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If you’re a regular reader of PluggedInGolf, you know that TRUE Linkswear’s most recent line has been phenomenal.  The TRUE Original and TRUE Outsider have brought back the feel of the first TRUEs.  To add to the great feel, they have a style that helps them stand out in a crowded golf shoe market.

Whether you’re a committed TRUE wearer or just interested in trying something different, you can win any pair that you choose thanks to PluggedInGolf and TRUE Linkswear.  Check out the details below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name, location, and the TRUE Linskwear shoes you want to win (include model, size, and color).  To see TRUE’s full line up, click HERE.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Tuesday, December 19, we will contact the winner via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include all the required information, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.  You email address will be shared with TRUE Linkswear.

***Please note that your post will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.

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Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point NC
    True Original size 12 gray/navy

  2. L. Bennewies
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    TRUE Outsider
    Size 10
    Love your reviews on all equipment. My go to site for golf information!

  3. Outsider


    Columbus, Ohio

  4. Jourdan Merritt

    Would love to try those Originals in grey / navy in a 10.5 – been eyeing them since the relaunch!

  5. Mathieu Fournier

    Mathieu Fournier
    Quebec, Canada
    Outsider, grey, size 8

  6. Jacob Donovan

    Jacob Donovan
    Northeast Indiana

  7. Todd Williams

    Wore Sensei for years. Outsider looks awesome.
    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    Outsider Size 12 Gray/Blue

  8. I would love the TRUE Original in the grey/blue color in a men’s 9.5

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Ryan Colvin
    Durham NC

    Grey Blue size 13

  10. Great brand and those look like sick shoes!

    Kevin Rea
    Lebanon, Maine
    True Outsider, White, Size 11

  11. Josh Giesige

    Awesome prize, thanks!! Good luck everyone.
    I’d sport the Outsider, size 11, grey/blue option. #sharp

  12. Another outstanding contest from PIG…

    Mike McCabe
    Byram, NJ
    True Outsider, size 11, gray/blue

    Thank you

  13. True Outsider, size 11 1/2, black color. Thanks!!

  14. Name: Ryan K
    Location: California
    Model: Outsider, 8.5, Grey/Navy

  15. Ken Mykietowich

    Great looking shoe!
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    True Outsider
    Size 11
    Color grey/blue

  16. JM Weinpel
    Frederick, CO 80530

    TRUE Outsider

  17. Great contest to help spread the TRUE message. If selected, I would like to try the TRUE Outsider, Gray/Blue, 11. Having been a TRUE supporter for years (Sensei are my favorites) I’m glad to see them returning to their roots.

    Scott Ford
    Atlanta, GA

  18. ScottBojanowski

    Scott Bojanowski
    Redmond, Oregon
    True Original
    Size 12

  19. Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington
    True Original – 10.5 black
    Burr Ridge, IL

  20. Name: Mike Parissi
    Location: Massachusetts
    TRUE Original, Size 13, Grey/Blue

  21. Zack Buechner

    Zack Buechner
    Buford, Georgia
    True Classix Charcoal/White
    Size 9.5

    These are the sharpest-looking spikes True Linkswear makes! A modern twist on a classic style! I would love to own a pair!

  22. Max Fulkerson

    Max Fulkerson
    Lansing, MI

    I would love to try the Original in black, size 10.

    Thanks for the contest

  23. Great contest!
    True Original, Black, Size 12
    Ryan Crago
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  24. Graham Campbell

    Graham Campbell
    Columbus, Ohio
    TRUE Original 12, Grey/Navy

  25. Jackson Tuck

    Jackson Tuck
    Denver, CO
    True Original, 11.5, White

  26. Jeff Black
    TRUE Original
    Size 12

    Awesome shoes and awesome giveaway!

