G/Fore Longwing Gallivanter Golf Shoe Review


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The G/Fore Longwing Gallivanter offers classic style with modern flair, as well as incredible traction and surprising comfort.



For a while now, G/Fore has been well known for their colorful golf gloves.  Jumping into the footwear space, G/Fore continued to bring fashion and flair to golf.  The Longwing Gallivanter is latest addition to the line, following in the big footprint of this little number worn by Bubba Watson at the summer Olympics.



When I first slipped these on, I was a bit worried about the sizing.  After a wiggle of my toes, I realized the Longwing Gallivanter fits like a pair of nice dress shoes – form fitting.  My standard size is a 9.5 D, and these are spot on.  As often occurs with premium leather, the fit seems to get better with every wearing.

Inside, the uppers have a soft lining.  The foam cushioning in the footbed has ripples that gently massage your foot with every step.  The shoes may look heavy, but I’d actually consider them lightweight.



I learned a new term – brogue.  That’s the proper name for the decorative perforations and details on the Longwing Gallivanter that make it one classy looking shoe.  The espresso suede is a deep, rich brown.  And in G/Fore style, two colors were used on the sole.  I never imagined the heel bottom of a golf shoe would remind me of the shallow waters of the Caribbean.



The top layer of the sole is leather and gives the Longwing Gallivanter a fairly stiff, stable base.  Unlike a leather bottom dress shoe that has you sliding across the floor, this sole has serious traction.  The cleats vary in size and rigidity.  This shoe may be considered spikeless, but I’d walk gingerly on fancy carpet or fresh hardwood floors.  The uppers offer a firm, athletic fit that pairs well with the sole for a great performing stability shoe.



The G/Fore Longwing Gallivanter is full off contrasts.  Slipper-like inside, turf grabbing on the bottom.  Classic brogue detailing up top, modern vibrant colors on the bottom.

If Bubba can hit mind blowing drives without falling on his keister with these shoes, you know they’ll perform well for you.  I just wish they offered a truly cleatless version that I could wear all the time.

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