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Win a Set of New Bridgestone JGR Irons

Win the New Bridgestone JGR Irons of Your Choice!

Bridgestone has delivered two great new sets of irons in the HF1 and HF2.  We have full reviews of each set (links below), and now we’re giving you the chance to win a set for yourself.

What’s more, Bridgestone isn’t going to send you a plain old stock set.  You get the pick the set (HF1 or HF2), the configuration, the shaft, the length, lie angle, and grip.  If you need more info, click the links below.  If not, scroll down to see how to enter.


HF1 Review

HF1 Product Page

HF2 Review

HF2 Product Page

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name, location, and which set of Bridgestone JGR irons you want to win.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Monday, October 15, we will contact the winner via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.


  1. Your post will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Jon Ratledge

    Jon. Columbia, SC. HF2’s.

  2. mark wilce London england hf2

  3. Fernando Jaime

    Name: F. Jaime
    Location: San Antonio, Texas
    JGR HF2

  4. The HF2’s would be a great addition to my bag and replace my i25’s. Given my upcoming birthday, they would be an awesome surprise.

    Joe Smith
    North Prairie, WI

  5. Richard Barajas

    Beauties! Looking to ditch my Rogues so I would be interested in HF2’s.

    Rich Barajas
    El Paso, TX

  6. Hi, Jim in Pinehurst, NC and I want to win the HF2’s.

  7. Mya Murphy McAlester, OK new subscriber and I’ve been drooling for the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons 5-PW.. Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Donny Crawford

    Would be an awesome change to my bag;

    Donny Crawford
    Prosper, Texas
    TOUR B JGR HF2 please….

  9. Ken Mykietowich

    Great looking irons. I would love to win the HF2 irons.
    Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  10. Luca Djelosevic

    I’ve always wondered about the Bridgestone irons but never really tested them out. I’m suited probably for the HF2 to help with off center hits. Luca Djelosevic Seattle, WA

  11. Chris Jackson

    Wish me luck! I’m Chris Jackson from Amarillo, TX. I would choose the HF1 irons

  12. Jake Smith,Los Angeles , HF2. Would be my first new set in 9 years 🤞🏼

  13. Erik, Michigan, HF2

  14. The HF2 just might be the iron I’m looking for. If I don’t win this set I’ll definitely be doing a custom fitting to compare to my current gamers and see if there’s some performance improvement.

    I’m in Victoria, Canada but will take a trip to Club Champions in Seattle for a fitting.

  15. Jeffrey dieleman

    Jeff Dieleman
    Clive, Iowa.
    HF2 irons.

  16. Chris Ellis

    Chris Ellis
    New Berlin,Wi

  17. Nicole Collins

    I would love to get a new set of the HF1 because I need more distance with my irons. Being a female I need as much distance as I can get and I think these would really help me get to around an 8 handicap instead of a 12. It is also hard to find good irons for women also. I live in Tampa Florida!

  18. Michael Cook

    Love the look of these new irons! Would love to try them!

  19. Todd williams

    Those HF2’slook sweet. I’m in for those
    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, VA

  20. Becky VanGinkel

    Becky VanGinkel
    Grand Marais, MN 55604

    The set of clubs I’d love to win are the Tour B JGR HF1 Irons!

    What an amazing giveaway… thank you so much for the chance. I’m hoping to win for my husband or our 16 year old son who are both avid golfers.

    I am subscribed to the PluggedIn newsletter using:

  21. Ben Monaghan

    Ben Monaghan
    Rosemount, MN

  22. Great reviews as always, Matt!
    Arlington Heights, IL
    Would Like to try the HF2 having gamed the original JGR Hybrid Irons in the past.

  23. Sweet looking irons!!


  24. Brad K
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    Would love the HF2’s


  25. Scott Kefalas

    Have read and heard a lot of amazing comments about these irons, including your reviews, and would love to try them!

    Name: Scott Kefalas
    Location: Thomasville, GA
    Set I would love to win: Tour B JGR HF2

  26. Justin Sell


  27. Tyler, Detroit, Michigan, HF2

  28. William Fenimore

    William Fenimore
    New Jersey
    Bridgestone JGR HF2 Irons would be my choice

  29. Matthew Bacon

    The HF2 looks really nice, send them my way

  30. Grant Hewett

    Grant Hewett, Columbus, OH. The HF2’s look like they’d be perfect for my game!

  31. Connor Kendall

    Connor Kendall
    Chicago, IL
    These look fantastic! Would love to kick out my current Pings!

  32. Brian Barnes

    Would love to be the winner of the HF2. The forgiveness of the HF2 is what I need to battler the right fairways at my hole course in Va. I look forward to reading the about the technology and hopefully playing Bridgestone Golf Clubs.

    Locust Grove, Virginia

  33. Matt Stubenhofer

    Matt Stubenhofer
    Cashion, Oklahoma

    Club Specs:
    HF2 – Right Hand
    Regular Stiff – Steel Shaft
    Standard Length & Loft
    1* Flat
    Golf Pride MultiCompound (MCCs)

  34. Ramond Iverson

    After reading the reviews, the HF2 irons would be the best choice for me.
    Ramond Iverson Minnesota

  35. Curt Backhaus

    Curt Backhaus
    Placerville, CA

  36. Keith bath from stirling both set of clubs look nice but it would be hf2 set for me

  37. Steve vigil
    Would love to win the hf2 irons thanks!

  38. Steven Timson

    The Tour B JGR HF2 irons look incredible and I’m sure they feel brilliant too. If I win these clubs, I can return to my childhood and pretend I’m as good as Bridgestone player, Tiger Woods!

    Steven Timson
    Love to win HF2

  39. Gary Ballantyne

    I’d love a set of Bridgestone JGR HF2 irons, would go nicely with the tour bx ball that I’ve changed to this year. Hopefully be a winner.


    Gary Ballantyne

    Ayrshire, scotland

  40. Brian Valdez

    Brian Valdez
    Long Beach, CA
    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons

  41. Wyatt Kasfeldt

    Wyatt Kasfeldt
    California, USA

  42. Tyler
    Ontario, Canada

  43. Mike hallee

    I would love a set of the HF 1 irons

  44. Chad Cook Thornton, IA HF2

  45. guy crawford

    Guy, Mississippi, HF1

  46. Paula Skeans

    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons for my husband please. He would be thrilled.

  47. adam, new york, HF2

  48. Doug plantz

    Been using the same sticks for 20 plus years. A new set would be much appreciated. HF1 for the win.

    Doug from Wisconsin

  49. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, MD

  50. Kevin R
    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons


  51. Brad Schut
    Grandville, Mi

  52. Would like to give the HF2 irons a go.
    Recoil 95 F4
    MCC Plus4
    +2 Up
    Dave Wolfe
    Sacramento, CA

  53. Ron Lunsford

    Ron Lunsford
    Monroe, WA
    Bridgestone JGR HF2

  54. Jerry Graham. ROANOKE Texas. The Bridgestone JGR HF2 please.

  55. Andrew Bewley

    I’d love the HF1 irons cos oh boy do I need “maximum forgiveness”

  56. Zach Hunter

    Zach Hunter
    Hartford CT

  57. Andrew Bewley

    Andy Bewley, Preston, UK
    I’d love the HF1 irons cos oh boy do I need “maximum forgiveness”

  58. William Ismael

    Aloha would be bested suites for HF 1.
    William Ismael
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  59. Dan Kemp. Ponca City OK. HF 1

  60. Michael Hromowyk

    Thank you for contest

  61. Michael Hromowyk

    Thank you for contest HF2

  62. Russell Presley

    Would love a set of HF2

    Russell Presley
    Beaverton, Oregon, USA

  63. Joseph Walker

    How awesome would it be to win a set of the JGR HF2?!? I’ve always been curious about Bridgestone irons and would love a shot at winning a set built to my specs. Thanks for the opportunity, Plugged In Golf!

    Joseph Walker
    Ville Platte, LA

  64. These look great. I wonder how they will compare to my Srixon z565’s?
    Gary Yip
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    HF2’s please! :D

  65. david thaviphon

    I would love a pair of the hf2, been trying to play my handicap and the mid game irons would be perfect. Coming from Chicago and grinding out Winters and playing in the 40s when I get a chance to play outside. Help a fellow diehard out!