  27. Sweet kicks…

  28. Matt Beck
    New Mexico
    True original

  29. Guy Crawford

    Guy C. Mississippi USA
    True Outsider Black 8M

  30. Joe Leo
    Palos Heights, IL.
    True Outsider, size 11, black color

  31. TRUE Original, Blue/grey, 9.5 would be awesome to try.

    Sugar Land, TX

  32. True are the only golf shoes I have worn since I discovered them four years ago. I am really happy that they have relaunched.

    Kip Johnson
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH,
    Original, white, 13

  33. Name: Allan Kim
    Location: Leonia, New Jersey
    True Outsider
    Size 9


  34. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson
    Owensboro, KY 42301

    True Outsider in black. 11.5
    Hands down the best looking shoe out.

  35. Michael Kladis

    Name: Michael Kladis
    Location: Arkansas
    Model: TRUE Outsider-Black 10.5

  36. Name – Greg Smith

    Location – Quincy, MA

    TRUE Linskwear shoes you want to win:

    Model – True Outsider
    Size – 9
    Color – Black

  37. Tyler Sauer
    Belle, MO USA

    TRUE Outsider
    Size 14

  38. Cullen Robbins

    Cullen Robbins
    Lincoln, NE

    True Outsider
    Size 11

  39. Mike Young: Bentonville, AR
    TRUE Outsider, Size 11; Gray/Blue
    Thanks for the chance Plugged In!
    #nolimiTS= support for golfers with Tourette Syndrome

  40. Shane U
    Wichita KS
    Outsider black 11


  41. Nicholas Lovatt

    Nicholas Lovatt
    Winkler Manitoba, Canada
    True original
    White size 13

  42. Jim Rosteck
    Rio Vista, CA
    True Outsider
    Size 11.5

  43. Will Elliott
    Norristown, PA
    TRUE Outsider, 13, Grey/Blue

  44. Rod Scott
    Size 13
    True Original White

  45. Joe Beerens
    Austin, TX 78722

    TRUE Outsider
    Size 11.5

  46. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    Fort Bragg, NC
    True Original-Black-9.5

  47. size 12.5 or 13 or 12 wide outsider in black. I have beat up feet and I walk the course so I need comfort and room in a good shoe like TRUE. Southfield MI
    Kevin Taylor

  48. Mike Berlin
    Kansas City, MO
    TRUE Original, 11, Blue/Navy

    Love the rebranding of TRUE. Good things coming their way. Fingers crossed on the drawing. 🤞🤞🤞

  49. Jon Wilbur Craig

    True Outsider
    size 12
    West End, NC

  50. Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    True Outsider
    Size 11

  51. Michael Kulinski

    Michael Kulinski
    Waukesha, WI

    Those both look great, tough choice.
    The True Original, black, 11.5 wide

  52. Jerry Geary
    Flower Mound, TX
    Outsider, Size 11, White

  53. Elliott Pyon

    Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD
    TRUE Outsider/size 10.5/Grey-Blue

  54. Rudy Kallock

    Would love to wear a pair of True Outsider
    sz 11

    Rudy Kallock
    Agawam, MA

  55. Christopher Nadon

    C. Nadon
    Claremont, CA
    True Outsider

  56. Jim Barry
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Outsider, 8.5, Grey/Blue

    Thanks for the continuing informative reviews.

  57. John Fecker
    Cincinnati Ohio
    True Outsider size 11

  58. Steve Maragakes
    Doylestown, PA
    TRUE Outsider
    Size 10; Black

  59. Gary Callison

    Gary Callison
    San Antonio, TX
    True outsider
    Size 8.5

  60. True Original
    Size 11
    Greg Crowder
    White Rock, BC Canada

  61. Jim Zemola
    Fairfield, CT
    True Original size 10M
    Good looking shoe

  62. I would love to win a pair of True outsider Black golf shoes size 12. Thanks. I love pluggedin golf newsletter!!!

  63. Mike DelGais

    Mike DelGais
    Philadelphia, Pa
    True Original
    Size 8. Grey/Navy
    True Linkswear make great shoes for walking the course
    Great contest , thank you Plugged in golf!

