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With modern design elements, straight out of the box comfort, superb traction, and good looks, the Adidas Adipower Boost 2 is a great spikeless golf shoe.

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I’ve worn various models of Adidas golf shoes over the past two decades and the fit has never been quite right – until now.  Maybe the stars aligned for the Adipower Boost 2, but I think the truth lies in the three types of foam:  boost, bounce, and fitfoam.  I’ll cover each of those in more detail, but suffice it to say that this is one of the best fitting and most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever played in.  These may be classified as spikeless, but these shoes are meant for the course and not strolling around town.

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From the moment I first slipped on the Adipower Boost 2 I knew comfort was not going to be a problem.  Surrounding your foot, Adidas uses fitfoam for supportive cushioning, with a little extra around the ankle to really make your foot feel secure.  As you step, Adidas boost foam provides a little bounce-back that they refer to as “energy return.”  The leather uppers have kept the rain out but are also breathable, allowing my feet to stay dry in the high humidity.

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One of the nice aspects of the Adidas Adipower Boost 2 is that they look like golf shoes – especially with the aggressive sole design.  No one is going to mistake them for other sport shoes.  The basic, industrial colors can pair well with most any golf attire.  And there’s a nice mix of materials that work well together and offer an athletic look.

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As far as traction, the Adipower Boost 2 performs as close to a spiked shoe as possible.  The designers did a fantastic job of strategically placing the mini cleats for torsional traction while also fortifying the heel and toe.  Adidas refers to these features as gripmore technology – a fitting descriptor.   Note the additional structure on the outside of the shoe at the bottom lace.  That plus the bounce foam in the midsole seem to really guide energy transfer in the swing.

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The Adidas Adipower Boost 2 instantly became the shoes I grab for practice and play.  The fit is great and I haven’t encountered any conditions where they haven’t performed.  At the end of eighteen my feet still feel fresh – the true mark of a comfortable shoe.

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