2016 Holiday Golf Gift Guide: $0-$50


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when PluggedInGolf releases its Holiday Gift Guide.  This year, we’re making the season extra jolly with a triple serving of gift guides.  We’re sharing our best gift recommendations under $50 first.  If you’re looking to spend a little more of your favorite golfer, check out our other gift guides coming in the next few days.

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Adam Young – The Strike Plan

If you’re buying a gift for the golfer who lives at the driving range, Adam Young’s video series, The Strike Plan, will be the perfect gift.  These videos explains the best ways to practice to see maximum improvement on the golf course.

Full review HERE

Buy The Strike Plan HERE


2UNDR Underwear

2UNDR is a great gift for every man on your gift list, golfer or not.  The unique design cradles the most sensitive part of a man’s anatomy, and the different models suit everything from intense workouts to lazy Sundays.

Full review HERE



Swing Juice Golf Shirts

Swing Juice was new to us this year, but quickly became a favorite with their fun, lighthearted t-shirts.  They do a great job of blending golf and fun without going overboard, all while coming in at an extremely affordable price point.  New from Swing Juice for this holiday season are hoodies and koozies with some of their best graphics.

Full review HERE

Buy Swing Juice HERE


The Claw Tripod

Another great choice for the relentless practicer is The Claw tripod.  The Claw allows your favorite golfer to record their swing on their phone…without asking you to tag along and hold the phone for them.

Full review HERE

Buy The Claw HERE


Vegas Golf Chips

I was totally skeptical about these at first glance, but Vegas Golf is a great cure to the same old gambling games you play every week.  Whether you use a single chip or a full set, these games-within-the-game add a layer of interest to every shot.

Buy Vegas Golf Chips HERE


G/Fore Golf Gloves

Wish your golfer had a bit more flair?  Inject some color into their game with G/Fore gloves.  High quality leather available in over 20 beautiful colors .

Full review HERE

Buy G/Fore Gloves HERE


Kentwool Socks

Parents often tease their kids that they’re only going to get socks and underwear for Christmas.  I didn’t want to hear that when I was a kid, but as an adult, there are few things I want more than 2UNDR and Kentwool socks.  Kentwool makes the best socks in golf – or anywhere else – and they’re available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors.  For the holidays, Kentwool is offering a Holiday Gift Pack with 6 pairs of socks in a handy travel pack for $99.  Single pairs start at $19.99.

Full review HERE

Buy Kentwool Socks HERE

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  1. Joe DeResta

    Should a 22 handicappers use a club like Srixon 565 vs a super forgiving iron like a gmax.

    • Matt Saternus


      Everyone should play the clubs that give them the best results. It’s all about getting fit.



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