  64. Chris Dang
    New Jersey, USA

    I’m a True Outsider
    Size 7.5
    In Black!

  65. Jimmy Nalepa

    Jimmy Nalepa
    Eagle, ID, USA

    TRUE Outsider
    Black ( Cool Shoe !)

  66. Bill Spearman

    This is a great site for unbiased golf intel. Thanks for the service.

    I walk 18 holes two or three times a week and have been a fan of True shoes for a long time. Glad to see that they are going back to their roots and what they were known for.

    Original in 10.5 & grey/navy

  67. Ben Treidlinger
    280 Albert St. Renfrew Ontario
    K7V 1V3
    True Outsider Size 10 1/2

  68. Tom Weirich
    Medina, OH

    True Original
    Size 11

  69. Bret Van Riessen
    Sioux Center, IA
    True Original
    Size 10.5

  70. Denver, North Carolina
    True Outsider – size 11, black
    Looking for a great fit versus most of the spikeless shoes which are also sloppy fits.

  71. Coke Beatty
    Granbury, Texas USA
    True Outsider
    Size 9.5

  72. Kevin Hutchins

    Kevin Hutchins
    El Paso, TX
    True original black size 11

  73. Dan Corun
    Honoraville, Alabama
    Outsider 9.5 White

  74. True Outsider
    size 8

  75. Cliff Lattanzio

    Cliff Lattanzio
    Suffield, CT
    True Outsider, 9.5 wide, blue/grey (wear 9.5 wide usually but move to 10 if shoes aren’t wide.)

    These shoes look awesome. Thanks.

  76. True Original in White(13)! Cool Kicks!

  77. Iuri Santos
    Orlando, Florida
    TRUE Original
    Size 8.5

  78. michael fullerton

    New jersey
    Size 11

  79. Fernando Jaime

    Fernando Jaime
    San Antonio, Texas

    True Outsider
    Size 10.5
    Grey Navy

  80. True Outsider, White, Size 10

  81. Juan Jose Ortiz

    Juan Jose Ortiz, Granite City ,Il., True Outsider, Size 9, Black

  82. Eric Law
    Charlotte, NC
    TRUE Original, Black, Size 10

    I’m a longtime TRUE Linkswear customer and fan, and am thrilled to see this new, back-to-basics lineup. Thanks for having this contest!

  83. Marc Lefebvre, Calais ME

    I would love to take a pair of Outsiders to Florida this Winter. Size 10 Blue/gray

  84. Chris Walsh
    Scottsdale, AZ
    True Outsider
    Size 10.5 – White

  85. Mike Dood
    Jackson, MI

    True Outsider
    Size 12

  86. Tony Bumstead

    Found my own True lty/dry to be very comfortable and totally waterproof especially as I play early mornings with

  87. Matthew Vargos

    Matthew Vargos
    Chicago, IL
    True Original – Size 13 – White

  88. True Original
    size 10

    Thanks to True and P.I.G.

  89. David Griffin
    Baton Rouge, LA
    TRUE Original/White/9.5

  90. Always searching for the most comfortable golf shoe and have heard good things about the True line.
    True Outsider
    Size 8.5

  91. Don Stine
    Richmond, Illinois
    Original, 7.5, Gray

  92. Larry Douglas

    Larry Douglas
    Myrtle Beach SC.
    True Outsider
    White 10 1/2
    Great web site !!!

  93. Jeff Montross
    State College, PA
    True Outsider

  94. Always a true fan!
    True outsider white, 10.5

  95. Bill Courtney

    Bill Courtney
    Indian Wells, CA
    The Outsider
    size 11.5
    color – grey/blue
    These shoes have a clean stylish look!!
    Love to get a pair.

