3 Up Golf 2S14 Golf Ball Review

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The 3 Up 2S14 golf ball is a solid two-piece golf ball with really soft feel.  Excellent for mid to high handicap players or as a winter ball for better players.


Not long along, we reviewed the 3 Up 3F12, a ball designed to compete with the top tour balls.  Despite it’s lower price and the lack of a big name, our testing (HERE) showed that it stood toe-to-toe with the Pro V1 and other $45/dozen balls.  Now, 3 Up is expanding their line up with the 2S14, a two-piece ball that claims to have spin and feel.

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The feel of the 3 Up 2S14 will be the most stand out feature for most players.  3 Up says the ball has a “Deep-Soft core,” and you can feel that on shots with your longer clubs.  The 2S14 really compresses against the club face and makes you feel like you crushed it.

Off the putter, the sound is actually a little duller than many tour balls which was a big surprise – most two-piece balls tend to “click” more.  What was even more surprising was that even though the sound was dull, the feel was actually a little springy.  The only ball I’ve ever putted that feels comparable is the Wilson Staff Duo.

Long Game

Off the tee, the 2S14 does more than feel good – it also goes deep.  In comparing it to the 3F12, I found that the ball speed was just as good, if not a little better.  The spin was also about 10% lower for me, which meant a flatter ball flight and more roll.  That all added up to 8 more yards, on average.  To find the low driver spin normally associated with two-piece balls without range ball feel was really refreshing.

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Short Game

I expected that the 2S14 to give up a lot short game spin compared to a tour ball, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gap was not as great as I had thought.  Compared to the 3F12, the 2S14 spun about 10% less on pitch shots.  Obviously that gap might be meaningful to some players, but it tells me that the vast majority of golfers could hit all their normal short game shots pretty successfully with the 2S14.

Who This Ball Is For

The 3 Up 2S14 is a great ball for the mid handicap player or even for a beginner.  The price is comparable to other two-piece balls, and the feel is something most players will like.  I would also suggest that better players might enjoy the 2S14 as a nice alternative when the weather is too cold for a high compression tour ball.

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At $23 per dozen, the 3 Up 2S14 isn’t going to beat the big-name competition on price the way that the 3F12 does, but it does beat most two-piece balls on feel.  Where many two-piece balls are range rocks, the 2S14 feels soft and springy from the putter through the driver.  If you’re looking to play a less expensive ball but don’t want cheap feel, this is a ball to consider.  Additionally, just as with the 3F12, 3 Up will donate $3 from every dozen balls purchased to golf-related charities.

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  1. Where can you get the 3up 2S14 golf ball ? How much are they? More information needed–Thanks

    • Matt Saternus

      If you read the Conclusion section, you’ll see that these are $23 per dozen. You can get them through the 3 Up website; just click any one of the links in the review.


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