2019 Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback Putter Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

50 Words or Less

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback is an ideal flat stick for a player who wants to split the difference between the traditional look of a blade and the forgiveness of a mallet.  Everything about it screams “premium.”

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If you’re a regular PIG reader, chances are I don’t have to tell you about Bettinardi.  The Chicago-based putter maker maintains a small stable of tour players (Matt Kuchar, Eddie Pepperell, and Haotong Li, to name a few of the blue chippers) but pours the majority of its resources into what it does best: making great putters.  The 2019 Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback is no exception.


Handsome, classic, sturdy.  The SS 28 Slotback is a clean-looking crossover between a classic Anser shape and a more stable mini mallet.  With a single bend shaft, there aren’t any unnecessary bells and whistles visible at address. There is a solitary white line that serves as an alignment aid and a “slot” between the bumpers on the flange of the putter.  

Color-wise, you’re looking at a brushed titanium finish that’s more gray than it is silver.  I love this because it doesn’t give off any glare but looks very clean and modern.  All of this adds up to a putter that you want to look down at.  It’s incredibly easy to square up and inspired confidence in me the first time I took it out.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel caught me by surprise a little bit. That’s because, compared to the forged blade-style putter I previously had in the bag, the sound and feel of the Bettinardi SS 28 Slotback is very soft.

The sound is a gentle, low-pitched “tock.”  Its milled steel face provides an excellent blend of forgiveness and feedback.  This seems to be attributable to the company’s proprietary blend of 303 Stainless Steel and its F.I.T. Face milling, which is 20% deeper than in previous models.


This putter has been performing very well for me and has helped me improve my putting in a few key areas.  One is getting the ball started on line.  Since I’ve had the Bettinardi SS 28 Slotback in the bag, I’ve noticed putts starting and staying on their intended line more often.  A consequence of that is that I’ve been holing more short putts.  Finally, my distance control has been very good with the Bettinardi SS 28 Slotback.  I attribute this to the fact that the ball doesn’t go rocketing off the face the way it does with my other forged Anser-style putter.

The other performance-related aspect of this putter I have to mention is the corded Lamkin grip that is available in a standard or jumbo size.  As a regular user of oversized, no-taper grips, I opted for the jumbo, and it is very comfortable in my hands.


The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback bridges the gap between blade and mid-mallet brilliantly.  It combines a classic, understated look with premium looks and feels.  If you like the Anser shape but want more stability in your stroke, I’m convinced you can’t do much better than this putter.  

Dylan Thaemert
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  1. Tom Duckworth

    I have a RIFE 450 Silencer that has deep lines milled a crossed the face very much like these.
    It is a very soft feeling putter as well, rolls great and I have good distance control with it.
    I like the deep flange idea with this putter there are so few mallet putters I like the looks of.

  2. What is the weight and what stroke type would you say it’s best suited for slight arc or straight back and through ..

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s face balanced, so it will likely be best for a stroke without too much arc.
      The headweight is 358 grams.


  3. Colton Werner

    How does the blade length of this putter head compare to one of a BB1?

    • Matt Saternus


      Dylan wrote this review but has not reviewed a BB1, so unfortunately we can’t provide you with a hands-on answer. I’ve seen the SS 28 a couple times and my impression is that it’s slightly longer than the BB1.



  4. How’s the toe hang on this putter?

  5. John Carusio

    is the center shaft slotback face balanced?

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