  96. Noel Guillaume

    True Outsider

    White – sze 11

    Noel – Emu Plains NSW Australia

  97. Roy Burchette

    I would love the True Outsider size 13w. Would love to win a pair

  98. Steve Davey
    Denver, CO
    True Outsider
    Size – 10
    Color – Black
    Looking to try something different!

  99. Jason Warren

    I really enjoy the newsletter. It’s a great source of information.
    Jason Warren
    Paducah, KY
    True Original/ black/ 10.5
    Thanks…I really would love these shoes!

  100. Always very informative information given and helps in my club purchasing when buying new clubs. I would like a pair of True Outsiders in a size 10 US thankyou.

  101. Pee Wee Adcock

    Pee Wee Adcock
    Goodlettsville, TN

    The TRUE Outsider size 10.5
    Gray/blue colorway!

    Thank You

  102. Matt Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull CT

  103. Bev Saramaga

    Got my first pair of True Links shoes this spring and these shoes are totally the best shoes I have golfed in. I have my fingers crossed because it would be the best Christmas gift. Thanks True Link – you guys rock. Don’t see any other shoes company giving away a pair of golf shoes. Just saying.

    Bev Saramaga
    Blaine, Wash.
    True Original
    White – Size 8

  104. Robert Marshall

    True Original two tone, size 10. Looks great

  105. Wow, these shoes sound fantastic. Just what I have been looking for. I would love to try a pair of True Outsiders in size 9. If I win them it would be great. My name is: Zane. Howard. Address is: PO Box 5238. Wodonga Plaza. Vic. 3690. If I win them and you cannot post to PO Box I can give an address when I reply to your email. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  106. Looks like a great shoe for my challenged feet, neuropathy hurts!
    Clay Causey
    Titusville, FL.
    True Outsider, White, 10.5 wide
    Thank you True Links and

  107. Glen Yarbrough

    Glen Yarbrough
    Montgomery, Texas
    Original, 10.5

  108. Thanks True. Glen Koeske. Bath Mi 48808. True Outsider size 11 in the Blue and Grey.

  109. Pete M.
    Raleigh, NC
    TRUE Outsider, White, 13

  110. True Original, size 11, Grey/Blue. My favorite shoes have been my True Kelley Greens, they are wearing and some new True shoes would be great. Thanks for the opportunity. Dave B., Batavia, Il

  111. Nelson Flores

    Nelson Flores
    Laguna Niguel, CA
    True Outsider in White size 10.5

  112. I am In black 7.5

  113. Wow! What a shoe! I would lover to win a size 8.5 white Men’s Original model Linkswear golf shoe. I hear tell they are like wearing nothing! Like golfing in your socks so that you an feel the ground. Sam Sneed used to take off his shoes to practice just so that he could get a good grip on the ground. With the Original Linkswear shoes, I can do this and keep my shoes on! Light weight, full width cut, good looking … what more can be said. Oh, I know: this is a golf shoe that is a real golf shoe, not just some sneaker with bumps on the sole made by a running soe company. These shoes are the real McCoy!!!!.

  114. Andrew Greenwald

    Andy Greenwald
    Chicago, IL
    True Outsider in White (size 10.5)

  115. Phillip Maneval

    Phillip Maneval
    Crownsville, MD
    True Original in Blue/Gray (size 10)

  116. Wayne Lockwood

    Wayne Lockwood
    Elizabethtown, KY
    True Outsider, Size 11 in Black

  117. Rhonda Lockwood

    Rhonda Lockwood
    Elizabethtown, KY
    True Outsider, Black, Size 11

  118. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Steve Pitts
    North Brunswick, NJ
    True Outsider
    Size: 11

  119. Hans Witvoet

    I would love to receive True Outsider golf shoe
    Men’s size 9.5/10, grey/blue
    Hans Witvoet
    Kingston, Ontario Canada

