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The Vortex Anarch laser rangefinder has two standout features: an auto brightness display and image stabilization.  Strong accuracy and ease of use.  High build quality.  Lifetime warranty.


While golfers may not be familiar with the Vortex brand, they’ve been a major force in outdoor optics since 1986.  American-owned and operated, this company has a long history of making binoculars, rangefinders, and scopes.  New for 2024, they’re turning their attention to the golf space with their Anarch and Blade rangefinders.  In this review, we’ll take a look at the top of the line Vortex Anarch rangefinder.

Set Up & Ease of Use

While Vortex may be new to golf, they’ve clearly done their homework on how golfers expect a rangefinder to operate.  The two buttons on the top of the Anarch rangefinder are clearly labeled, and the Measure button has raised dots to provide a tactile cue that your finger is in the right spot.

Once the Vortex Anarch has been turned on with the Measure button, tapping Menu scrolls through your display options: auto brightness, black, and three levels of red.  Holding the Menu button down brings up the normal array of options: turning slope on and off, switching between yards and meters, turning on PinSpotter mode, and changing the aiming reticle.

After you’ve set your options and powered on the Anarch, getting a distance requires just one push of the Measure button.  Holding down the Measure button activates a scan mode which updates the yardage as you move the aiming reticle.

Accuracy & Features

The Vortex Anarch rangefinder is midsized at 4.2″ long, 3″ tall, and 1.6″ wide and weighs just over 9 ounces.  It fits comfortably in my hand, but is too large to be carried in a pocket regularly.  The Anarch has 6X magnification and performed well when compared to other trusted rangefinders.  It is not among the fastest rangefinders I’ve tested, but the difference between the fastest and slowest is less than one second.

One of the features that sets the Vortex Anarch apart is the image stabilization.  Comparing the Anarch to the Blade and other non-stabilized rangefinders, the improvement is obvious.  Even on distances as short as 75 yards, the Anarch is easier to hold steady on the flag.  While I’ve never struggled to get yardages, it’s undeniably easier to get them with the Anarch.  If you have shaky hands or play in heavy winds, this feature is very valuable.

The auto brightness display is another strong selling point for the Anarch.  I used this rangefinder in all light conditions – indoors, outdoors, dark, light, early, late – and it was always easily legible.  Keeping the auto brightness on also preserves the battery because it uses the lowest required light.  Vortex rates the Anarch for 4,000 ranges at brightness level 2, but you may get more if you play exclusively in brighter conditions.  The Anarch does feature a battery life indicator that pops up when your battery is down to 25% power.

In addition to these uncommon features, the Vortex Anarch has a strong cart magnet and is waterproof and shockproof.  It has a very solid, well-built feel that makes me think it could actually survive a drop or six.  The PinSpotter mode gives you vibration and a visual cue when it locks onto the flag.  Finally, as you can see above, the green exterior lights turn on when the Anarch is in slope mode.  This removes any questions about whether or not your rangefinder is tournament legal.


The Vortex Anarch rangefinder will be available from retailers for $399.  This is on the higher side for rangefinders overall, but it’s $50 less than the comparable Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized [review HERE].  Overall, I think this is a fair price for a rangefinder with an advanced feature.

Something else that bears mentioning here is the VIP Warranty.  A lot rangefinders come with a warranty of one or two years.  Vortex goes far beyond that with a lifetime, fully transferable warranty to “repair or replace your rangefinder should it become damaged, no questions asked.”  You don’t even need the receipt.  This is a big boost to the value of your purchase.

To get the same warranty at a lower price, check out the Vortex Blade and Blade Slope rangefinders HERE


As a new kid on the golf block, Vortex needed to do at least one special thing to deserve our attention.  They chose to do three with the Vortex Anarch rangefinder.  The image stabilization is a first-tier feature as is the auto brightness, but, for me, its the lifetime warranty that really makes this stand out as a rangefinder you need to consider.

Visit Vortex HERE

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  1. Check the current price. I clicked on the link and it’s $599 on their website.

  2. As a IME on the warranty service for Vortex products, it’s very good. They mean Lifetime. Unfortunately, for some of their less expensive, non-US made lines, you’ll need it. But it’s there. Very good quality for the price in the Vortex products I’ve purchased (various firearms-related optics).

    Quite intrigued about this new rangefinder, especially the stabilization. Great review, Matt.

  3. The Blade sells for $399 on their site.

  4. D. Yakimec

    Looks like these are fairly decent rangefinders, the Anarch model has everything I’d be looking for in a new rangefinder including the slope feature. And with a lifetime warranty, I think that makes this a pretty hard offer to beat. The unfortunate part for me is that they aren’t available in Canada.

  5. Clifford Davis

    About for hunting?

  6. Hi Matt. Great review. How would you compare the image stabilization of the Anarch to the Nikon Cool Shot Pro II Stabilized?

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