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The Wittek Tri-Lie Mat is a portable mat that’s easy to store.  Three different lies allow you to add variety to your practice.  Extra feedback on fat strikes is a welcome addition to mat practice.


While most golfers are still looking forward to at least a couple more months of playable weather, the offseason is closing in fast.  With that in mind, we turn our attention to a new piece of gear that may spice up your winter practice, the Wittek Tri-Lie Mat.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up the Wittek Tri-Lie mat is as simple as dropping it on the ground and putting a ball on it.  This is a fairly small mat, measuring 36″ X 16″.  Compare that to the Wittek Quattro [review HERE] at 59″ X 59″.

The smaller size is a positive and a negative.  To the good, it’s easy to transport or move out of the way if you’re short on space.  The negatives are that the ball will be slightly above your feet, and the mat will move after several swings (or one big chunk).


The selling point for the Tri-Lie mat is that it adds variety to your practice by giving you three different lies.  The dark green, thick turf emulates Wittek’s Mega Mat [review HERE].  This is a great surface for hitting tee shots or picking the ball off a thick lie.  The middle lie is akin to the rough and gives you the most feedback on fat strikes.  Finally, the thin turf simulates a tight fairway lie and is most similar to the mats used at driving ranges.

In my testing, I found that the different lies make a substantial difference.  You can see it in the launch monitor numbers, and you can feel it in the way the club moves through the turf.  This variety is nice to have in your arsenal, especially if you have a long indoor season.  Even if you’re just chipping into a net, the different lies can help you to stay engaged with your practice.

Additionally, the two thicker surfaces provide far more feedback on fat strikes than your average mat.  The inability to sense fat strikes is a common complaint about mats, and the Tri-Lie fixes it.


In addition to my own testing, we used the Wittek Tri-Lie mat for our Golf Myths Unplugged test on wedge CG [read it HERE].  The GMU testing alone put several hundred swings on the Tri-Lie, and it looked no worse for the wear.  The middle section did “shed” some grass, but it still looked like new.  That section may wear faster than the other two, but I’d have no concerns about wearing this out unless you’re hitting hundreds of shots a day.


At just $79, the Wittek Tri-Lie mat is a solid value.  Wittek’s larger offerings like the Mega Mat and the Quattro are over $400.  As discussed, the smaller size is a blessing and a curse, but the Tri-Lie offers a lot of versatility at an affordable price.


Whether you use this as your primary hitting surface or a way to break up the monotony of hitting into a net, the Wittek Tri-Lie Mat is a solid piece of practice gear.  The three surfaces add meaningful variety to your practice at a low cost.  Just as important, they provide additional feedback on the quality of your ball striking.

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