  66. What a great contest. Here’s my information:
    Name: Shaun Ryan
    Location: Montpelier, VA
    Which irons: I would want the HF2 after reading the reviews. They look amazing!

  67. Joseph Cross

    Joseph Cross – Atlanta, Georgia – HF2

  68. Robert Walko

    Hey there. Would love to win some new irons! I’m just a poor graduate student trying to fund a golf habit on my tiny stipend.

    Name: Robert Walko
    Location: Columbus, OH
    Iron choice: HF2


  69. Andrew Karres

    HF2 seem the clubs for me. Hope I win!!

  70. Sam Bunge, Detroit, MI. HF2 Irons

  71. Nelson Flores

    Wow these irons looks great! Thanks for the chance

    Nelson Flores
    Laguna Niguel, California

  72. Chris Dykstra

    Chris Dykstra
    Moline, MI

  73. T.J. Hodnett

    Good looking irons!! Great review from Matt as usual

    T.J., Long Island N.Y., JGR HF2 irons

  74. Larry Williams

    The HF1’s are just what this old man needs! Golf is such a Great Game that we can play for a lifetime. Why not have some really great irons to enhance the enjoyment. Name: Larry Williams Location: Kansas

  75. Gene Errico

    HF2 irons look really nice, and it sounds like they’ll provide the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness this 70 year old golfer needs.

    Name: Gene Errco
    Location: 51 Heritage Point Blvd.
    Barnegat, NJ 08005

  76. Joni Laakso

    Joni Laakso, Finland, Europe.

    Building next set and I think JGR HF2 iron set would be a perfect starting point.

  77. Alex shaner

    Hey it’s Alex from Boston. Thanks for the giveaway. JGR HF2’s would be awesome.

  78. Jeffrey Schechter

    Would love to win a set of Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 for my dad. He uses a 10 year old starter set.

    Jeffrey Schechter- Waldwick, New Jersey

  79. Those will be nice to get fitted with!

  80. Mark Nicholson

    Brilliant looking irons and I’m sure they would make a great improvement to my game!

    Mark Nicholson
    Southampton, UK.
    A set of HF2 irons please!

  81. Anthony Malky

    Anthony Malky
    Philadelphia, PA
    HF2 Irons

  82. Billy Burwick

    Billy Burwick, Massachusetts.
    TOUR B JGR HF1 Irons, Graphite R

  83. Todd Martin
    Oshawa Ontario

  84. Derek Hartmann
    Volo, IL
    JGR HF2’s


  85. Eric Shellman

    Eric Shellman
    Fort Bragg CA
    As a 10 HC based on your reviews the H2 would be a great fit for me.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    These might be the best looking Bridgestone irons to date. I would definitely put the JGR HF2’s in the bag.

    South Lyon, MI

  87. Tyler Sparks

    -Tyler Sparks
    -Cincinnati, Ohio

    These would be my first brand new set of irons! Fingers crossed 😊

  88. Eddie Hsu
    Lenexa, KS
    HF 2

    Thanks for the opportunity. I love the reviews and Instagram pics. Keep them coming!

  89. Kevin Walters

    Kevin Walters- Carlisle PA – HF2s

  90. Patrick Leipold

    Patrick from Boise, ID those HF2 irons sound lime a perfect fit and step up from my Mizuno MP-32’s in terms of feel and length, while having some forgiveness.

  91. brandon jones

    Brandon jones wilkesboro nc and i would love the HF2 irons

  92. Sukkeun Im
    Lakeville, MN
    I want to win Bridgestone HF1
    Thank you

  93. Kyle, Lincoln, NE, Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 Irons

  94. David Parker

    I would love the HF2 irons. They look really nice.
    David Parker
    Chicago IL

  95. Wow, what a great opportunity!! I will try not to get my hopes up….. (too late)
    Josh Giesige
    NW Ohio
    JGR HF1 has me beyond intrigued. I would do a thorough review on these starting day 1.

  96. Sebastian MacIntosh

    Sebastian from Barrie, Canada. I like the look of the HF2

  97. Have been playing the Bridgestone irons since J33, then the J40, J15 and recently the JGR B tour. Definitely love the sound, feel and performance from the quality products of Bridgestone, And their balls rock too! :)

    Eager to try out the HF2 irons, their look fantastic! I can give a full in depth review of these irons, and even compared them to my current gamer, as well as the other sets (mizuno, titleist).

    Name: Leon Wang
    Location: Houston TX,
    Handicap: 8
    Dream set: Bridgestone JGR HF2

  98. Jerry Chickerillo

    Jerry Chickerillo from Oak Lawn, IL. Looking forward to replacing my Rams with some HF2s

  99. Obed Torres

    Would love to game the JGR HF2 irons- the review is as glowing as I’ve seen. My name is Obed Torres and I live in Puerto Rico (without access to test Bridgestone irons).

  100. Rick - O'Fallon, IL

    PIG has become my go-to site for reviews, tests, analysis and buying recommendations. Seems to me you guys just present the facts, then allow the reader to make their own determination, but ALWAYS with the recommendation to “speak with your local fitter first”. THAT is great advice that will make whatever club you choose a better club for the user. I would love to win the new HF1 model of the Bridgestones as I really love the look, and having hit the previous generation, it’s as close as this mid-capper deserves to get to a forged iron!

  101. The JGR HF1 irons look amazing and would look even better in my bag . Just read the review of the hf1. This could be a game changer set of irons for me Ontario, Canada

  102. Brad Caruso

    Pretty cool giveaway. I’ve never tried Bridgestone clubs.
    Brad Caruso

  103. Rob
    Wake Forest, NC
    TOUR B X-CB Irons

  104. Christopher Larres

    Aweskme opportunity, thank you!

    name: Chris Larres

    location: Toms River, NJ

    Irons: HF2s look great!

  105. Corey Villas

    Corey Villas
    Matthews, NC
    HF2 irons

  106. I woulive to give the JGR HF1 irona a try.
    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA

  107. Rob
    Richmond, VA
    Need some consistent irons 😀

  108. Shane U.
    Wichita KS
    Tour B JGR HF2

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Matt Stafford

    I would love to win these to replace my old Ping Zing 2s!

    Matt Stafford,
    Cobb, GA
    JGR HF1

  110. Ryan Carney

    Ryan Carney
    Overland Park, KS

  111. Luke Kitzan

    Luke. SPOKANE, WA HF2’s all day.

  112. Eli Orsette

    Eli Orsette, Charlotte, NC. HF2

  113. I’ve been waiting for a forgiving set of forged irons and these might be it.

    Darren Tan

  114. Matt powers

    The best irons I have ever owned is the jpx 900 forged irons. And I have been reading a lot of good things about the new Bridgestone irons. Sure would love to replace these used jpx irons I boulght for some brand new Bridgestones. Thanks

  115. Matt Howard

    Grand Ledge, MI

  116. Brian Kluck

    Scotch Plains, NJ
    The HF2s look great!

  117. Andrew Kimball

    Andrew Kimball Located in Wisconsin Would love to win a set of HF2 irons!

  118. Jake Harris

    Woodstock, GA

  119. Super giveaway! Bridgestone irons are great and the new HF2 irons are ones I want to try. It would be nice to see Bridgestone’s club market increase.

  120. Billy Sanders

    Billy Sanders
    Jenks, Ok

  121. Michael Maroney

    Hey Matt – Mike Maroney from Chicago. Love to grab some Bridgestone HF2’s. Thanks for all you and PIG do for golf equipment – my most trusted informant source!

  122. John Hawkins

    Would like a new set of HF2 ‘S to go along with the bridgstone e6 balls I play.

  123. Mike Gjerdahl

    Would be a huge upgrade in my bag! Hopefully I can get my average in the 80’s finally with them!

    Mike Gjerdahl
    Champlin, MN

  124. Awesome opportunity! Thank! I played Bridgestone pocket cavity irons some years back! Great clubs!

    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons

  125. Tyler Murray

    I’ve always been interested in Bridgestone clubs, though I’ve never seen anyone swinging them aside from those guys on my TV.
    I’d love to try the HF1 however I see that they’re not available in LH. That’s highly unfortunate – the sole would be fantastic! Needless to say that I’d of course try the HF2 though!
    Nice stock shaft options on these too!
    Tyler Murray
    Yukon Territory, Canada

  126. Mike G
    Upstate New York

  127. Shelli Maxwell
    Sacramento, California
    The HF2 irons please

  128. Dan Bridges

    Dan Bridges

    Houston Texas

    Those HF2’s look very nice, I would love to try them.

