Vortex Blade & Blade Slope Rangefinder Review

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The Vortex Blade and Blade Slope rangefinders have a great build quality, unbeatable warranty, and strong accuracy.  Easy to use.  Compact.


Over the last couple years, we’ve seen an explosion of different names slapped on the side of rangefinders.  While it would be easy to dismiss Vortex as another one of those pop up companies, it would also be dead wrong.  Vortex has been operating for over twenty years making optics for outdoorsmen.  They’re now bringing their rangefinders to the world of golf with the Vortex Blade and Vortex Blade Slope rangefinders.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Vortex Blade and Blade Slope rangefinders have the same two button configuration on their tops.  To make things very simple, the buttons are labeled Measure and Menu, and the Measure button has four raised dots to help you know your finger is positioned correctly.

Getting yardages with the Vortex Blade is as easy as pushing the Measure button twice – once to power the unit up, again to get the distance.  Holding down the Menu button brings up a handful of options: turning PinSpotter on and off, changing between yards and meters, and choosing between three aiming reticles.  The Vortex Blade Slope adds in the ability to turn the slope adjustment on and off.

Accuracy & Features

Both the Vortex Blade and Blade Slope are smaller than their brother, the Vortex Anarch [review HERE].  These are compact rangefinders, measuring 3.8″ long, 3″ tall, 1.5″ wide, and weighing just 6.5 ounces.  Though the measurements between the Blade and Anarch aren’t that different, the Blade is noticeably smaller in hand, lighter, and could be carried in a pocket.

What both rangefinders share is excellent accuracy.  Comparing the Blade and Blade Slope to the Anarch and other trusted rangefinders, the results were consistently excellent in both slope and standard modes.  Their speed is not exceptional, but it’s acceptable.  The Blade rangefinders also have 6X magnification like the Anarch.

A smart feature shared by both Blade rangefinders is the battery life indicator.  Vortex states that you should get 4,000 ranges from a single battery.  The low battery indicator comes up when the battery has 25% power remaining, giving you plenty of time to throw a backup battery into the case.

What separates the two models is the slope adjustment.  The Vortex Blade Slope has green lights on the front (above) that turn on when the slope adjustment is activated.  This removes any doubt about whether or not your rangefinder is tournament legal.

Finally, both Blade models have a strong cart magnet and PinSpotter mode.  When PinSpotter is turned on, the rangefinder vibrates and provides a visual cue that it has locked onto a flag.  Per Vortex, the Blade rangefinders’ PinSpotter mode has a range of 350 yards.


The Vortex Blade rangefinder retails for $199.  The Vortex Blade Slope retails for $249.  Given the build quality and features, I think these both represent very solid values.

Something else that bears mentioning here is the VIP Warranty.  A lot rangefinders come with a warranty of one or two years.  Vortex goes far beyond that with a lifetime, fully transferable warranty to “repair or replace your rangefinder should it becomes damaged, no questions asked.”  You don’t even need the receipt.  This is a big boost to the value of your purchase.


The Vortex Blade and Blade Slope rangefinders offer excellent build quality, accuracy, and features.  Though Vortex is a name that’s new to many golfers, the company’s long history lets you know that their unbeatable warranty truly stands for something.  These are two options that clearly rise above the pack in the rangefinder market.

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  1. On the Vortex website, the price states $299 for the Blade and $399 for the Blade Slope
    Is there another avenue to purchase these at the prices you stated in the article?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, all of Vortex’s third party retailers sell these for the prices stated in the review.


  2. Thanks Matt

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