Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Mid Golf Shoe Review

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The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Mid Golf Shoes are as comfortable as their name is long.  While golf is an old game, these shoes take a step into the future when it comes to performance, fit, and tech.


Seeing these shoes I immediately had a number of sci-fi movies come to mind (namely, The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Tron).  These shoes look like they fit in with a world filled with androids and flying cars.  Yet, here they are available in 2021.  

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It’s a strange irony then that these shoes are really trying to keep a dystopian climate-changed future from happening.  These shoes are made with a large portion of high-performance recycled material, so they are “green” in more than just colorway and name.  


There is no getting around that these shoes look like they’re from the future.  Arguably the thing that makes these shoes look the most futuristic is the BOA Fit System.  For those of you who may be unaware, BOA is the shoe-tying system that doesn’t require you to tie laces.  Instead, you simply crank a cog that tightens the laces to fit the contours of your foot. 

The hyper-modern looks can also be attributed to the color scheme, and that vibe isn’t limited to one color.  The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen Boa Mid Golf shoes come in three colorways.  One features a mostly white shoe with soft accents of baby blue, the second is a mostly blue shoe with accents of white and black.  The third option was the pair I received, which are green and black, giving off major Matrix vibes. 

While I love bold, unique looks, these are undoubtedly polarizing.  Unlike the Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe, which we commended as a “blended, athletic look that appeals to a variety of tastes” (review HERE), I’d describe these shoes as much more niche.   


BOA offers a different kind of comfort than most of the other shoes that I wear.  It is both metaphorically and literally dialed in.  That’s because you turn the BOA dial to tighten the laces (I’m here all week with these Dad jokes).  They call it “micro-adjustable” in the sense that it can be tweaked and precisely fitted to your unique foot shape, and I can attest that the comfort you get from these kinds of shoes is not only stellar but unique among shoes. 

That BOA dial is also an amazing technology for golfers with disabilities.  For those who struggle with pain or lack of mobility in their hands or fingers, the dial could really be a godsend.  It’s a unique benefit to the shoes that I really think should be talked more about in their marketing because making golf inclusive and accessible is worthy of celebration!

While I’m all for making the game eco-friendly, the feel of the INSITE sockliner and reused material felt stiff and scratchy.  When compared to the plush feel of the rest of the shoe, that part didn’t stack up and distracted from how good the rest of the shoe was.  Technically that sockliner was there so you could wear these shoes without socks, but I didn’t enjoy that feeling. 

The Lightstrike cushioning, however, was lovely underfoot.  It was soft and springy and provided a noticeably light and comfortable feel.  This added to the surprisingly light feel of the shoe overall for how much mass is there. 


These shoes are, as you can tell from the photos, very much spiked.  They feature six replaceable spikes that allow for plenty of stability whether taking swings were in mushy fairways or pristine tee boxes.  Unlike with the spikeless shoes I’ve been playing with more recently, I felt like I could take big rips with my driver and “swing out of my shoes” without losing that great stable base. 

These shoes are not just secure-feeling when the weather is nice, either.  Because the PerformFit Wrap is waterproof, these are the type of golf shoes you can wear no matter the conditions.  I found they held up well when playing in active rain or very soggy conditions, with no seepage of wetness beyond the shoe into the sock. 


When I was a little kid, I often struggled to tie my own golf shoes.  I don’t know what I would have given to have had these types of shoes available to me then.  But even now, after I’ve (thankfully) learned to tie shoes, I still want to own these shoes!  The adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen golf shoes may not be for everyone with their futuristic look and fit, but modern players seeking great stability will love them. 

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  1. Winner of the ugly shoe of the year award.🤮

  2. the sockliner looks like it might be hard to slip these on and off–whaddya think ?

    • Hey there Ted. Good call, that sockliner does make it more difficult to slide on and off. The sockliner is probably my least favorite part of the shoe.

  3. I missed the price. Not easy to find on Google either. Looks like $200+

    • Hey there JD – at the end of the article where it says, “Visit Adidas Golf HERE,” if you click the word “HERE” it’ll nearly always take you to the page of the product we’re reviewing. You’re right though, the pair is currently retailing at $230.


    Why is so difficult to insert your feet to the shoes

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