Wittek Quattro Golf Mat Review

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The Wittek Quattro Golf Mat is a premium practice mat with 4 layers of materials built for durability, comfort, and a realistic turf feel.

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It’s 2020 and most of the country is in quarantine or some form of social distancing.  Many golfers are turning to home hitting nets and mats to get in some much needed practice.  If you’re thinking about setting up your own range at home, the Wittek Quattro Mat is definitely worth considering.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The Quattro is a large mat measuring 59” square, 1 1/4” thick and weighs almost 40 pounds. It comes folded in a box and is a little awkward to handle.  Once out of the box, the mat relaxes to a flat state and is ready for use.

Because of its size, the Quattro ships folded in half.  This fold created a crease in the mat but does not interfere with hitting balls.  Overall, it’s a beautifully made mat.


The Quattro performs well with driver through wedge.  After several days of use, there are no visible signs of wear or impact marks.  The extra layers of material make setup easy and comfortable.  The Quattro provides a nice balance of feel and support.  Some mats are lightweight and slip or slide during a swing.  At 39 pounds, the Quattro Mat is extremely sturdy and does not move during swings with any club.

I have used cheaper quality mats and noticed a plastic film will accumulate on the bottom of the club from impact (image on left).  The quality materials of the Quattro do not produce any plastic film or scuffing (image on right).

It is disappointing that a mat of this quality and this price range did not come with any rubber tees.  Standard golf tees do not work in the Quattro Mat material.  The thickness of the Quattro will require you to order special tees at a specific height.  You will have to decide how much tee you want to show through for your swing preference and order that size.   I would have liked to see Wittek Golf include at least one 2″ or 3″ rubber tee to prompt the consumer to purchase tees for his or her tee height.


I have hit 500-600 balls and have had friends come over and hit more.  The mat looks like it just came out of the box.  It’s sturdy, and I can only guess it will last quite a long time under normal conditions.  I have not left the mat exposed to the elements. I am not sure how the sun and rain will affect the longevity of the mat.  The Wittek Quattro Mat comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


The Wittek Quattro Mat sells for $399.99 plus shipping (before 8/31, save $100 with the code PLUGGEDINGOLF when you order is HERE).  This is comparable to other top tier hitting mats.  Finding a quality large mat that gives you plenty of room to stand and hit balls can be a challenge.  The Quattro Mat is durable, comfortable, and looks great.


If you are in the market for a top quality hitting mat, the Quattro Mat is worth the look.  I found it to be comfortable, durable, and it didn’t scuff my clubs like most mats.  This is a mat worthy of building your home golf range around.

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  1. Stephen Gengaro

    Thanks for the review. I need to upgrade my mat for my SkyTrak. Do you have any idea how the spin and launch angle with this mat compares to real grass? I am also looking at Fiberbuilt and TrueStrike, which are both more expensive. Thanks!

  2. Stephen Gengaro

    Thanks Matt! Love the work you do on this website!!

  3. Hi Matt,

    Just wondering if you have used Country Club Elite mats? If so how does it compare?



  4. Do you have a new promo code for this Matt?

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