adidas Golf Warm Layer Jackets Review

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The warm layer jackets from adidas Golf are engineered for thermal performance throughout a round of golf in colder conditions.  Wonderful stretch and super comfortable.


I’m blessed to be able to golf year round, but even in Central Florida it can get cold in the winter months.  And I chuckle each year at what defines ‘cold’ for local golfers.  Snow birds are often wearing shorts and a sweater vest, while true Floridians put on three layers plus winter hats and gloves.  Regardless of individual thermal oddities, golfers need options for temperature variations and adidas Golf’s jackets address those needs.

Pictured above front to back are the Go-To Adapt, Climawarm Grid and Climaheat Primaloft.


Even before slipping on any of the pullovers, it was apparent that adidas designers were focused on technical performance.  Just take a look at the variations in cuff design.  Billed as a “wear-anytime outerwear piece”, the new Go-To Adapt features a telescope cuff that retains its shape after being pushed up the forearm.  The Climaheat Primaloft, on the other hand, features half-ribbed elastic cuffs to address the ergonomics of colder weather play.

I experienced a clear difference in warmth factor among the three pullovers consistent with the weight of each.  The lightest jacket, Climawarm Grid, utilizes a subtle ridge pattern inside, while the mid-weight Go-To Adapt and name appropriate Climaheat Primaloft have deeper waffle patterns strategically positioned for heat retention and air flow.

The darker blue wind-resistant panels of the Climaheat Primaloft are designed to keep the chill at bay when a cold wind blows during your round.   Not only are the panels located where they offer the most technical advantage, there’s no annoying “swoosh” of arms rubbing against them.

I was thrilled with the stretch of the fabrics, which allowed for complete freedom of movement – plus making them all easy to slip on and off.  A minor detail, and one I always appreciate to have is that nice flap at the top of the zipper for neck comfort when snuggly zipped up.

Style & Fit

The jackets have an athletic, technical style.  That’s not surprising coming from a global sport-centric brand like adidas.

The Climawarm Grid keeps the look simple with one fabric and no side pockets – and earns style points for extra stitch detailing.  The fit is athletic, good for both a layer over a golf shirt or under a rain layer.  Sleeves are form fitting along the arms but slightly long.

With tonal variations in fabric, the Go-To Adapt has a contemporary look. The fit is more regular, with wiggle room in the core and arms.  Side pockets add to off-course usefulness, and they’ve been moved towards the front to keep the golf swing unencumbered.

With its multi-materials and colors, the Climaheat Primaloft has an unmistakable technical appearance.  The fit is athletic – comfortable over a long-sleeve shirt but not a sweater.


The adidas Golf warm layer jackets offer solid looks on the outside, plus buttery soft coziness on the inside.  The cut of the pullovers along with the extra stretch of the fabrics make them excellent for golfing – or really any active endeavor.  The Go-To Adapt also has a hidden bonus: inside the right pocket is a phone sleeve with with ear bud cord slot.  With so many well thought out features, these adidas golf jackets are hard to top as temperatures drop.

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  1. These adidas Golf Warm Layer Jackets are a great investment for keeping you cozy on the course, offering both style and functionality!

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