  120. Matt Bacon
    Oswego NY
    The Original 11.5 Black

  121. True outsider
    Black size ( 10)
    Michael P Hilliard
    Norfolk, Virginia.

  122. Would love to try the True Original in black, size 11. Reviews are great!
    Daniel Reyes
    Midland, Tx

  123. Matthew Tamar

    Matthew Tamar
    East Galesburg, IL
    True Outsider Grey/Blue
    Size 11

  124. Patrick Lockley

    True original blacks. Us9 mens

    Patrick Lockley
    New Zealand

  125. Mark Matz
    Arlington Heights,IL
    TRUE Outsider, 13, Grey/Blue

  126. Erik moseley

    True original
    Blue Gray
    Size 13
    Erik Moseley
    Bridgewater MA

  127. Sebastian MacIntosh

    Cool contest!
    Sebastian MacIntosh
    True Original
    Black Size 10.5
    Barrie, Ontario

  128. Well, funny I just posted on twitter my 14 pairs of Trues. I was doing some reorganizing with some golf downtime here today in Pa. and came across a chance to win a pair of trues. Well if I were so lucky it would be the; True Original size 11.

    Timothy Whartenby
    True Original ( Black) size 11
    Churchville, Pa. 18966

    Thanks guys for a awesome giveaway of one of my favorite shoes.

  129. Joe Burdess
    Richmond, VA
    Original, Size 13, Grey/Navy

  130. Kasheem Juridini

    True original, size 9, blue and grey

  131. Jaime Ledesma

    Original, blue/gray, 10.5
    Jaime Ledesma
    New Braunfels, TX

  132. Pietie Loubser

    Pietie Loubser

    TRUE Linksware Original
    Size 8

  133. Matthew Conville

    After a life changing accident that required surgery, I wasn’t sure if I could play golf anymore. After getting clearance from the Dr to play I still had discomfort and put the clubs up. I read about TRUE Linkswear and gave them a try. First time out on the course with the Lyt Dry shoe all of my discomfort went away. In conversation with my Dr he felt that my body was more properly aligned with the True shoes and that was why the discomfort was removed.

    Fast forward a couple years and now its time for a new pair of shoes. I’ve tried other golf shoes even recently and the discomfort still exists. I know the True Original will allow me to play golf and continue this sport on with the next generation, as my 4 year old loves the game too.

    Matthew Conville
    Henderson, Kentucky
    True Linkswear Original Sz 13 in black

  134. Anthony A. Perrault

    Anthony A. Perrault
    Kailua, Hawaii 96744
    True Original – European size 43

  135. Josh Cota
    Gilbert, AZ
    Original, Size 9, Grey/Navy

  136. Paul Kielwasser

    Paul Kielwasser
    Monroe, LA
    True Original Navy/Gray

  137. Kris Bulmer
    Ottawa Ontario Canada
    Original blue Grey 9.5

  138. brandon jones

    Brandon jones
    wilkesboro nc
    TRUE Outsider 9.5 white

  139. True Outsider
    Men’s size 9.5


  140. Richard Bonifacio

    I need a new shoes for the new season of golf.

    Richard Bonifacio
    Sumter, SC
    True Original
    Size 9

  141. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Black, Original, 10

    Steinthor Sigurdsson

  142. Ryan Carney
    Overland Park, KS
    True Original
    Size: 11.5

  143. Thomas Hanson

    Thomas Hanson
    La Crosse, WI
    True Original, 11M, Black

  144. I would love to try the TRUE Original in size 10.5 with an EE width and black in color. Thanks!
    Shaun Ryan
    Midlothian, VA

  145. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, MD
    TRUE Outsider Grey Navy 10

  146. Corbin Russell

    These are too clean!
    Corbin Russell
    Ocala, Florida
    True Original, white and grey, size 13

  147. Chuck
    Long Island, NY
    Outsider, 8 1/2, grey/blue

    Cool looking kicks and really liking all the “comfort” descriptors!

  148. Jason Crotty
    Walpole, NH
    Original, 9.5, blue/gray

  149. Tom Wallace
    Brentwood, CA
    TRUE Outsider Black 11.5

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