Claw MAX Golf Glove Review

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The Claw MAX golf glove gives you a strong grip on your club without straining your arm.  Excellent durability.  Synthetic materials are machine washable.

Check out the updated, 2023 Claw MAX glove HERE


Last year, I had the chance to review the Claw Pro golf glove.  It built on the foundation of the original Claw Glove [review by Matt Meeker HERE] with added grip and a tighter fit.  New for 2022 is the Claw MAX.  Designed to feel more like a traditional, premium glove, I tested it to see if it will make converts out of more players.


The primary comment I got when testing the Claw PRO [review HERE] was that it looked too different.  I didn’t mind the grey suede or boldly striped palm, but I found myself in the minority.

Clearly the makers of the Claw got the same feedback, because the Claw MAX looks much more like your traditional leather golf glove.  The “Claw” branding on the velcro and black mesh across the knuckles aren’t exactly old school, but the white back and palm bring the look more in line with the classics.

Speaking of looks, the Claw MAX – like its predecessors – has tremendous durability.  Even after extensive, sweaty testing, it looked like new.  Should your glove start to look dull, it’s made to be machine washable.


One thing that has carried forward from the Claw PRO into the Claw MAX is the tight fit.  Personally, I like this a lot.  I hate when a glove has slack.  The Claw MAX has absolutely none.  It takes a little effort to pull it on, and it feels like a second skin.

Another thing that stands out is the breathability.  The large mesh penal keeps the glove from feeling oppressive, even when it’s very humid.  It doesn’t have as much mesh as the PRO, but it’s still better than most gloves for hot weather.

Finally, there’s no break in period with the Claw MAX.  Leather often takes some time to work into shape, but the synthetic materials in the MAX are ready to go immediately.


The hallmark of all previous Claw gloves is the grip, and that’s present in the Claw MAX, too.  You can see the stripes of “silicone-web coating” on the palm.  This material makes holding onto the club effortless.  These gloves could be a solution to the tennis elbow I developed from a combination of mat practice and strangling the grip.

In addition to creating a strong hold on the club, the Claw MAX retains its grip over time.  When you first feel the palm, you might think that it’s like the tack on a grip – great at first but something that wears away with time.  I hit hundreds of balls with these gloves, and the feel of the palm never changed.


If you’re looking to keep a stronger hold on your clubs, or stop buying new gloves so frequently, the Claw MAX golf glove is worth checking out.  At $27, it’s high on the price spectrum, but its longevity makes it a great value.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Todd K Rowe

    Did you have difficulty removing and replacing the Claw Max for putting?
    Do you think this Woolf be a reasonable rain glove?

    • Matt Saternus


      Because of the fit, I can see some players being a bit annoyed by taking it on and off for putting. To me, it’s worth the extra effort for what I feel is a superior fit.
      The material isn’t made to be waterproof, but the grip element holds up brilliantly in the rain.



  2. Hi,
    After reading this review,
    I’m looking to order one,
    I’m usually a medium/large in my other gloves but they only do one or the other

    Which do you recommend to go for

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on the fit you want. If you’re not afraid of a very tight fit, you can size down. Otherwise, I’d size up.


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