Wittek Mega Golf Mat Review

50 Words or Less

The Wittek Mega Golf Mat is a premium hitting mat that is as close to real grass as any product I’ve tested.

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To break it down as simple as possible, to improve your golf game, you have to practice.  Whether that’s playing 9 or 18 holes or just hitting balls, practice will almost always lead to improvement.  For most regular golfers, the obstacle to practice is time.  Having a Wittek hitting mat in your backyard or basement solves that issue.

Need a smaller mat?  Check out the Wittek Tri-Lie Mat HERE

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Mega golf mat is a large mat measuring 59 inches on each side, 1 1/4” thick, and weighing 42 pounds. It comes rolled up in a box and is ready-to-hit almost immediately.  Despite being rolled up, the heavy duty material allows the mat to lie flat.  You can even stick a tee right into the mat and start bombing drives, no rubber tee needed.


The Mega golf mat had no issues handling any club.  From the driver to wedge, even on my slick cement patio, the mat never moved during aggressive swings.  The feedback I received when I made good contact was fantastic.

The feel I got when I didn’t make good contact also mimicked feel on the course.  Contact the turf first using an iron or wedge, and you know you hit it fat.  A lot of mats push your club to bounce into the ball, tricking you into thinking you hit it well.  As much as we all want a mat to make us feel like we strike it pure every time, if we want to get better, we need something with real time feedback.


I mistakenly left my mat in the rain three days after I got it.  I thought for sure I had ruined my new toy.  To my delight, the sun came out, and it dried like new.  I was impressed by its resilience to mother nature.


The Wittek Mega Mat sells for $399.99 plus shipping.  Yes, you can definitely find a mat for less.  However, the saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more appropriate.  The Wittek products are going to give you the real deal in terms of feel and longevity.

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If you’re in the market for a practice mat, take a look at the Wittek Mega Mat.  The grass-like feedback and heavy-duty material is perfect for the at-home setup.

Save $50 with Exclusive Plugged In Golf Promo Code: MEGA350

Purchase the Wittek Mega Golf Mat HERE

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  1. Stephen Gengaro

    Nice review. How does this compare to the TrueStrike and Fiberbuilt mats as far as feel, forgiveness, and injury prevention? Thanks!

    • Zack Buechner


      Unfortunately we have not reviewed either of these mats for comparison. There is a lot of give to this one, which would be ideal for preventing injuries.



  2. How does this compare in terms of realistic feedback to the country club elite and fiberbuilt? Thanks

    • Zack Buechner

      Hey Brian,

      Unfortunately we have not reviewed these mats so I can’t compare but in my experience hitting a variety of mats at golf courses and ranges all over, this is one of the most realistic mats I’ve ever hit balls off of.



    • Have you compared this to the Quattro mat sold by Witek?

  3. Andrew Benjamin

    The Quattro mat is a much better mat. Wittek sells it for the same price.

    • Zack Buechner

      Hey Andrew,

      One of our other writers wrote a review on the Quattro. (https://pluggedingolf.com/wittek-quattro-golf-mat-review/) The biggest difference is the ability to stick tees right into the Mega Golf Mat which I much preferred. The Quattro requires the rubber tees. Both are otherwise great options.



      • I would say the biggest difference has nothing to do with tees. The Mega Mat is a typical mat that will eventually cause most people to have some kind of pain (elbow, back, shoulder, etc.).

        What makes the Quattro different (and great IMO) is the shock absorption properties.

        There are plenty of options out there for tees if you don’t like the standard rubber inserts. I have one that allows me to use regular tees.

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