  129. Brian Sheedy

    Brian. Northbrook, IL. Bridgestone HF2.

  130. Randy Siedschlag

    I would love the HF2s to up my game. This we be an upgrade on my speedblades.

    Randy Siedschlag
    Beaverton, OR

  131. William Odom

    William Odom
    Floresville, Texas
    HF2 -would be great in the bag for the upcoming Spring tournament season!

  132. Both those iron sets are clean. Given the choice I would pick HF2’s.

    Andrew From S Beloit, IL

  133. Brandon Wooley
    Campbell, CA

    HF2 irons, 4 iron bent 1 degree strong, standard length and lie, DG X100

  134. Joe Erbetta
    Montreal, Quebec CanadA

  135. Ben
    Charlotte, NC

  136. Adam Stephenson

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    HF2 Irons please. They look beautiful.

  137. They look great, would love to win a set of HF2. BM Lee, Vancouver Canada.

  138. Nathan Truong

    Nathan Truong
    Naperville, IL
    I would like to try the HF2 irons

  139. Kelvin Tan, Singapore, HF2

  140. Derek Jones

    I am a higher handicap, 27 and I would really like to see how the sole changes help my game. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Name: Derek J.
    Location: Seal Beach, Ca
    Club choice: HF1

  141. Brian Clark

    Brian Clark
    Herriman, UT
    Tour B JGR HF1

  142. Jacob Rodrigues

    These irons look great! If I don’t win these I’ll probably buy a set of HF2 5-G LH Nippon Modus 120 X 1 degree upright with those yellow grips.

  143. Tim
    Costa Mesa, CA

  144. Hi, Nicolas from Strasbourg, France and I would love to game the HF2s!

  145. Hi, Nicolas from Strasbourg, France and I would love to game the HF2s!

  146. Brad Wilson

    Great Opportunity!

    Brad Wilson
    Appomattox VA

  147. Devin Kelly

    Devin Kelly
    San Antonio, TX

  148. Chuk Hamilton

    Minneapolis, MN. Love to have a set of HF1’s. Can’t hit them fat?

  149. Wee K, Cambridge, UK

  150. Joe Mickelboro

    Would love to have a set of HF2

  151. Roberto Erb

    Roberto Erb, Miami FL US, HF1

  152. Cal, Windsor, WI. Even though I’m very intrigued by the HF1 I’m going to go with the HF2 because those are some sexy irons.

  153. Matthew Thistlewood

    He 1

  154. Dan Renne
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    I would love the chance to win a set of the HF2. To replace my 14 year old irons!
    Thanks for the chance!

  155. Ivan Weiss
    Commack, NY

    Have an old set of irons in desperate need of replacement and the hf2 look like a fantastic option.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  156. Toni Yun
    Narberth, PA
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  157. Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller from Shelby Ohio. Still playing a mid 80’s set of forged irons and would be a brand ambassador for Bridgestone; as I strictly play the B330 ball!

  158. Those are beautiful… would love to practice w/ those all winter!!

    Adam Bova
    Minoa, NY
    I would pick HF1’s


    I would love to break my streak of never winning a contest. This would be a great way to do that. I’ll take the HF2’s ! Thank you!
    Jeremy Toma
    Forty Fort, PA

  160. Alan W. in Chicago. Would love the HF2’s. Thanks!

  161. Michael Alltop

    Michael Alltop
    Queen Creek, AZ

  162. William J Yuker

    Good luck finding someone’s game that needs the help these clubs offer more than me. Appreciate the great giveaway and look forward to beating my friends with these beautiful HF2 clubs!

  163. Paul Garcia

    Never tried Bridgestone clubs, would love to try them out.

  164. Jason Wilhite

    Jason Wilhite buckeye Az HF2

  165. Steve clark

    Hf2, love the look, will need a senior shaft

  166. John Downerd

    John Downerd
    Mooresville NC

  167. John Downerd

    John Downerd
    Mooresville NC

  168. Hf2
    Louisville KY

  169. David Mathes

    David Mathes
    Pratt, Kansas
    Bridgestone HF2
    I’ve been gaming Callaway Apex irons since my Freshman year of high school, now entering my senior season of competition I’d love to update the bag to compete to my full potential.

  170. Gilbert Benman

    Hi, Gil Benman here from Grand Blanc, MI
    Would love a set of HF1 irons

  171. Matt Sisneros

    Ocean Park Washington

  172. Justin Fairfax

    Justin Fairfax.
    Austin, MN

  173. Dustin Southard

    Could definitely use a nice iron upgrade over my Strata starter set. I think the HF1 set would suit me well.

    Dustin Southard
    Franklin, IN

  174. Jimmy Broomfield

    Jimmy B

    Would be a huge upgrade

  175. Roberto Erb

    Roberto Erb, Miami, FL USA,. HF1



    Love your content, keep it up Matt and team

  177. Stephen Bauers

    Hf2… love the bridgstone golf balls. Would love to match them up with a set of

  178. Pablo E Perie

    Miami, FL
    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons

  179. Johnathan McCasey

    Johnathan McCasey
    Niagara Falls, NY

  180. Scott Disbrow

    Trying to shoot in the 80’s regularly and I think a new set of golf clubs and not some hand me downs might help.
    Scott Disbrow
    Carlisle, Pa

  181. Tommy Hyre. Omaha, Nebraska. HF2

  182. Matthew Frezza

    Matthew Frezza
    Holt, Michigan

  183. David Arevalo

    Both Irons look great!
    David Arevalo
    Mendon Michigan

  184. Chris Hert
    California, Orange County
    Irons I want HF2

  185. Kyle Eckley

    Kyle Eckley
    HF2 Irons
    Nazareth, Pa

    I truly enjoy the reviews and material of these posts.

  186. Chris Hert
    California, Orange country
    Irons I want HF2

  187. Russell Spaulding

    Russell Spaulding, Palmyra Pennsylvania
    JGR HF2 Irons would be a great replacement for my aging Titleist irons.

  188. Todd Jorgensen

    I would love the TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons.

    Todd Jorgensen
    Manti, UT

  189. Cole Rowland

    I’ve been running Adam’s Golf idea irons for over a decade, with kids and family not much room for a new set of clubs. This would be an awesome opportunity to improve my game.

  190. Cole Rowland

    Hf1. I’ve been running Adam’s Golf idea irons for over a decade now and with kids and family not much room for a new set of clubs. This would be an awesome opportunity for me to improve my game. Sorry I forgot to add the type in last comment.

  191. John Wrede
    Isanti, Minnesota, USA
    HF2’s would be great! Looks like a great set of irons! Currently playing the Adams Golf XTD irons and would love the chance to upgrade!

  192. Matthew Johnson

    HF2 set would be perfect with my JGR woods!


    I like hf2.

  194. Evan Minniear

    Evan Minniear
    Newburgh IN
    HF2’s what a great looking club

  195. Hf1 please and thank you
    Gold Canyon, AZ

  196. Alfredo Cortez

    Looking to upgrade my irons and lower my score. A new set of the HF2’s would be a awesome start!!.

    Alfredo Cortez
    Monterey, California

  197. Randolph Allen

    Randolph Allen, Kenosha, WI, HF2

  198. David Jimenez

    David Jimenez Fort Collins Colorado HF2

  199. Rejean Basaldu

    Rejean Basaldu Birmingham, Alabama
    Never won anything before be great to win new irons.. better than the mismatched thrift store irons I have now.

  200. Rejean Basaldu

    Rejean Basadu Birmingham, Alabama
    Would love to win so I can replace mismatched thrift store irons

  201. Casey Lesoing

    Casey. Washington state. HF2

  202. My name is Ben Lenet from Chicago, IL and I’d love to game the HF2s! Thansk for the opportunity!

  203. Elliott Pyon

    Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD

  204. David Brown

    David Brown
    Santa Barbara, California
    Bridgestone JGR HF2 Irons

  205. Stian, Norway
    Would be nice to get my first new set of clubs

  206. Brent Mason

    Love the look of these irons!

