Adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

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The Adidas MC80 Spikeless golf shoe is a throwback style with a modern flare in a perfectly comfortable shoe.  Athletic fit.  Will make you the envy of even the most fashion-centric foursome.


Adidas recently celebrated the all new MC80 golf shoe with a launch party in New York City, and Plugged In Golf was invited to get a sneak peek.  The massive launch was in part because Adidas created a rebirth of a golf shoe that had not been produced since the late 80’s.

Using inspiration from the “Cherry Hills” golf shoe originally released in 1987, Adidas brought the golf world together for a fun afternoon of food, drinks, mini-golf, and, of course, cherry ice cream.  The main event, however, was getting an exclusive look at some of the first pairs of the Adidas MC80 spikeless golf shoes.  We got a pair to take home to test and review to see how it performs.


The looks of the Adidas MC80 golf shoes are where these stand out from the crowd.  The all leather style laced with crocodile accents are beautifully crafted and bring a certain classic flare into the mix.  The base of the leather has small pin holes that are a tribute to the original MC80 golf shoe.  Each colorway has a different accent color.  The neon yellow sole on this version brings a modern touch to the shoe.

The mostly white shoe is also highlighted by metal logo accents on the back of the shoe and on the lacing areas.  It is a small detail that goes a long way in elevating the overall look of the shoe.  The Adidas MC80 has clean lines and plenty of well thought out detail that makes this shoe one I think a variety of golfers will enjoy.


Just by the throwback looks of the Adidas MC80, I half expected it to be uncomfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised that they felt more like a running shoe than a golf shoe.  Adidas used their history of curating the most comfortable golf shoes and built the MC80 around that.  The interior INSITE sock liner padding supports the foot in all the right places while the toe box leaves enough room to feel natural the first time you lace these up.  The wider style does lend itself to being slightly bigger than your normal golf shoe, so if you are in between sizes, I would opt for the smaller of the two for a better fit.

The tongue is well padded and uses a soft material that won’t rub into your skin.  The lacing also allows users to customize a secure fit to make walking 36 feel natural with each step.


Setting aside the impressive aesthetics for a moment, I want to discuss the performance in relation to traction and stability.  The Adidas MC80 golf shoe has just shy of 100 lugs that cover the bottom of the shoe to prevent unnecessary slipping when walking the course.  I found that the flat design of the sole coupled with their Torsion stability bar kept the maximum amount of lugs connected to the turf.  Thus, there is lots of traction in every swing and step.

Although the sole of the shoe is made from Adidas’s well known BOOST foam, there was still enough rigidity to keep my feet stable, even with the most aggressive swings.  Just above the BOOST foam sole, there is a slightly rigid layer that lines the heel.  I found this really helped to lock the back of my foot in the shoe.  The rest of the upper was quite flexible and maintained its shape to my foot.  This provided more stability than I would have imagined from a shoe that looks the way these do.

Despite the holes that lined the shoe, my feet stayed dry at all times.  The leather is fully waterproof and is backed by a one-year waterproof warranty in addition to a ninety-day comfort guarantee.


There is so much to like about in the Adidas MC80 golf shoe.  Adidas started by designing one of the coolest looking golf shoes based on styles from 30 years ago and then combined it with all their modern technology.  Adidas used premium materials to generate a golf shoe that transcends multiple generations of golfers to not only exude style but to do it in full comfort.

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  1. Great review, Zack. These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played in – super stable and supportive, great wide toe box. Highly recommended!

  2. Anonymous

    Just ordered mine ! Tried them on and loved them. I went with the blue and white opposed to the yellow

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