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Building on a rich heritage, Wilson Staff has used modern innovation to create the all new C200 irons that deliver on distance, feel, looks and playability.



Club manufacturers have been using urethane in iron construction for several years, but Wilson Staff has taken the concept to the extreme in their new C200 irons.  In what Wilson Staff calls FLX Face Technology, contact area between the club perimeter and face has been reduced to a mere 24%.  The remaining voids, called power holes, are filled with TE031 urethane to not only aid in sound and feel, but to also comply with USGA equipment rules related to holes.  I did some sleuthing on TE031 urethane and although its properties aren’t magical, the shear, tensile and peal strengths are impressive. Bottom line is the club is solidly constructed.  “C” refers to cross-over in the Wilson Staff hierarchy and is designed for players seeking the middle ground between feel and distance.



With my first look, I was a bit worried about getting past the black slots in the topline.  After a few swings, it became a non-issue.  In fact the FLX technology allows the topline to be slightly thinner, and the black slots seem to provide a visual slimming effect.  Overall, the head is midsize with moderate offset.  The blend of polished and satin finishes on the stainless steel heads offers a distinctive, quality appearance with continuity from face around to the cavity.  The badging has a modern look and incorporates classic Wilson Staff colors.


Sound & Feel

Center club face hits have a distinctive “thawack” sound.  I realize “thawack” isn’t a “real” word, but I added the extra ‘a’ to give the sound profile two componants.  The FLX polymer in the C200s provides a fraction of a second where it sounds like you are smashing the ball before it launches off the face.  Hitting off the toe or towards the heel brings the sound back to just “thwack,” providing instant audible feedback on the mishit.

The Wilson Staff C200 irons have an impressive feel that definitely moves the needle towards clubs that even lower handicappers would appreciate.  Flush hits seem to come off the face effortlessly.  Just as the sound provides feedback on mishits, the thin face readily provides instant, yet gentle, feedback to your hands.



“Wow” was the word that kept popping into my mind when hitting the Wilson Staff C200 irons.  Distance wise, every iron carried 5 to 10 yards longer than my gamers.  But even better, my shots were traveling on a much higher trajectory.  For example, the 7 iron traveled 6 iron distance with 8 iron height.  Every weekend I hear Johnny Miller and other former-player announcers proclaiming that the reason modern players hit the ball so far is that iron lofts are comparatively stronger these days.  That may be true to some degree, but take a look at the ball flights: there’s innovation in today’s irons and the C200s are a prime example.

Remember the polymer filled power slots?  Well that innovative design also allows the removed metal weight to be re-positioned for increased forgiveness and great overall club balance.  I observed some distance loss for mishits, but accuracy remained tight – a reasonable trade off.  The sweet spot on the face seemed large and it didn’t take long to dial in a swing that had the balls zeroed in on the flag.



There’s been a lot of marketing buzz regarding innovation with the Wilson Staff C200 irons, and I believe the designers hit the mark.  The clubs have a great look in the bag and provide confidence at address.  But it’s performance that matters at the end of the day, and the C200s deliver a high launching ball flight, outstanding distance, and controllable accuracy.

Matt Meeker
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  1. Played my first round with these yesterday and all I can say is “ermagawd.” Feel is very soft – almost forged-like – and I get what you mean about the “thawack.” It really feels like the ball hangs on the club face for an extra instant before taking off.

  2. Matt,

    How’s the offset throughout the set? Very intriguing irons. It’s been a good couple of years from Wilson Staff.


    • Matt Meeker

      You are correct Bill, Wilson Staff has re-captured the attention of the golf world. Offset is very similar to other irons in the category like the AP1.


  3. I think you sold me! Going to try them soon. Phil

  4. I really like your reviews. Right now I’m debating between the C-200 and the Bridgestone Z355. Both with graphite shafts. Both sets add something a little different in terms of engineering. I know you liked them both. Any thoughts?

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks Regis. I haven’t hit the Z355s, that review was by Matt Saternus, so I can’t make any comparisons. But the main thing is to hit both and see which feels and performs better for you. I will say I liked the the C-200s so much that they are now my gamers.

      Matt M

  5. I won’t a set so bad…I love the way wilson staff has turned it around, and I appreciate how they do a two year cycles with there equipment . It let’s you feel you have the newest version for two years.
    Instead of having that feeling for only three to six months .

  6. I’ve been using these irons since early December when I traded in my D200’s. The feel is solid, the trajectory is high and the increase in distance and accuracy is awesome. These won’t be leaving my bag for the foreseeable future. I should mention that the Aldila Rogue shafts are an added bonus – offering great touch with the short irons. I’m not a big fan of their grips, so I had the irons regripped with gripmaster kangaroo leather. Problem solved.