    Brent Mason
    Lincoln, IL

  207. Jeffrey Houglum

    Jeff Houglum
    Prior Lake, MN
    HF2 please. 4-PW, PX 6.0, MCC Align +1 wrap :)

    Love the website, keep up the good work.

  208. John Reedy
    Topeka, Ks
    I would prefer HF2 as I have seen two good reviews online.
    Prefer light weight steel shaft in stiff flex.

  209. Samuel Gre
    Berkeley, CA
    I know I’m about this skill level. I’m not fooling myself.

  210. Raymond Jasaitis

    Both sets look great, I’d go for the TOUR B JGR HF2 irons
    Point Pleasant NJ

  211. Tyler
    Lyons, MI
    Tour B JGR HF2

    Great reviews! These would match my wedges perfectly!

  212. E Hopfner – Osseo, MN – H2’s as potential CF16 replacements. Thank you for the opportunity!

  213. Christopher Shively
    High Point NC
    Please and thank you.

  214. I miss a few fat. Working on it but need to face the facts. A club that takes that element off the table is definitely appealing.

    Brent Houk
    Atlanta, GA

  215. Bridgestone Golf is making a statement!
    HF2 please!

  216. Joey Keomany

    Joey K
    Kamuela HI 96743
    Hf2 please!

  217. Ben
    Bangkok, Thailand

  218. Jeff Pilgrim

    Jeff Pilgrim
    Sheboygan WI

  219. Frederic R Sandler


  220. Bryan destefano

    Bryan destefano
    Gilbert Arizona

  221. Thomas Holmes

    Thomas Holmes
    Greenland, NH

  222. Mike Billings

    Mike Billings
    Ottawa, Canada
    Man those HF2’s look amazing. Based on the specs, thinking they would be my choice.

  223. Randy Shedd

    Randy Shedd
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    I would love a set of HF2 to improve my game and looks with these clubs.

  224. Brandon Wade

    Brandon Wade
    Pratt, Kansas
    HF2’s are a hot commodity! Thank you for having this giveaway. I have been reading this website for awhile now and I appreciate what you have all done for the golfing community. I would like to upgrade my hand-me-down clubs, but as a teacher it’s hard to choose between golf and starving! :D

  225. Sean, New York. HF2

  226. Sean Lynch
    Madison, WI, USA
    Both sets sound great but the lofts on the HF1 are just insanely strong. Plus, the HF2 will motivate me to bring down my handicap…

  227. Daniel Cook

    Minneapolis, MN.
    HF2. Current J38 irons and J40 metals owner. Time to upgrade and start throwing darts. Thanks!

  228. Thomas Parrish

    HF1 look like they will be a great help to me. At my age a slowing swing speed the HF1’s should help with me with height and distance. Hoping for the best and thanks as always for first class information.
    Thomas . Vancouver Canada.

  229. Kevin Stone

    Kansas City Mo

  230. Jason W Doeseckle

    Beautiful set of irons! Looking forward to playing with them .lol.

  231. I’d select the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons if lucky enough to win. Awesome looking set of sticks.
    Mike Hogan
    Providence RI

  232. Mike Y
    Bentonville, Arkansas
    Thanks Plugged-in, #nolimiTS

  233. Mike Tamura, San Diego, Tour B JGR HF2

  234. Zane Tallant

    Zane Tallant. Halethorpe, Maryland. HF2!

  235. Jon Wilbur Craig

    Jon Craig
    West End, NC

  236. I am only commenting because I want the free irons

  237. Bob Gallagher

    Some very nice looking irons:
    HF2, Oxford, UK

  238. Vincent Hunter

    Very sharp looking clubs. I cannot wait to play with them!!! My first Bridgestone set that I use now is JPX!
    Rocky Mount, NC

  239. HF2 please to replace J38’s

  240. Raymond Gebhart

    HF2…great looking set of irons

  241. Tim Chaffee

    Brookville, IN
    HF2 irons.

  242. Gary McCormick

    The HF2s would be a nice update to my J40 Dual-Pocket irons

  243. Anthony Coletto

    I would love to get the HF2’s. It would be great to start retirement golf with a new set of irons

  244. Jacob Israel

    Jacob Israel
    LeRoy, Illinois
    Tour B JGR HF2

  245. Russ, Dartmouth MA, JGR HF1

  246. Dave C., Boston MA, HF2
    Thanks Matt!

  247. Phil Aponte

    Appreciate the chance to win!
    Phil Aponte
    Plano, TX

  248. Andy, Chicago HF1

  249. These irons look awesome, and I’d love to play the HF2s.
    Al Clawson
    Jacksonville, Fl

  250. Steve doyle

    Steve doyle
    Hf 2
    Thanks for opportunity!

  251. Danny Snarski

    I’m a 15 handicap, 73 years old. I play once a week in st Pete FL. I’d love to try those F1 irons to gain a little more yardage.

  252. Cary B Sternberg

    Bridgestone has made a commitment to building their golf brand by producing equipment that is meant to improve your game. As a “ mature” golfer I would love to try the HF1. I am a 12 handicap and live inThe Villages Fl and we have 648 holes of golf on which to test these clubs

  253. Doug Podolak

    Doug Podolak – Chaska, MN. JGR HF2

  254. David Phillips

    These irons look stunning – with a modern appearance- they look inviting to use
    If they play half as good as they look – I will buy a set as soon as I have tried them!

  255. Chris B – Golfinnut in Virginia
    I would love to game the HF2 irons

  256. Terry VanMeter

    Great looking irons and the reviews were excellent. Would love to be able to give a players iron set to my son. He would absolutely love the HF2 irons and would be so appreciative.
    Campbellsville, KY

  257. Harold Anderson

    Must avoid divots for medical. Irons (#2s) that can save my must-hit-thins? Sign me up!!

  258. James Greenfield

    Jim Greenfield needs the HG1 , Dallas Ga

  259. Craig Most
    Bradenton, FL

  260. Gordon Kaardal

    Awesome set of irons, and when using bridgestone balls I bet they are amazing.

  261. Kenneth Goltz

    HF1s would work for me… I need all the help I can get…

  262. David Tracz

    David Tracz, Parma Heights, Ohio – HF1’s
    Just switched to the Tour B-RX. Need something better to hit them with!

  263. Mark Lehman

    No illusion of winning but would love to have the HF2’s in my bag!

  264. HF2’s, with senior shafts! Al Groves, Anderson, SC

  265. David Daubert

    I want to play like Sneds! I have a Bridgestone JGR 7 wood that is my ‘go to club’ out of light rough and fairways which gives me accuracy and the distance I am looking for. Put an easy swing on the JGR 7 and I am in heaven with a good ball flight and soft landing. I just ordered the Driver. Would love to add the HF2 irons to my weaponry.

  266. Thomas J Richardson

    Finally. Yes!!! HF1 to turn this duffer into golfer. Thank you so much!!!

  267. Nick Billman

    Shawnee Kansas
    Would love to win hf1 irons.

  268. Golf is a mystery, as is life, so now at the end of golf life the mystery is solved with the HF1.

  269. Christian Redman

    name – Christian
    location – HENDERSONVILLE TN
    which set of Bridgestone JGR – HF2

  270. william littleton

    I would like a set of HF2 to try improve my game. this club also looks great
    .I play in a league at ocean resorts every Thursday located in Berlin,md. 21811

  271. Tom Donnelly

    Tom Donnelly
    Monrovia, CA

  272. Tom Richardson

    Thomas J Richardson posting from Dublin, Ireland. Bridgestone JGR HF1 looks brilliant for my game.

  273. Both look great but I feel the HF2 would be a better fit for my game.

  274. Luigi Rossini

    I am getting older, and need to switch out from my blades gamers, with some forgiveness and added distance (plus any product used by boom boom Freddie has got to be good !
    The HF2 sound like a fit for me

  275. Dave Kosmas

    Great looking irons, HF2

  276. Stephen McRory

    I am so thrilled that my wife and Bridgestone and giving me a set of Bridgestone JGR HF1 irons for our 41st wedding anniversary on Oct 15, 2018. I knew I married the right women 41 years ago and look forward to celebrating the big day. Now I need to find something good for her!!!

  277. HF1.
    Pittsburg KANSAS USA
    my age 73 have been playing with irons not suited to my game anymore, these would be a blessing.

  278. John Geraci

    Those #2s look awesome.

