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50 Words or Less

Responsive to the demands of the golf swing and course conditions, the adidas ZG21 are also lightweight and super comfortable.  Sporty look.

Check out the new Adidas ZG23 golf shoes HERE


Adidas knocked it out of the park in 2020 with the spikeless CODECHAOS – my favorite golf shoe of the year (full review HERE).  Knowing that more than a third of golfers still prefer a spiked shoe, the design specialists at adidas were also developing a new shoe that would raise the bar in that category.  The result:  ZG21, “a high-performance spiked shoe that’s lightweight with zero compromises.”


Every person who saw my ZG21s for the first time said something along the lines of “those are some good looking shoes.”  I attribute the response to the blended, athletic look that appeals to a variety of tastes.  The heel has the look of a running shoe, while the toe has a clean, somewhat traditional golf shoe look.  The fade from dark green to off white is distinctive as is the texture on the toe.  Yellow logos and sole add some flash.

The adidas ZG21s come in four colorways:  core black, cloud white/dark silver, grey three, and as featured in this review, cloud white/acid yellow.


The design concept for the ZG21 was weightlessness, hence zero gravity.   Obviously an unattainable goal, but the ZG21 did end up 20% lighter than the popular adidas Tour 360 XT.  Adidas achieved weight savings in almost every aspect of the shoe through the use of advanced materials like Boost and Lightstrike, which also add to the comfort.  Whether walking or swinging, the ZG21 provided a wonderful blend of support and cushioning.

In my standard size, I found the fit to be excellent.  My heel felt secure, my midfoot locked in place, and there was some wiggle room for my toes.  I could sense the cleat locations walking from my car to the course, but mainly because I was focused on capturing the fit and feel.  Thoughts of cleats faded once I engaged in golf activities and mental notes shifted to the marvelous overall comfort of the ZG21.


With an emphasis on comfort and weight, it would be easy to think the ZG21 had to sacrifice on traction or stability, but I found neither was compromised.  The adidas designers seem to have found the sweet spot between mobility and stability in the ZG21.  There’s flex when needed for weight transfer, but also ample lateral stability.

Traction was excellent.  The six cleats are well positioned and supplemented with robust, crescent shaped lugs that kept my feet secure in thick rye grass as well as sparse winter Bermuda.  I really liked that the sole design didn’t accumulate leaves.  The adidas ZG21 uppers, comprised of four layer of synthetic materials, are backed by a one year waterproof warranty.


It’s too early to declare the adidas ZG21 my favorite shoe of the year, but it’s certainly an early leader.  Sleek looks and wonderful comfort are compelling elements on their own, but it’s great performance that makes the ZG21 the complete package.

Visit adidas Golf HERE

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  1. Why does every manufacturer insist on squeezing the end of the shoe into a tiny little point? These shoes look awesome but there is no room up front!

    • Tim Armington

      You mean your middle isn’t 2 inches longer than the rest of your toes? Lol. Just joking
      They are pretty good looking shoes, but I can’t stop looking at the toe now!

    • John Johnson

      Your toes are not meant to be touching the front of the shoe. Shoes are designed so that your toes do not touch the shoe unless their is force pushing them to the end point. Most people have the misconception that their toes need to touch the end of the shoe and that’s incorrect. The part of the shoe is called the toe for a reason. It becomes your toes and it’s good to have at least a finger width distance between your toes and the toe of the shoe. This is why the shoe is shaped like that , because your toes naturally end in point as well. Different sports call for different design but it seems golf shoes follow this ethos.

  2. Michael Dove

    Great reviews. Thanks
    My question. I have relatively narrow feet-do these shoes fit more on the narrow side?? (ZG21)
    If not, any suggestions??

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the question Micahel. I did not find the ZG21 to be on the narrow side. The only shoe that comes to mind for you to consider is the Cuater Moneymaker. I wouldn’t consider it narrow, but I have found that I need to wear thinner socks with them. Great shoes regardless. And I’ve heard from some golfers that the FJ Pro SL runs narrow, though it was not something Saternus or I observed.

      Good Luck

      – Meeks

  3. Scott Johnson

    Matt what’s your opinion of squirrez shoes?

  4. Philip Holden

    After trying on a half dozen different shoes and brands at PGA Superstore, I bought a pair of these shoes on Amazon (who had all shoe sizes avail) last week. I was able to purchase the wide version of the size I needed and they feel AMAZING! Adidas hit this one ‘out of the park’…

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