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Voice Caddie T9 GPS Golf Watch Review

50 Words or Less

The Voice Caddie T9 GPS golf watch is a solid upgrade on one of my favorites from 2021, the T8.  Incredible detail on the greens.  Retains automatic shot measuring, one of the best features in any GPS watch.

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Last year, the Voice Caddie T8 GPS watch [review HERE] became a regular part of my kit because of brilliant automatic shot tracking feature.  I jumped at the opportunity to review its successor, the T9, because I was eager to see what new features had been added.  Voice Caddie has indeed found ways to make one of the best even better.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

Like the T8, the Voice Caddie T9 has one button and a touchscreen.  This makes it very easy to use as you don’t need to remember the function of different buttons, just swipe and tap.

After giving it a full charge in the proprietary USB charger, the T9 turns on and displays a standard watch face.  When you get to the course, swipe right, and tap the golf ball to enter golf mode.  After a minute or two, the course will automatically appear, and you can start your round.  The T9 will automatically switch from hole overview to green view when you get in range, as well as automatically advancing holes.

The T9 is offered in two colors – grey and black (shown here) – and comes with two different straps.  The second strap is roughly an inch shorter providing a better fit for smaller golfers.

Accuracy & Performance

The basics of the T9 are unchanged from its predecessor.  The T9 is very accurate with its front, middle, and back distances when compared to course markings and rangefinder readings.  It’s also worth noting that Voice Caddie uses what they call the V-Algorithm to provide slope-adjusted distances (this can be turned off).  The speed of updating distances is also quite good.

My favorite feature from the T8 – the automatic shot-distance measurement – has carried forward to the T9.  After the watch detects a swing, a small box appears in the bottom right corner that measures the shot as you walk.  This is useful for knowing how far your shots are traveling, and it’s of tremendous value for finding lost balls.

The other standout feature on the T9 is the green mapping.  Once you get into approach shot range, you’ll see a view of the green that shows the contours of the putting surface.  This can be very useful for planning your strategy, especially on a new course.  When you get to the green, you can tap to indicate the pin location, and the T9 will display the elevation change from your location to the cup.

Two new features set the T9 apart from the T8.  First, the T9 keeps track of your strokes as you play.  On the bezel, you see “Shot” and numbers 1-6 and “Putt” and 1-4.  As you play the hole, the watch will keep your score, which you can confirm on the scorecard before moving to the next hole.  The other new feature is Practice Tempo Mode.  The T9 still measures the tempo of your on-course swings like the T8, but now you can use this feature on the range.  You can set target tempos for full swing, approach, and putting, and then try to match that tempo.  Having this data on both the course and range can indicate whether or not your tempo is what’s hindering your scores.

Voice Caddie also aims to make the T9 your everyday watch with a basic fitness tracker.  A quick swipe left shows your steps, distance walked, and calories burned.

Finally, I like the scorecard feature on the T9 as much as any that I’ve come across.  In addition to tracking your strokes as you play, it has a column for penalty strokes.  This is a small thing that many GPS golf watches miss.  Yes, you can just add extra strokes instead of counting penalties, but this gives a more accurate picture of your game.  A Bluetooth connection to the Voice Caddie app allows you to store your scores and stats on your phone for review.


The Voice Caddie T9 GPS golf watch retails for $249 but Plugged In Golf readers have access to a special deal.  You can save $50 and buy it direct from Voice Caddie for $199 HERE.

It’s also worth noting that Voice Caddie does not have any annual fees, unlike some other makers.

If you have the Voice Caddie T8, the T9 is not a necessary upgrade unless you’re really into tempo training.  For those without a GPS watch, the T9 is a great choice.  It’s toward the higher end in terms of price, but few GPS golf watches deliver a better array of features.


The Voice Caddie T9 GPS golf watch makes a couple noteworthy additions to what was already one of the best GPS golf watches on the market.  With automatic shot distance measurements and green mapping, you’ll have a leg up on your opponents before the first tee shot is hit.

