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High quality gloves in all the colors of the rainbow.  Custom options for those that want the “one off” look.

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Golfers today enjoy an unprecedented number of customization options when it comes to their gear: custom clubs, custom belt buckles, custom bags, the list goes on and on.  But for all the ways in which golfers can express their personal style on the course, golfers only have one choice for gloves: white.  That is, they only had one choice until G/FORE was born.

G/FORE is the brainchild of Mossimo Giannulli, the founder and creator of the Mossimo clothing line.  A passionate golfer, Giannulli launched G/FORE, “to help inject a little more fun and flair back into the game.”

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Quality & Durability

We’re going to start with the quality of the glove, because fancy colors are nothing if the glove can’t perform.  G/FORE gloves are made from hand-selected, grade-AA cabretta leather.  Right out of the package, it feels incredibly soft and significantly better than 99% of the gloves at your local pro shop.

To test the durability of these gloves, Bill and I brought them along to a few of our club testing sessions.  For a glove, this is a true torture test: hitting hundreds of balls, rapid fire, on the hands of two guys (ok, just one) with above-average club head speed.  The results were excellent: the only sign of wear for either of us was a small spot on my thumb due to a little Young Sergio re-gripping by yours truly.

Bottom line: these gloves feel fantastic, have excellent grip, and will last as long or longer than any other leather grip out there.

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Color Choices

This is where it gets fun, because G/FORE offers more colors than a bag of Skittles.  Let’s start with their “Collection” gloves: 22 different solid-colored gloves ranging from black to hot pink. If that’s not bold enough, you can check out their “Limited Luxe” line: gloves with contrasting thumbs and tabs in color combinations like pink and orange.  Beyond that, G/FORE offers a “Special Issue” glove in navy or white with a US flag on the tab, a “USC Collection” for Trojan fans, and, for those that absolutely must wear a white glove, the “Rocky Collection” pairs white gloves with bold-colored G/FORE logos on the tab.

GFORE Custom

Custom Options

Can’t find that perfect color combination in G/FORE’s stock collections?  Design your own.  Through their website, G/FORE allows you to design every aspect of your glove: main color, thumb color, tab color, and lining color.  After 8 weeks (hand sewing gloves takes time), your custom glove will be on your hand.  The best part is that the price of a custom glove isn’t prohibitive: $50 versus $35 for the stock gloves.

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I’ve used my share of bold gear over the years, and G/FORE ranks right at the top in terms of being a conversation starter.  Though people aren’t used to seeing anything other than white, I’ve yet to find a golfer who didn’t think these colored gloves were a cool way to show some style on the course.  After wearing G/FORE, I’m not sure I’d ever want to go back to plain old white gloves.

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  1. Have you ever tried the Asher gloves? Just curious because their Chuck series runs $10 a glove and comes in great colors. I’m only on my 2nd one in two years playing around 50 or so rounds a season.

  2. Cedric Theofanous

    I purchased one of these and really liked it, great quality and long lasting like you said. The only downside is the price! I guess style never comes cheap.

  3. Yes! Finaⅼly something about real.

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