Wilson Staff D9 Fairway Wood Review

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With a powerful face and plenty of forgiveness, the Wilson Staff D9 fairway wood is a strong performer.  Premium looks and a budget friendly price.


We don’t typically mention the price of clubs outside of the Price & Specs chart at the end of our reviews, but I feel the need to point out that the Wilson Staff D9 fairway wood is only $219.  I mention it here because the club has a premium look and shaft befitting a higher price tag, and I don’t want you to be shocked like I was (or think I made a typo).  Value can be alluring, but enjoyment on the course comes down to performance.


Although the D9 headcover was a miss for me, several folks I ran into during testing made unsolicited comments that they really liked it.  Pulling off the headcover, the sole of the D9 is a real eye pleaser.  Sleek and streamline, the D9’s sole looks like it is designed for speed and precision.

At address, the D9 fairway wood has an attractive rounded shape and modest size. The deep, black, glossy finish on the crown is well executed with a simple, crisp pinstripe on the trailing edge.  The dark face completes the overall premium look.

Sound & Feel

The Wilson Staff D9 fairway wood produced a metallic ‘click’ that was unassuming and satisfying.  The sound was consistent with contact on the center section of the face only becoming a bit dulled with strikes on the grooves.  Feedback in my hands followed suit with reasonable contact imparting a pleasing, powerful feel while mishits lost that luster.


Addressing my very first ball with the D9 fairway wood, I noted how the club sat squarely and how the height of the face looked ideal for solid contact off the tightly mown grass.  Subsequent swings confirmed the club was great off the deck as well as thick rough.

Although the 15° 3 wood didn’t give me optimal carry – a common occurrence for me at that loft – the roll-out was solid.  Smash factor was excellent, which I attributed to the Variable Face Technology that Wilson Staff put into the Carpenter Custom 455 steel face.  Also noteworthy was the forgiveness – great for finding the green even when contact isn’t perfect.

While collecting data at Club Champion, I put the D9 fairway wood in the hands of Tim, one of their Master Fitters, to see how the club performs with a beautiful 100 mph swing.  Watching his trajectories was mesmerizing, as was the average 240 carry and 260 total distances.  Our takeaway was that the D9 fairway is versatile and suitable for golfers across the skill and speed spectrum. 


With the D9, Wilson Staff proves you don’t have to break the bank to get a great performing fairway wood.  I wasn’t able to get the trajectory I prefer with the 3 wood – I need more loft – but there’s no doubt that the D9 fairway wood will find homes in many bags this year.  Factor in the premium look, powerful feel and highly regarded shaft and you have a club that is uber-appealing.

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Wilson Staff D9 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review. Love the fact that they can deliver a quality product at a fair price. I haven’t bought a new OEM fairway wood since a few years ago when they were still under $250. If I was in the market today I’d definitely try this one. Hey OEM’s, are you listening?

  2. What’s the swing weight(s)?

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