  279. Stephen McRory

    I am so happy that my wife and Bridgestone are giving me a set of Bridgestone JGR HFI irons for my 41st wedding anniversary on Oct. 15, 2018. I knew I married the right women 41 years ago, and now that have retired in Myrtle Beach, SC, will get great use out of them. Now I need to find my wife a great present!!!

    Steve McRory
    North Myrtle Beach, SC

  280. Tim Lasonde

    Hi PIG. I look forward to Thursday mornings to see the new posts. Thanks for what you do.
    My RBZ irons are tired and due for a regrip, new HF2 would be much better.
    Tim Lasonde. Boston MA

  281. Eric Hutchens

    Eric, Birmingham Alabama, Bridgestone JGB HF2’s. Love the new look of these irons!

  282. Deepest darkest West Wales, Priskilly Forrest GC

  283. HF2 looks great

  284. charlie ousley

    sleek, and sexy iron… currently a 10 hdcp playing mizuno mp15 love for you to change my mind.
    charlie ousley,
    winston, oregon

  285. charlie ousley

    sleek, and sexy iron… currently a 10 hdcp playing mizuno mp15 love for you to change my mind. hf2
    charlie ousley,
    winston, oregon

  286. Dennis Dotson, Gteeneville,Tn.


  287. Sal Diodato

    Haven’t had new clubs in 15 years. I’m 70 years old sounds like I would love hf1s.

  288. Great looking irons, would love to see the HF2’s in my bag!
    Phil Young, Penshaw, England

  289. Timothy Fox




  290. Jack Haenlein

    jack H, Pinellas Park, FL. I would like to receive a set of HF2 irons. I’ m getting older and need the help hese irons will provide.

  291. Terry Murray

    Coral Springs, FL
    HF2 would be perfect for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  292. Jason Warlond

    Melbourne Australia
    HF2 Please

    PIG still the best for reviews.

  293. Jack haenlein

    HF2, will help my game

  294. HF2,need the forgiveness.

  295. Donald Craig

    These are truly beautiful clubs and I would love to win a set of HF2’s because if they perform as the review stated, they would certainly befit a mid-handicapper like myself.

  296. Michael Blass

    HF2s a perfect gift for my dad for his birthday Oct 17 who needs the forgiveness but extra length these provide.Id love to be able to present these to him!

  297. David Forness

    Dave Forness, Belle Plaine, Mn. I would like to try the HF1 irons.

  298. Wayne Talsky

    Definitely the HF2!
    I’m currently playing with J15CB, and love them. They are so solid and produce great results.

  299. HF2

    I think that these clubs can put the punch back into my game.

  300. Scott Hinkle

    Scott Hinkle
    Columbus, OH
    Would love the HF2’s

  301. Jim
    New Bedford, MA
    JGR HF1, please & thank you!

  302. Chris Sloan

    Kermit Pruitt
    Wade, NC 28395
    I have a set of J-40 Duel Cavity Irons have truly enjoyed for
    past 5 years. A new set of HF2 irons would be great.

  303. Chris Hyde
    Sabattus, ME
    Bridgestone HF2

  304. John Mullett

    This is so cool – thanks for the opportunity! I would prefer the HF2 irons, and my location is Martinsburg, Ohio. Thanks!

  305. harry fotheringham

    I would love to have a set of Bridgestone HF1.

    I live in Aberdeen Scotland. Handicap 19.7 (SGU)

  306. Greetings,
    I’m Doc Watson in a little place called Meeker, CO. and have been playing our crazy, wonderful game for 50 years. I would love to win the HF2 irons. My clubs are aging right along with me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  307. HF2’s

    Columbus, Ohio

  308. Philip J Boyle

    sure would love to win a set of HF1 irons. Looks like they would help my game

  309. Bellamy Jerry

    Jerry Bellamy
    Port Saint Lucie, Fl
    Bridgestone HF1

  310. Brad Barker

    I’m a Bridgestone fan.
    La Canada, CA

  311. Love the site and look forward to new newsletters to come. Hope I win the new irons!

  312. Patrick Wilbricht

    Hello. HF 2. Patrick Wilbricht, San Antonio Texas

  313. Brian Larson

    Have recently become a huge fan of Bridgestone golf balls and I’m confident that they can produce a fantastic set of irons as well. Looking forward to falling in love with these irons just like I have with their other products.
    Gilbert, AZ

  314. Charles Alexander

    Charles Alexander; Rochester, New York; I would love to win/try the HF1s.

  315. Chris Toney

    HF2 project x 6.0 1″ over 1 deg upright with super stroke tc midsize would be awesome to win

  316. Chad Huizenga

    True set of beauties, love the sandblasted look.

    Chad Huizenga
    Rockford, Michigan

  317. Joe Comeaux

    Joe Comeaux
    Bixby, OK
    I would love to win the HF1s

  318. Matt Perkins

    Matt Perkins, TX- JGR HF2’s

  319. Chad Huizenga

    True set of beauties, love the sandblasted look.

    Chad Huizenga
    Rockford, Michigan

  320. Kent Franklin

    HF2. Kent from Greenwood , Indiana

  321. Wow! These HF2 irons look amazing and I am very impressed. I feel these irons would transform my game. I lwould ove to win these and get a few rounds in before the snow falls.

    Bridgestone JGR HF2 irons
    John Moyer
    Plymouth, MI

  322. Gary Jellum

    Gary Jellum Melbourne, Florida. Love the look of the new Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons.



  324. Hey, Gary in Ft Worth TX. Look forward to hearing from You when you need my address for the HF2 set.

  325. Tom connolly

    Tom. Hamden, CT. HF2!!!

  326. Alan Raville

    Alan Raville
    Laurens, SC

  327. Lloyd Davis

    Flower mound, TX

  328. Jon Dobberstein

    Prior Lake, MN

  329. HF1 would work nicely, possibly might even let me break 90 before my current clubs turn 90!

  330. Eugene Marchetti

    Stephen Nardi Sicklerville NJ. HF1

  331. Ian Gerrish

    Ian G.
    NW Washington State

  332. Rhonda Lockwood

    Rhonda Lockwood
    Elizabethtown, KY
    I would love to win the HF2 irons.

  333. Jerry Dushane

    Name: Jerry Dushane
    Location: Kansas City, MO

  334. HF2 please

  335. Mike DelGais

    Mike DelGais
    Philadelphia PA
    HF2 please

  336. Landy Rodriguez

    Landy R
    Great looking distance irons…
    Weston FL

  337. Gary Renton. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

    I’m a club fitter for 38yrs and your news letter has helped me with great info. I love the look of the HF2. Thank you. Good reading.

  338. Eugene Marchetti

    Ken Orange County California hf2’s please

  339. Joseph Barrett

    I would choose the HF2 set. It seems like it would be more suited to m game.Jessup Pa 18434

  340. Joseph Abbott

    Joseph Abbott HF2 Long Island NY.

  341. Daniel Terzo

    67 years old. Would like HF 1s

  342. Peter Kreppenhofer

    I’d go for the HF1 as a high handicapper.
    Peter Kreppenhofer
    Venice, FL

  343. Anthony Harris

    Bellevue, WA
    The tech is extraordinary

  344. 67 years old. Would like HF 1s
    Newport Beach, California

  345. Wally Sabati

    Wally Sabati
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  346. Hector Fernandez

    Hector Fernandez
    Wilmington, NY
    HF2 Please!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  347. Daniel Terzo

    Vietnam vet 67. Would like HF1

  348. Albert Frank

    At age 90, I continue to strive to improve my golf skills…not only my swing – involving lots of time on the practice tee – but I think equally important, my health and conditioning, my mental approach to the possibilities (given my age) and of course, the equipment I use. Based on the reviews, I believe Bridgestone’s HF1 irons coupled with AeroTech’s SteelFiber shafts – providing stability and forgiveness – would be an ideal addition to my golf experience.

  349. Jim hartigan

    HF2 would be a wonderful addition to my bag.

  350. I need them and I could fall in love with them!
    HF2 for sure.
    Massa Martana, Italy

  351. I wouldlovetheHF1’s! Perfect for my age set!

  352. Steve Maragakes, Doylestown, PA

    HF – 2

  353. Mark Sabino

    Mark S, Centreville VA, HF2.

  354. Larry Collins

    Would love a set of Tour B JGR HF2. It would be a great Birthday present.

