Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid Review

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The Wilson Staff C300 hybrid looks great, has a unique, enjoyable impact feel, and produces amazingly consistent shots.


The driver is unquestionably the most glamorous club in any collection of woods, but in Wilson Staff’s C300 line, the hybrid may be the best.  Thanks to a great shape and tremendous consistency, this may be the club that convinces more players to put some Wilson head covers in their bag.


Pictures do little justice to the C300 hybrid.  When I first set this club down at address, I did a double take at how beautiful it is.  Wilson Staff absolutely nailed the size and shape.  This is the smaller, pear-shaped hybrid that better players are always clamoring for.

The other side of that coin, of course, is the red crown.  The red that Wilson chose is great: dark and rich with a matte finish, miles from a shiny Crayola red.  Even so, some players will likely turn up their nose at it.  Their loss.

They’re almost an afterthought next to the shape and color, but the other thing that stands out at address are the Power Holes.  Like the color, traditionalists will pooh-pooh them, but I like the way they frame the ball.  It’s like having an alignment aid without having one.

Sound & Feel

One of my favorite feelings in golf is smashing the Wilson DUO Soft golf ball – it feels like a tennis ball jumping off a baseball bat.  I’ve now found the club equivalent of that with the C300 hybrid.  The sound – quiet with a small metallic “tink” – isn’t too unusual, but the feel is unique.  It’s as if you can feel the face absorbing the ball and then rocketing it toward the green.

Both the feel and sound provide adequate feedback on the quality of the strike.


Stepping into the hitting bay to test the C300 hybrid, I did not have my A game.  Realistically, it was C- at best.  The results: toe shot, heel, thin, chunk, and the occasional good one.

The benefit of this shabby ball striking was that it allowed the C300 hybrid to show off its remarkable consistency.  When I looked over at the screen, the carry distances were 195, 193, 205, 195, 196, 198.  The C300 was showing me exactly why golfers need to put more hybrids in the bag: consistent results from inconsistent swings.

In terms of launch and spin, I would rate the C300 hybrid as average in both.  My shots were coming out on strong, playable trajectories with moderate spin.  Again, what was impressive was the consistency.  Even as I hit balls all across the face, the launch angle didn’t vary by more than a couple degrees, and the spin stayed in a 800 RPM range.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the C300 hybrid has a lot of adjustability.  The loft can be adjusted up or down one degree, plus the lie angle can be changed.  In addition, you can swap the weights to make the club draw or fade biased.


If you want to dump your long irons or replace hybrids that have lost their luster, the Wilson Staff C300 deserves serious consideration.  It’s not a fairway wood replacement, but if you want to see the same shot on your best swings and your mishits, this is the one for you.

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Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Kevin McKenzie

    Recently purchased the Wilson Staff hybrid C-300. Love the look and feel.

    How does the shaft adjustment work?


    • Matt Saternus


      Unscrew the head, align the setting that you want with the dot on the head, and screw it back together.



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