceable spikes and a waterproof shell made from recycled materials.

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An industry leader in footwear, there is no shortage of R&D at Adidas.  This applies directly to their golf footwear and the impressive work they are doing using partially recycled materials to create their shoes.  Adidas has committed to helping end plastic waste in our world.  While Adidas has been using recycled materials in many different styles, the all new ZG23’s uses at least 50% of recycled materials in the upper section.  In this review, I take a closer look at this unique material and the rest of the shoe to see how it performs on the course.

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Out of the box, the Adidas ZG23 golf shoes are a sleek but simple updated version to the ZG21 (review HERE).  The 2023 version has more widespread waterproofing “Sprintskin” texture covering the shoe as well as a less busy styling of the three stripe logo.  The ZG23 also has a higher tongue and heel pad for less risk of blisters.

Unchanged for this year is Adidas’ patented INSITE sock liner which lines the full interior including the tongue.  Overall, the ZG23 is an athletic shoe that goes with almost any style.

The ZG23 is available in white and navy (shown here), white and solar red, white and silver, white and blue, and black.  Adidas also offers women the same shoe in white and blue, white and coral, and black.

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The moment I slid the Adidas ZG23 on my feet, I immediately noticed the INSITE sock liner.  Not only did this liner make it easier to get my foot in the shoe, it also cushioned my feet like it was custom made just for me.  The toe box was wide enough for my foot and provides enough space left to right that it could borderline pass as a “wide.”

The Lightstrike Pro cushion insole is soft and supportive and feels like it forms to my feet rather than the other way around.  There is some rigidity in the shoe, but the overall light weight feel is impressive and easy to walk 18 holes in.


The Adidas ZG23 spiked golf shoe is a no-frills, comfortable, athletic golf shoe.  The six cleat traction is very good, but the added lugs that line the base of the shoe performed marvelously on the course.  Considering my moderately aggressive swing and the occasionally wild footwork, the ZG23 stabilized my feet and kept me connected to the ground.

Adidas fans will be happy to know that a notable change to the ZG23 from the ZG21 is a higher tongue  and heel tab.  Blisters are a real thing with new shoes and Adidas went above and beyond to prevent them.  Also new for this year’s model is the revamped Lightstrike Pro cushioning.  I have to applaud Adidas designers as these are even lighter than they look which makes all the difference when spending half the day on your feet.

As for sizing, the Adidas ZG23 fit true to size in length but I would almost consider these to be a wide shoe.  Even if you typically order golf shoes in “wide,” I suggest trying the regular version on first.  It is also important to note that all six cleats are replaceable and can help these shoes last longer than just one season.  Add that to their one year waterproof warranty and the $200 price tag seems more like an investment.


Adidas didn’t change a whole lot in the latest version of the ZG23, but they didn’t need to.  Adidas upgraded the comfort with the Lightstrike Pro insole, increased the traction by adding more touch points between the six replaceable cleats, and enhanced the waterproof materials for dry feet.

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