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50 Words or Less

The CaddyDaddy Claw Pro golf glove has supreme grip traction.  Tight fit.  Extreme breathability.  Even if you don’t like golf gloves, give this one a try.


When you think of innovation in golf, a glove is probably not the first product that springs to mind.  CaddyDaddy is trying to change that with their unique Claw gloves.  About a year ago, Matt Meeker took a look at the original Claw [review HERE] and today I’m checking out the new Claw Pro.

Check out the new Claw MAX Glove HERE


It only takes a glance to recognize that the Claw Pro is not your typical golf glove.  The top of the glove is a combination of grey suede and mesh that is miles from the standard all-white leather.  Furthering this unorthodox look is a the bold Claw logo on the velcro flap.  Topping it all off is the grey and white striped palm.

This unique mix of materials also promises to age better than leather.  Every golfer knows that a white leather glove can look pretty ratty before long.  Even after numerous testing sessions, my Claw Pro continued to look new.  The Claw Pro is also machine washable.

If you need to look like a Titleist-sponsored PGA Pro, the Claw Pro is not for you.  However, if you want to stand out a bit, or are simply focused on performance, you may enjoy the unusual aesthetics.


A glove that looks unique should feel unique, and the Claw Pro certainly does.  What stands out most, even in cool temperatures, is how breathable the glove is.  As you can see, much of the glove is mesh which lets in far more air than perforated leather.

Another benefit is that The Claw Pro comes out of the box ready to use.  There’s no break-in period required as there is with some leather gloves.  Additionally, the synthetic materials of the Claw Pro won’t harden or crack like leather can.


Feel and breathability are great, but the real selling point of the Claw Pro is the grip.  The silicone-web coating on the palm side of the glove will give you Spiderman-like grip on your clubs without having to hold on for dear life.  This gives you the freedom to loosen your grip for a tension-free swing or swing wildly without fear of losing control.  Or a little of column A and a bit of column B, depending on the shot.

What makes the Claw Pro work for me is the fit.  The main reason that I don’t regularly wear a glove is that the little bits of slack drive me crazy.  The Claw Pro is designed to fit tighter, and it made all the difference for me.  I wore this glove during multiple long testing sessions and never had to adjust it.  At the same time, because it’s breathable and moves well, it was never uncomfortable.

The best endorsement I can give to the Claw Pro is that it may convert me to wearing a glove, at least part time.  I can definitely see the advantage of the added grip when it’s hot and humid or raining.


The Claw Pro golf glove delivers outstanding grip and a longer life than typical leather gloves.  With a retail price of $24.99 – comparable to most FootJoy gloves – the Claw Pro is a strong value that golfers should check out if they want to keep a tighter hold on their clubs.

Visit CaddyDaddy HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    I bought an earlier version a year ago. While it had great grip between the club and the glove, the flexibility of the glove had my hand moving around inside the glove. Felt very insecure. It needed a less slippery material under the fingers.

  2. We designed the Claw Pro specifically to provide more stability throughout the hand. It has a much tighter feel than our original Claw gloves. The Pro also runs true to size while the original Claw models can run large for some players.

  3. Jim W Rosteck

    To Rod

    I assume you work for Caddy Daddy. What size would I order if I wear a Footjoy ML? I did not see any sizing info on your website.

  4. Yes, I was sold on the original idea of the claw glove, however, I only had to play a single round with the original to feel that instability inside the glove. Great tackiness on the outside, slippery inside, did not make for a confident swing. It was a waste of money for me. But, I’m willing to try this new version. I dislike playing with a glove in general — the eastern States in the summer are humid and bare hands don’t cut it, so I’ve started using a rain glove in the humidity, but they’re hot. I wanted so much for the original to be the answer. How about a money back guarantee.

  5. Hi Jim, Yes, I’m one of the owners of CaddyDaddy. We don’t make an M/L. I’d recommend trying a medium in our Pro glove first. If for some reason that doesn’t work we offer free size exchanges and cover shipping both ways.

    The new website is easier to navigate for our gloves and has size charts.

  6. The original Claw definitely runs big. Many players go down a size on the original for a tight fit.
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 60 day warranty on top of that. We’re a small company that’s been in business for over 18 years and we stand behind all products.

    Here’s additional information for customer service:

  7. Ran across the Claw glove several months ago. I was attracted by the possibility of washing it so I thought I would give it a try and bought one. When I got it, it was definitely different. Unique feel. Never slips. Very comfortable. I haven’t tried washing it yet but I love the glove. I plan on buying another.

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