XXIO Releases New XXIO9 Clubs


XXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver, Fairway Woods, Utility Clubs, and Irons

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – November 9, 2015 – XXIO® – U.S.A. is pleased to announce the release of the new clubs for XXIO9, the 9th generation of the XXIO series. The new clubs in both men’s and women’s will be available in stores starting December 8, 2015.


The new XXIO9 series clubs feature an entirely new technology by maintaining longer wrist cock without adjusting your swing to create a change in head path. This change increases head speed to deliver greater distance: 5.5 yards more with the driver than the previous model. The core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed since the first generation—distance, forgiveness, and an exhilarating impact sound—but golfers will find the new series more advanced and attuned to their needs than ever before. For golfers that want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing, XXIO9 clubs will be strong allies on the course.


The MP900 graphite shaft features such leading-edge materials as Toray T1100G (a graphite fiber developed for aircraft, launch vehicles and other next-generation aerospace applications), Toray T700G, and polymers developed with Toray’s NANOALLOY® technology.4 Thanks to these advances, Dunlop Sports was able to develop a shaft 2 grams lighter and with a balance point 20 mm closer to the grip as compared to the previous model.

Minimum advertised price (MAP) of $649.99 plus tax for the driver and $429.99 plus tax for each fairway wood (W#3, 5, 7).

Key features of XXIO9 utility clubs


Head shape for better contact and accuracy.


Curvature towards toe area and reduced face progression for better contact and accuracy. New “Power Wave Structure” (patent pending) of sole features thinner center and thicker sides, creating deep and low CG to get the ball airborne with ease.

Minimum advertised price (MAP)$279.99 + tax includes original head cover


The new XXIO9 irons feature higher ball speed technology.  Expanding the titanium face towards the sole enhances COR performance on the lower part of the face (impact point of average golfer), significantly improving carry distance for off-center shots.


And 5-piece head structure (#4-7) for an even lower center of gravity.

In addition to the nickel weight in the sole, Dunlop Sports has placed high-density tungsten-nickel inner weights in the toe and heel. The result is a head with the lowest CG in XXIO history and a high left-to-right MOI. This 5-piece structure enables the ball to get airborne with ease and further improves the carry distance for off-center shots.

The new clubs will be available in stores starting December 8, 2015, with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $1,049.99 plus tax for an 5-club set (#6-PW) featuring the XXIO MP900 graphite shaft and a MAP of $849.99 for the same set featuring the N.S. PRO 890GH DST for XXIO steel shaft. Additional irons (#4, #5, AW, SW) will also be available.


The new XXIO9 women’s models feature an entirely new technology that maintains wrist cock longer to create a change in head path without swing adjustment. With an exclusive design for women golfers that helps them achieve their maximum power potential, the XXIO9 women’s driver (12.5° loft) sends the ball 4.1 yards further than the equivalent XXIO8 driver.* Similarly, the XXIO9 women’s fairway woods, utility clubs, and irons deliver greater distance than their predecessors.

With their elegant, simple and engaging design, the new XXIO9 women’s models make playing golf more enjoyable as well. The head and sole feature soft curves, while the crown is accented with a bright blue and the shaft with an attractive dotted pattern. Even the plaque features a pink accent for extra style.


The new clubs will be available in stores starting December 8, 2015, with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $649.99 plus tax for the driver, $429.99 plus tax for each fairway wood (W#3, 5, 7), $279.99 plus tax for each utility club (U4, 5, 6), $1,049.99 for a 5-club iron set (#7-9, PW, SW), and $210.00 for each individual iron (#5, #6, AW).

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  1. Zulkifli

    It is cool.

  2. Any chance that there will be a follow up hands on test/review of the Xxio line of clubs?

    • Matt Saternus

      It’s something we’ve inquired about, but have not yet received. As always, if you want to see more reviews here, go on social media and let these companies know that you value our reviews.



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