    Larry Collins
    Tampa, FL

  355. Hal Perison

    Thank you!
    Name: H. Perison
    Location: Didsbury, AB Canada
    Set: HF2

  356. Bernard Schoof

    HF2 irons would be amazing , Thanks You !
    Bernard Schoof
    Westland , Michigan

  357. Wow the HF2 would be my choice. Thanks
    for the opportunity!
    Les Sardi
    Calgary, Alberta

  358. Keith Davison

    The JF2s look fantastic Keith Davison ( Londonderry , North Yorkshire, England.

  359. Bob Sugiyama

    Would love to bag a set of HF2’s with Zelos shafts.
    Was wondering what you thought of the lofts and gapping for these irons.
    Calgary, Canada

  360. Marc L. Calais, ME

    I would love a set of HF2 with A flex shafts, I believe that they would suit my game perfectly.

  361. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    Fayetteville, NC

  362. Jamie Katz
    Lexington, Massachusetts
    Aging but avid hacker and regular PluggedIn disciple would love to try the HF1s.


  363. Michael Schulze

    I will gladly accept these irons on behalf of average golfers the world around

  364. Would love to win a set of HF2
    John Nett
    Bartlesville, OK

  365. Roger Kleinschmidt

    HF2. Would be my first new set in 18 years. I am 77, shoot my age regularly and walk – well, use a push cart 3x/week

  366. Gerald Lapalme

    Gerald Lapalme – Quebec – Canada. HF2 irons

  367. Philip Miller

    Philip Miller
    Dodging hurricanes and dreaming of playing HF2 Bridgestone Irons in Mobile AL.
    HF2 Irons
    Mobile AL

  368. Joe Schwenk

    love the look of the HF2 and think this set would help my game. I’m 55 and not hitting as far as I used to; would love the extra length. the ability to shape my shot is always a bonus.
    Joe Schwenk

  369. Allen Doran

    Allen Doran, Arroyo Grande, CA HF2. They look beautiful.

  370. Marc Tebo
    Brook, IN
    JGR HF2
    Would be a wonderful iron to replace my 20yr old Dynacraft Copperheads!

  371. Tom Karalis

    The Bridgestone HF2 irons looks beautiful and they are just waiting for me to hit them!
    Bixby, OK


  372. Bob Gagnon
    Dearborn Michigan

  373. Robert Desenberg

    Robert Desenberg
    Bend, Oregon
    Hf1 looks like the new clubs i need;)

  374. Tom Plihcik

    The HF1 product description makes me believe they are just what I am looking for in a new set of irons. I’m 72 years old and can use some help.

  375. Rick Gehrke

    Rick Gehrke
    Meridian, Idaho

    Either set would greatly upgrade my current set.

  376. Wade Middleton

    Wade Middleton, Denver CO, HF1. Time to replace my JPX 800’s!!

  377. Ed C .
    Charleston SC
    HF2 would fit.

  378. Great looking HR2 irons, always like Bridgestone.

  379. Larry Don Smith HP1 looks to be the winner

  380. Love Bridgestone irons since my old GC.Mids.


  381. Jonathan Kim

    Beautiful irons, thank you for offering up these irons. This would be a perfect gift for a great friend, who can’t afford new irons sets.
    I would love to win him a set of the HF2 iron set.
    Jonathan Kim. Palm Desert, CA

  382. Steve Summitt

    Looking forward to the HF 2’s, would love to continue to spread the word about “The Quiet Company”, Bridgestone..

  383. Name: Mark Levra
    City: Longview TX
    Since my bday was yesterday, this would be an awesome belated gift!!

  384. Gil Bloomer

    These new clubs look tremendous and Bridgestone has hit new highs.
    Gil Bloomer
    Vail, AZ
    HF2 please if I’m the lucky winner.

  385. John Shillingford

    Chester Springs PA
    The HF2’s look sweet……

  386. Chris Gordon

    These look amazing. Would love to game the HF2 here in Oklahoma!

    Chris Gordon
    Rural Oklahoma.

  387. Robert Walters Ontario Canada. HF 2 looks like a set I could really use

    I love the look of the HF2
    Robert Walters Ontario Canada

  388. Jeffrey Harper

    I’m a superintendent of a small country club in york sc. I cant afford anything like this and it would be great to be lucky enough towin a set of irons, much less these. Thanks for the giveaway
    Jeffrey Harper
    York SC

  389. John Lane III

    I’d love a new set of the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons to replace my aged Cobras !!
    -Alhambra, Ca.

  390. Keith Pudney

    The HF2 look as good if not better than anything out there. If they live up to the review, Bridgestone are onto a winner.Keith Pudney, Northumberland, England, UK.

  391. Gregory Reynolds

    I’m looking for a new set of clubs. All of the hand-me-downs has not been good for my back. So I selected: Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Irons would be my choice of clubs. To atleast help me progress in my game of golf.
    3 up
    3 wraps on mid grips
    Standard length shafts
    I’ve been fitted, and this is all I can provide

  392. Bruce Ughetto

    Bruce Ughetto, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada,
    I would like the HF2 irons

  393. James Jaworski

    Las Cruces,NM

  394. Terry Lauzon

    Hey Great Contest! HF2s for me please.

    Terry Lauzon
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  395. Geoff Bridgeman


    Solihull, England

  396. doug shepherd

    Forgot my location on first post loving the Tour B JGR HF 2 irons. Metro Detroit.

  397. Eli Huey; Olive Branch, MS; Bridgestone JGR HF2

  398. Dave Quinlan

    I’m Dave Q from Bradford, Ontario, Canada and I believe that the HF1s would be best suited to my game!!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  399. whitney hoyt

    Either set will be a vast improvement for me. I am a retired school principal on a fixed income so would love a new set. HF1 might make the most sense.

    Whitney Hoyt
    San Rafael California

  400. After reading the review on both the Hf1 and the Hf2, I think it would be best to go with Hf1 set.
    I of coarse did my dodiligence and compared the Hf1 to the Cleveland irons, and I do believe that the Hf1 would help to lower my handicap easier.
    I live in Tumbler Ridge bc
    So we have a pretty short summer season up here.

  401. HF2’s look awesome and are my choice. Thanks

  402. Have never used Bridgestone irons before. Would love to try a set

  403. Jean Charbonneau

    The JGR HF1 and HF2 reviews are leading me to switch from my current irons. They both look great and from all accounts feel great as well. I would opt for the HF2 if given the opportunity.

    Jean Charbonneau
    Ottawa, ON

  404. Steve Alfonso

    Steve from Granite Bay California. HF1

  405. Thomas Brokl

    TOUR B X-CB Irons

    Thomas Brokl
    Golden Valley, MInnesota
    Palm Desert, California
    Pensacola, Florida

  406. Nick Lorusso

    Yeah baby. Nick Lorusso. Myrtle Beach, SC

  407. George Aaron, Charleston, SC

    Would be great to put these irons into play

  408. Richard Bronson

    R Bronson
    La Quinta, Ca 92253
    Love forged irons

  409. George Aaron

    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons Would be great for my game.

    Charleston, SC

  410. Cathy Beck
    Prince Albert, ON

  411. Drew. Dunedin Florida
    JGR HF1

  412. I have been looking to upgrade my Cobra irons for awhile and a FREE new set of Bridgestone irons would be the early Christmas gift. I am interested in the HF1 irons. My location of resident is Lakeland. Fl, and the weather will be cooling down soon to beable to play golf more frequently and not sweating your butt off. Thanks for the offer/invite for a chance at receiving a new set of irons.

  413. The HF2’s look very good. Those would be the ones for me.

  414. HF2’s please. Gary Davis in Gypsum, Colorado

  415. Always Great Reviews – unbiased, concise and most importantly – always emphasize the benefits and importance of getting custom fit. Keep it Pure!

    Steve Head
    Whitby, ON Canada

  416. Joe Schulcz. Ann Arbor, MI. Golf addict in dire need of some player’s irons. Looking to replace my Callaway Apexs and would love and be most appreciative of a shot at the HF2 irons.

