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2UNDR underwear will change your life.  The best, most comfortable underwear ever created.

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Sorry, ladies, this one’s just for the boys.

Try to figure this one out: we would all agree that it’s more important to keep our testicles comfortable than, say, our arms.  Why is it, then, that we’ll spend $80 on a shirt but slam our jewels into 3-for-$10 drawers?  And those among us that spend a bit more for underwear are probably getting nothing more than another guy’s name on the waistband.  Stop wasting money on scummy skivvies and check out 2UNDR.



There are many things that make 2UNDR better than your average underwear, but the most important is the Joey Pouch.  2UNDR describes the Joey Pouch as “a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets.”  It’s a special place inside the underwear that holds your wedding tackle.  The reason this is so wonderful is that it prevents skin-on-skin contact, holds your twins gently in place, and eliminates the need for rearranging your marbles.  The Joey Pouch is one size fits balls, and while it might seem like something that would require extra work to put on, somehow it isn’t.

You may be looking at your screen skeptically.  I understand, I was skeptical, too.  It took four trusted friends shouting at me to get me to try them.  And the first time I wore them I thought, “Yeah, my junk feels good, but I don’t know how special they are.”  Then I woke up the next morning, put on regular underwear, and said, “Holy ****, this is terrible.”  Conventional underwear has made us think that it’s normal to smash our cajones and adjust them all day in search of comfort.  After you wear 2UNDR, you’ll realize how blissfully cozy your boys can be.

It’s also worth mentioning that 2UNDR is “profile enhancing.”  For those that aren’t good with subtlety: they make your package look bigger.*

*This statement has been confirmed by the wives of numerous PluggedInGolf staffers.


Day Shift, Power Shift, Gear Shift, or Swing Shift?

If you go to the 2UNDR website, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the choices.  Not only are there different lengths, but there are four different models.  While each one is different, they can be separated into two different camps.

If you’re the normal, cotton-wearing everyman, you’ll want to go with the Day Shift or the Swing Shift.  Both models offer tremendous comfort for your nads and the soft material feels great on your waist and thighs as well.  The Swing Shift comes in the widest variety of colors and styles.

The Power Shift and Gear Shift models offer more of a compression, performance feel.  The fabric here isn’t as soft, and they definitely grip your thighs more firmly than the Day or Swing Shift.  The benefits are that they wick sweat brilliantly, provide the compression that some athletes prefer, and they stay in place no matter how you move.  The Power Shift model is particularly good for hot environments and sweaty dudes.  It has a “Swass Patch” on the back (“Swass” being a portmanteau of “sweaty” and “ass” for those lacking imagination) that’s so effective and cool that it made me feel like my crack was in the breeze all day.



Stop abusing your nuts.  Pack your family jewels into 2UNDR’s revolutionary Joey Pouch, and enjoy comfort like you’ve never known before, on the course and off.


Save 20% with the Coupon Code PLUGGEDINGOLF20

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  1. Adam Anava

    LMAO!!! I love this review! Made my morning!
    It hits a special chord with me as I just experienced this issue yesterday and thought to myself “there must be a better way….” Then BAM! I come here and this is waiting for me in my time of need!
    I’m off to their website now…

  2. Not for nuttin, simply the most hilarious, eloquent review in the history of reviews. Talk about “in the zone.” This is why Plugged is my first web stop every day.

  3. Matt Meeker

    The review is even better hearing Austin Powers delivering the lines in my head. Well done.

    I’m also a recent convert to 2UNDR Swing Shift and echo Matt’s comments about comfort. The Swing Shift fabric is excellent for playing golf in the heat. No more Schweddy Balls.

  4. Katie Dillman

    Life changing? That’s a bold statement Matt, but I’ll have to take your word for it and pick some of these up for Father’s Day……also thanks for the clarification on Swass:-)

  5. David Ball

    Looks like a total rip off of SAXX.


    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t speak to who came first, but I will relay that the friends I mentioned have tried other versions and swear by 2UNDR.



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