2024 Callaway Apex MB Irons Review

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The 2024 Callaway Apex MB irons should come with a warning label: For Elite Players Only.  Classic blade styling with just a touch of modern technology.


Callaway dropped its new Apex series of irons late in 2023, giving food for thought to those players who might be interested in bagging fresh irons going into the new year.  The MB is the last of my reviews of the series (Apex Pro HERE and CB HERE) and it is the iron that will be the best fit for the smallest number of players.  Find out more, including what kind of technology it features, in this review.


The look of the 2024 Callaway Apex MB irons is pure blade.  In the bag, they scream “player.”  At address, there’s a real intimidation factor as well.  Razor thin topline, very compact clubhead.  As with the other models, there is a satin finish with minimal and tasteful branding.

Visually, they are noticeably smaller than the CB, but would blend into a combo set nicely, especially given that the lofts are the same.  For those inclined, the entire Apex 24 line is available with stock Mitsubishi MMT iron shafts, in addition to the Dynamic Gold steel offering.

Sound & Feel

The Callaway Apex MB irons are forged from a single piece of 1025 carbon steel.  No inserts, no polymers, etc.  For better or worse (depending on strike) the feel of impact is defined by this fact.  Flush shots are incredibly satisfying.  There’s soft and then there’s the feeling of hitting Apex MB out of the sweet spot.  Miss it, though, and it’s clank city.

Hopefully it goes without saying that this is in no way a knock on the club.  A lack of forgiveness and a glaring obviousness to quality of strike in feedback through the hands is part of the design of this club.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.


I alluded to it in the intro, and I’ll state it clearly now: I am not the player these are intended for and chances are you aren’t either.  The reality of the miniscule size combined with the near-total lack of modern technology means that you need to either be elite with your ball striking. Or you need to prioritize looks over results in order to game these.

Maybe you fall into one of those two camps.  Maybe you just like to know about the latest gear, regardless of if you are realistically going to think about buying it.  Either way, let’s take a look at what the Apex MB offers, performance-wise.

The Callaway Apex MB irons provide all the distance control and workability that better players demand, especially when they choose to put a blade in the bag.  One design feature that helps provide trajectory control is Progressive CG throughout the set.  The long irons feature a lower CG that promotes high shots that land soft while the short irons have a higher CG to help flight it down with high spin and max control.

These irons also feature a Dynamic Sole Design to help support the moment of impact.  A dual chamfer on the leading edge promotes efficient movement through the turf.  A trailing edge chamfer provides relief from the turf after contact.  This design is a small detail that won’t rescue a mishit but will add some value for those who are making consistent solid contact.


Callaway’s 2024 Apex line of irons is excellent.  The Callaway Apex MB is fun to look and imagine gaming but in reality only makes sense as a truly ideal fit for a very small percentage of the market.  If you’re curious if they might be right for you, there’s only one way to find out.  Give your local fitter a call and get in the bay to see if you have what it takes to get the most out of them.

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2024 Callaway Apex MB Irons Price & Specs

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    Would definitely game these in a combo set in the short irons. Lets just keep the my #DoubleSecret

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