  417. Georges Demers

    I would love to upgrade to the HF2

  418. Michael Kloos

    Mike Kloos
    Alexandria, Minnesota

  419. william ryan

    in need of new iorns the H2 iorns would be my pick thanks

  420. John H, Dracut, MA HF2 look to be the one for me.

  421. HF2 irons please.
    Ray Whitty.

  422. John Barry, Ware, Hertfordshire, England
    JRG HF1 please

  423. Dan Mckinney

    I think the HF2’s might be the best irons to compliment my B330s ball.
    The set up look is very appealing, and I like the higher launch angle.
    Dan McKinney
    Haslett, MI

  424. Brian Linebarger

    Love to win!

  425. been having problems with my Callaways and would love to try the Bridgestones

  426. william ryan

    forgot to post name billryan Ossining ny

  427. Robert Mower Jr

    Since I’m a beginning golfer, playing with a used set of clubs, I would love to win the HF1 set of irons.

  428. Allen
    Madoc Ontario Canada

  429. Jim Andrews
    British Columbia, Canada
    Well as a senior with a 31 handicap, slower swing speed and an over the top swing, the obvious choice would be the HF1 set except the lofts look too aggressive for me to get the ball up in the air. I don’t have a high ball flight to begin with. I’ve tried game improvement irons with wide rounded soles and they still don’t measure up to my standard forged cavity back irons as far as ball flight and forged just feels better. For these reasons I would love to win the HF2 set of irons with the less aggressive lofts and forged construction.

  430. HF2
    Palacios, Texas

  431. David Burton

    David Burton Belle Mead, NJ Love the TOUR B JGR HF2 irons. I wish the offset were a little less though.

  432. Stan Dusinski

    I would like the HF2. I like the look and feel

  433. Great reviews as always. I admit that Becky’s post has immense appeal but if you offer a free set, the HF 2s look incredible.
    Tom Fallin
    Saint Augustine, Florida

  434. Scott Flanagan

    Scott Flanagan, Raeford N.C. I would like to win the Hf2 club set, thank you.

  435. Love your reviews! HF1 for me.
    Allan Yip
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Thank you!

  436. The HF1 would fit what my game needs, to a tee. Getting a little up in age, I want all the help I can get!
    Location: Granite City, IL
    Name: Rick Talley

  437. Bridgestone JGR HF2, please. Great looking clubs. I want to blend polish with power!

    Art Strange
    Colonel, U.S. Army-Retired
    Spring Lake, NC

  438. Paul Charles Cook

    Practising to make a comeback after 23 years.Price of clubs a problem.Desperately in need of a modern top notch set of irons.Please help an old fart beat the whippersnappers, and wipe that smug grin off their faces, and cause their rich mommy grief.
    paul charles Cook, Huddersfield, England.

  439. Love the look. Looking for more forgiveness and distance. Increased lofts look appealing.

  440. Tim Vice in Margate FL 33063
    I would love to win a set of Bridgestone JGR HF2’s so that I can compare them to my W/S FG Tour F5’s.

  441. Colin Nemeth

    Colin Nemeth
    Madison, WI, USA
    Thanks for the helpful review of both the HF1 and HF2 irons.

  442. Would love to win a set of these!!
    Brandon Cox
    OKC, OK

  443. John Simmons

    John Simmons
    I like the HF2. Henderson, NV

  444. Scott K. Giles

    HF2 looks very appealing. I would love to try them
    Scott K. Giles
    Goodyear, AZ

  445. Scott Sherwood

    HF2, for me!
    They look to be spec’d well, Bridgestone is a quality product.
    What shaft and grips are being utilized?

  446. Scott Sherwood


  447. Clive McLennan

    Clive McLennan
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    they look incredible

  448. The new Bridgestone’s look great!
    Jon Larsen
    York, Nebraska
    HF2s please

  449. Monty Morgan

    Ponder, Tx

  450. Lance Chennault

    Lance Chennault
    Silverdale, Washington (USA)

  451. Tom in Colorado Springs, CO

    The combination of technology, added distance, forgiveness, playability, workability in a forged club, the TOUR B JGR HF2 sounds almost too good to be true. Especially for a left handed golfer! Would definitely help me reach my goal of becoming a single digit handicap.

  452. Look good, I will have to give these a hit next year.
    Paul Kelly, Bridgetown (Nova Scotia), and I would like a set of HF2 Bridgestone JGR irons.

  453. Carmine Piro

    Would love to get a new set of HF2 to help my game.
    Scarborough, Ontario

  454. Chris Castro

    Ontario, CA
    Bridgestone JGR HF2 irons

  455. Ben Davis, Mesa AZ, H2

  456. Gijs de Jong

    Yes! These clubjes look awesome!
    A set of HF1 for my wife starting to play again after 5years of injury would make her enjoy the game again much quicker.
    Gijs de Jong, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

  457. Devin Bowers

    Devin Bowers
    Seattle, Washington

  458. Charles Cook

    Desperately in need of new too notch set of irons to beat the whippersnappers and make their mommy cry,when they lose to a poverty stricken old chap.
    Charles Cook, Huddersfield,England
    A set of HF2 are beyond my reach at the moment,and would be welcome

  459. Prescott, AZ
    I am a lefty so it is the HF2 for me.

  460. Tony Vande Linde

    HF 2, Project X 5.5, 2* flat, New Decade MCC Plus 4 Midsize
    Nice looking irons w/ a little assist for us “older” players who prefer blades but aren’t as good as we ever thought we were.

  461. Steve Sickles

    Rutherford, New Jersey

  462. John Toenjes

    These irons look super nice. A new set of irons would be fun to work with.
    John. Tolono, IL. HF2

  463. William McKain

    Bill Mckain, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Looking to try the HF1 irons.

  464. Edward R Pruitt

    Edward Pruitt
    Orlando, FL

  465. James Vaccaro

    Ready to change out my Taylor made irons and looking for a forged replacement set…
    HF-2 would be my preferred club..

  466. The HF2s look fantastic and are forgiving and long…sounds great to me! They would get along nicely with my Bridgestone Tour B RX balls that I have played all season (and loved). Would love to win a set of the HF2s!!!

    Oakdale, MN

  467. I’ve been playing the Cleveland 588 MT irons for a while now. The HF1 sound a lot like them with the hollow body. It would be great to win and review a new set of these irons.
    Dan Corun
    Honoraville, Alabama

  468. Reagen Mathew

    Reagen Mathew. Zionsville, Indiana. HF2 please

  469. Matthew Lean

    I’m from Gorebridge in Scotland!

  470. Mitch Yanoska

    Mitch. Yanoska
    San Jose CA

  471. Gary S Kapinos

    Gary Kapinos


  472. Robert McHatton

    I would love to play with a set of Bridgestone JGR HFI

  473. Mark Foley HF2 Grafton Ontario Canada

  474. Lasse Koskela

    Definitely the HF2’s.

    Lasse Koskela,
    Brooklyn, New York

  475. I would love to win the HF1 irons as they would seem to help me to avoid fat shots and the shape will fit nicely with my favourite hybrid clubs. I normally use standard length, regular graphite shafts, with head knocked back to 1 degree flat. I live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, England.

  476. Tony Bumstead

    Really like the look of the HF1 irons as your new technology has overtaken my
    Ping ISI”s

  477. Stephen Schmelz

    Stephen Schmelz
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

  478. Eric Simpson

    The description of the HF1’s make them seem like the ideal solution to my game improvement.
    Eric Simpson, Wellington, New Zealand.

  479. Jim, Crystal Lake, IL
    HF1 Irons
    I am currently using irons purchased at a garage sale. Winning these could help my game.

  480. Matthew Conville

    Matthew Conville. Henderson, KY. HF2! Sure would love to have these in my bag! Thanks for giving a set away!! Good luck all!!

  481. Jim Ahner, Evansville, WI

    Being a golf nut who play 100 rounds a season I’d love to win HF2’s as the forgiveness would help me & also give more added
    distance. Thanks for the having the giveaway.. An old codger (75).

  482. Philip Grogan

    Philip Grogan
    Gisborne New Zealand

  483. Michael Collins

    HF2 Blenheim New Zealand

  484. Jan-olof Jigfors

    Name: Jan-olof Jigfors
    Location: Kungalv Sweden
    I wont JGR HF2
    Have Tom Wishon today

  485. Jacob Bassing

    Jacob Bassing
    Roswell, NM
    TOUR B JGR HF2 Irons

    Pretty slick set of irons.

  486. HF1 look right for me.

  487. Robert Israel

    Nice looking clubs!

