2023 Claw Max Golf Glove Review

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The Claw Max golf glove is the high water mark for grip and durability.  Mesh panel makes it very breathable.  Tremendous value.


The majority of the golf gloves on the shelf are interchangeable.  With the exception of synthetic vs. genuine leather, the differences are minute.  The Claw Max is a notable exception.  With the strongest grip in golf and unmatched durability, this glove offers a completely unique experience.


The new Claw Max golf glove looks similar to the previous version [review HERE].  What immediately grabs your attention is the large section of black mesh across the backs of the fingers.  This is a substantial divergence from most golf gloves and a clear indicator that this is something unique.

What has changed from the previous version is the material used on the back of the hand.  This is now a soft synthetic leather which does look more premium and traditional than the older Claw Max.

Turning the glove over, you’ll see that the palm side is striped with “silicone-web coating”.  Again, it’s far from a traditional look, but the Claw Max is far from a traditional glove.


Just like the previous version, the new Claw Max golf glove fits like a second skin.  For me, this is a major plus as I hate the feeling of any slack in a golf glove.  It does take a little more effort to pull it on, but you don’t have to worry about any part of the glove being loose and compromising your grip.

The mesh across the back of the fingers also gives the Claw Max tremendous breathability.  If you play in hot or humid conditions, or if you sweat heavily, this added air flow may be a game changer for your comfort.  If you want even more mesh, check out the Claw Pro HERE.

One important difference with this new version is the synthetic leather across the back of the glove.  This material change makes the glove feel more traditional on your hand.  It’s still quite removed from the sensation of a genuine leather glove, but it’s superior to the previous version.

Additional sizes have been added for this new version of the Clax Max.  The left hand glove (for right handed players) comes in sizes S, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL, as well as Cadet M, Cadet M/L, and Cadet L.  Players who need a right hand glove can choose from S, M, M/L, L, and XL.


The biggest reason why any golfer would choose the Claw Max is the grip.  The micro-fiber palm has a silicone coating that gives you a grip that Spider-Man would envy.  It’s extremely tacky, allowing you to relax your hands without losing control of the club.  If you suffer from tennis elbow or similar conditions, using the Claw Max could be a way to ease the pain.

Another thing that sets the Claw Max apart is the durability.  Over time, most gloves get hard, crack, tear, or discolor.  I’ve been testing various Claw gloves for several years, and I’ve not seen any of that.  The grip is always exceptional, and the glove perpetually looks like it was just taken out of the package.  And, should you ever feel like the tack is starting to fade or it gets dirty, it’s machine washable.


With a price of $25, the Claw Max is not the cheapest glove available, but it is likely the best value.  This glove has exceptional durability, allowing it to last far longer than traditional gloves.  If you want to stop churning through gloves or you want to upgrade to a stronger grip, check out the Claw Max.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Fun to see this. I’ve been using these gloves for a few seasons now and love them. As a tall golfer I’ve always rested the butt of the club in the pad of my hand and as a result gloves would only last a few weeks. There had to be something more durable out there and I found it with these guys. Easily will get a season out of a glove if I wanted to. They have a customer for life in me.

  2. I haven’t tried this new Claw Max, but I’ve used their other models and I do find they have great grip and long life. My one complaint is that on a hot humid day, when I’m sweating out of every pore, the grip becomes very slick. Might just be me, as with those days I will sometimes use rain gloves to keep a grip on my clubs.

  3. Kevin Foster

    The palm is great the back of the hand fell apart

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