  7. Matt – can you make any comparisons between the Wilson c200 irons and the Ping G series irons. I read Matt S’s review on the Ping G irons.

    Would they be in the same class of irons – i.e. Game improvement?


    • Matt Meeker

      I haven’t had the opportunity Mark to put the Ping Gs through any testing and offer any comparisons. In a iron fitting with Club Champion recently, I did hit a few balls with the G30, and for me, the performance wasn’t as good as the C200. But that was for me – everyone is a bit different. Ping makes great products.

      And yes, both are in the same Game Improvement category.

      Thanks for the question.


  8. These clubs are legit. If you go on their website, they have a demo program 3 clubs (4-7-pw) with a choice of shafts (graphite/steel) for $9.99 for a 14 day trial plus they pay shipping both ways!! Great way to try them out, I did.

  9. These are really nice irons. I’ve been gaming them for about two months now and I have no complaints – forgiving, long irons that feel great to hit. Wilson Staff has made a high quality product.

  10. Read and read about these..i found an old d100 7 iron i had laying around and decided to take it to the range..least to say had a great time hitting it.. that made me start thinking again about these irons..so hours of youtube and too many articles later, i went to the local gs to see if they were what i had read about..welp, my vrs forged are going to the bay and i ordered the c200’s !
    Wow wow wowwwww.. i love them. Great distance and my dispersion was very close to my nike irons.. i hit these with the kbs 90 but ordered with the kbs 105 stiff soft stepped.. well worth the time spent researching them.. cant wait to hit the range..

  11. Jerry Engel

    Matt Do you know the lofts for the a thru 7 irons?

  12. How do the stock kbs shafts perform in relation to flex? Some reviews seem to indicate they play weak to the stated flex. Did you find this to be true?
    Unfortunately, Wilson Staff does not offer any swing speed chart nor are they in local shops to try.

    • Matt Meeker


      What a great question as it relates to the PIG Shafts 101 feature that was posted today. Performance lies in the hands of the swinger. I will say that the stated flex seemed accurate in the general sense.


  13. I’ve had these for almost two months now. Agree with all the positives regarding feel, distance, ball flight, etc. My issue has been that the drop down to a 90 gram shaft has proven difficult for me (a strong swinging mid-handicapper) to put a repeatable swing on the ball. The head feels heavy, the shaft too light, and I get too quick…and yes, I know that’s a swing issue but again…I’m a mid-handicapper and these are GI irons.

    Question is…if I put a 105-115ish gram shaft in these am I going to screw up the dynamics and positive qualities of the club? Also, are there any shafts I should be wary of in that category so I don’t start ballooning the ball? I already hit these extremely high but the current shafts do seem to keep the flight manageable. Thanks!

    • Matt Meeker


      The fact that you are in tune with the overall characteristics of club setup, feel, and performance, I’m confident that you can find an alternate shaft that suits you better. The head, in this case the W/S C200, is just one aspect of the club makeup and very capable of maintaining the positives with a variety of shafts – even if heavier. Any reputable fitter will be able to dial you in in no time at all. Don’t worry about trying to figure out category, trust the fitter and the trackman results.

      Matt M.

  14. Matt…thank you for the quick reply. With what you said about it being capable of working with other shafts then I’ve probably answered my own question. Since I like the flight, feel, and performance of the stock KBS 90 and am just nitpicking over weight, I think keeping it simple and looking at the KBS 105 would be the simplest and likely smartest solution. Thanks again.

  15. Frank Rosie

    Matt- Can these be bent to customize lie angle? Don’t need much but would like 1 Degree upright

  16. I have had mine for a year now and really like them. As a former plus handicapper long ago and now 78 and having suffered a stroke I am looking for all I can get. Distance is great and good accuracy. I also have Hot Metals and Apex irons and these outperform them and are in my Bag to stay. I love to play and these clubs let me keep up with my mates. You cannot go wrong and the price is good.

  17. Finally stopped re-gripping my 22 year old King Cobra II irons and decided to reward myself with a new set of irons. Wow!!!! Iron technology has really changed in the last two decades. Staff at PGA Tour Superstore recommended these irons based on my swing tendencies. These travel farther and allow me to take an accurate, confident swing (after I changed grips to GP CP2 midsize wraps). I am a high handicapper but have seen tremendous improvement from 6 iron on up to GW. Was hesitant to get the Wilsons because of the Walmart Wilson ultra perception (was originally going to opt for TM aeroburners). Glad I did my research. These are high quality clubs that I am super excited about.

  18. Martino Villarose

    Thanks, great reviews!!

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