  488. Walt S.
    McKenzie, TN
    Most definitely the HF2!!

  489. Steve DeMond

    Wow…looks, forgiveness, distance, and a competitive, attractive price! The HF2 looks perfect for me.

  490. Grant Turner

    Sydney Australia
    HF2 sounds just what I need

  491. Mark Heinrich

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great set of irons!
    Mark Heinrich
    Kalamazoo, Michigan

  492. Ed Droxler
    Secane, Pa
    Would love to replace my Adams Ideas with this set of Bridgestone HF2’s. Thanks for the opportunity. Fingers crossed!!

  493. Jeff Stewart

    The HP2 looks like the one for me

  494. Jack Higgins

    I’m still using a second hand set of Ping’s from the 1980’s. The JGR HF2 clubs would be a great replacement.
    Jack Higgins
    Bradenton FL

  495. Castle Rock, CO HF1

  496. Jeff Stewart

    I would love to win the HF2 irons. Location West Chester, Pa.

  497. Noel Guillaume

    HF2 – would love a set of these – hope I am the lucky one.

    Noel Guillaume
    Emu Plains NSW Australia

  498. Scott Atkins

    Scott Atkins
    Salem, Va.

  499. George Burnett

    George Burnett, Statesboro, GA

  500. Daniel Leinen

    Dan Leinen
    Denison, Iowa

    I think the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 irons would be best for me as I am really starting to get to enjoy the game of golf. However, I have never been one to look a gift-horse in the mouth. Either set of irons would be beneficial. Thanks for offering this opportunity!

  501. Jude Walsh
    Oakville, ON
    Bridgestone JGR HF2

  502. Jay Grabow
    Howell, mi
    Hf2, play j40’s now and love them

  503. Tom Duckworth

    Tom Duckworth
    Kansas City. Kansas
    I would like Bridgestone JGR HF2 irons
    Thanks for doing this.

  504. Clayton Hall

    I love the look of the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 and that would be my choice. My name is Clayton Hall from Killeen, Texas.


    I have been looking at new irons, Bridgestone JGR look and sound great, HF2 sound amazing.
    Play on Long Island


    Bridgestone JGR look and sound great, HF2 sound amazing.
    Play on Long Island

  507. Scott Hinkle

    Scott Hinkle
    Columbus, OH

  508. Chuck Smith

    HF2–beautiful irons!
    Chuck Smith, Celina, OH

  509. Mike Brausam

    Senior Tour here I come!
    Melancthon Canada

  510. Roy Burchette

    Roy Burchette Troy NC would love the HF2

  511. Bob Trimble

    Bob, Canton, Georgia

    Those HF2’s look like they will fit the bill!


    Love the HF2 irons they look dynamite and very nice.
    LOVE Plugged in Golf you all do a great job
    Wayne Houston TX

  513. Josh Brehm
    Jamestown, ND

  514. Lee Currell

    Lee Currell, Safety Bay Western Australia, HF2 irons look amazing.


    LOVE the HF2 irtons
    Wayne swisher
    Seabrook Tx

  516. I have never hit a bridgestone club in my life,but the hf2 look real nice.I like a small face so I can hit the ball Rory high,I get through the ball better with a small club head,cus i hit down on the ball hard.

  517. Ben, Utah
    HF2!!! I was told they use the same forge house as Miura by my local retailer?

  518. Steve Pitts
    North Brunswick, New Jersey
    JGR HF1

  519. Sean Gregory

    Sean Gregory
    Fallston, MD

  520. Would be first set of new irons ever, not sure anything can kick the 745’s out, but would love to find out.
    Rob Sikes
    Stonewall, La

  521. Dwight Crews

    I’m retiring at the end of this year, and a set of JGR HF2’s would be the greatest retirement gift to me when playing golf in Myrtle Beach, SC

  522. Mark Lawrence

    Mark, Melbourne Australia. HF2 please.
    Thanks for the opportunity and a great website – love the reviews

  523. Craig Trzebny

    Craig Trzebny
    Phoenix, AZ
    Both look great but the HF1 would probably suit my game better

  524. Would love to try the HF2

  525. Marshall Flannery

    Marshall cannery
    Brookings, South Dakota
    Great looking clubs

  526. J.B. Cobb III

    J.B. Cobb III Wilmington, NC HF2

  527. John McNeil
    La Palma, CA

  528. Paul Jurgensen

    Big Matt Kuchar fan and as such of Bridgestone as well. I like the HF2 irons.
    Thank you, Paul (Columbia, SC)

  529. HF2’s look really nice!
    Marshall, Texas

  530. Greg Maxwell

    If Bridgestone is good enough for Tiger, its good enough for Me! (HF2)

  531. freddy garon

    I’ve played the same clubs for years. A new set of HF2’s would be sweet! Freddy Louisville Ky

  532. Having just won the Diani Beach Masters in Kenya with my now rusting 32 year old Ping Eye 2 clubs maybe this is a chance to upgrade and retire my trusty weapons to change to the HF 1 irons! Would see me through to retirement…….

  533. joe lopiccolo

    joe lopiccolo Kenner La HF2


    Mark Woodruff Fitchburg, WI HF2

  535. Julian Saluk

    Seems like an odd loft settings, close in some and far in others. Is this required for proper distance gaps?

  536. Andrew Henke

    Andrew Henke
    Minneapolis burbs, Minnesota
    Hf2 look sweet!

  537. Would I love a real set of HF2 irons. .I play with a hodgepodge of clubs. and would finally like to own a complete set..please help ..mike from Slc utah

  538. Dave Sanguinetti

    As an old guy it is HF1’s all the way!!!
    Dave Sanguinetti
    Livermore, CA 94551

  539. Rod Medland

    Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons seem the logical choice for me.

    Rod Medland: Tocumwal NSW. Australia. 2714

  540. corey federico

    Corey Federico
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  541. Hello,
    Already interested in the Z535, JGR HF2 Irons I like a lot
    I am from France (Ile de France)
    See you soon

  542. Andrew Isaac

    Andrew Isaac
    Chichester, West Sussex. United Kingdom

  543. Charles Spilsbury

    Cape Cod, MA hoping for a set of HF2

  544. Davenport, Iowa
    A new set of HF2 would be awesome.

  545. Name: Allan Kim
    Location: New Jersey
    Which set: HF2

  546. HF2 look great.
    Rus Jordan
    Trussville, AL

  547. Mary Beth Morrissey

    Mary Beth from PA. Would love to try the HF2 irons.

  548. Ken R Haney

    Ken Haney
    Cookeville TN
    Thanks for the fun!

  549. Brendan Quinn

    Love the look of the HF2.
    Brendan Quinn

  550. Ed, Columbia SC. HF2

  551. Bernard Jones

    Bernard Jones, HF2, Jackson, MS

  552. Stephen Nardi

    As a 19 handicap golfer. I believe that these clubs will work very well for me.


    Steve Nardi Sicklerville NJ

  553. David J Mair

    Great looking Irons, HF2 looks to be the irons for me
    David Mair

  554. Justin Lafferty

    Justin Lafferty – Greenville, MI – HF2’s

  555. Christopher Zachar

    HF2 looke like a great club. Chris Zachar Denver Colorado

  556. David Murray

    Dave Murray- Lombard, IL

    The HF2’s look right up my alley! Thin top line with a little meat on the sole.

  557. Anthony Penizotto

    I need new clubs! I hope I win!

  558. HF2’s look awesome
    Parmer Hill
    Detroit, MI

  559. Mark Kirk, Genoa, Italy, hf2

  560. I’ve heard great things about Bridgestone irons! I’d be excited to put these in the bag over my 20 year old snake eyes mb-1s. As I age I need some more forgiveness but like the the more traditional look. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jay Tewell
    Edmond, OK

  561. This is my go to website!
    HF2 irons please
    Matt Drury
    Kent, England, UK

  562. Bruce Laycraft

    The HF1 irons would suit my game to a “T”. My Adams set has a lot of offset and I pull everything left because of that.

  563. Jim Dolliver

    Jim D in Sedona AZ. I like the HF2

  564. Anthony Underwood

    My name is Anthony Underwood. I live in NW Ga , in the town of LaFayette. I really like to looks of Bridgestone JGR HF2 – the irons seem to be a continuation of great golf equipment from Bridgestone!!!

  565. Shaun M Kelley </