Buy the Voice Caddie T9 GPS Golf Watch HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. For the, uh, less accurate drivers out there… does the green orientation on the watch adjust for your approach angle?

    • Matt Saternus


      The picture of the green will not change, but the yardages will reflect your angle to the green.


    • Just received this watch after ordering through PIG. Looks like there is a setting “Active Green View” which changes the orientation of the green displayed on the watch based on your location.

  2. Richard B

    This has always been my dream golf watch, more so than Garmin, but could never justify the price. Great review!

  3. This looks pretty nice! After a round, does it give you the ability to see the location on a map where each shot was made, like Arccos does?

    Is there a tournament mode to turn off some of the slope and other “cheating” features when you need to?

  4. I skimmed article and watch looks great…but can it be used like a regular watch? Thanks

  5. Great review. For those of us who don’t have perfect vision, is the font large or adjustable in any way?

  6. Thanks for the review Matt

    When my Garmin S60 dies this is on the short list. From what I can tell it has all of the futures of the Garmin plus green reading which is a definite “killer app”.

  7. Can you switch it from yards to meters?

  8. The green reading never works when I play. I guess I play cheap golf course’s.

  9. I know it’s slightly different (i.e. shot tracking), but for purely a GPS watch, would you make the jump from Shotscope v3. Currently own the shot scope and less reliant on shot tracking lately.

    Also, any idea of battery life on a single charge?

    • Matt Saternus


      If we’re taking shot tracking out the equation, I would favor the T9 over the V3 (at which point you’re actually talking about Shot Scope’s G3), though in fairness, you’re comparing two things with very different price tags. That said, I think anyone who claims to care about their score should be shot tracking every round.

      The battery is quoted as “27 holes” in golf mode.


  10. James Martin

    Can a T8 be updated to the T9

  11. Great review Matt. If you were picking between this and the Garmin S42, what would you recommend? Also do you feel the S62 is worth the additional investment?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the S42, so I can’t speak to that. Regarding the S62, I prefer the user interface of the T9 and the auto shot distances, so I would favor the T9 over the S62.


  12. As a fitness teacker, what type of OS used for T9?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure I understand your question, or perhaps I’m not informed enough about fitness trackers to answer it. I believe the software is proprietary to Voice Caddie, it seems quite simple.


  13. Do you find that the green-reading feature of this watch actually helps you putt better?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think it’s useful for not getting fooled or missing the forest for the trees (something that can happen to me regularly on the greens). It’s not as granular as a greenbook, so it’s not going to “give you the read” but it can put you in the right ballpark.


  14. I’m purchasing the T9. If the course is not listed how long does it take to get it listed and uploaded?

    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t know that Voice Caddie quotes a specific turnaround time, but I’ve never heard any negative feedback about how long it takes for them to add a course.



  15. Del Monte Edwards

    I play in tournaments. I have a device (it will remain unnamed but does not work well in high heat). I am looking for something else, I see that T9 will have a tournament mode without GPS? What does that mean? I assume that the green reading will be disabled.

  16. Keith Woodard

    Can you change the display brightness level?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t believe so. Voice Caddie uses a “Reflective LCD” which is designed to be visible outdoors, and I found that it works very well.



  17. I’m a left handed golfer. When I wear the watch on my right hand, it does not register any swing. When I wear it on my left hand, it register one out of 10 swings. Any idea if there’s any sensitive setting for swings?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s interesting, I haven’t heard that. I don’t know of any sensitivity settings, so my advice would be to contact Voice Caddie to see if they have a suggestion.



    • Lawrence Lopez

      I’m left handed also. It doesn’t appear to work for left handed golfers. I returned the original watch and got a replacement and both act exactly the same. They work perfectly if you wear it on your left hand and take a right handed swing. Doesn’t work at all with a left handed swing for tempo.

  18. John DOWNING

    How does the auto scoring work if you take a mulligan or try a putt over?

    • Matt Saternus


      Taking extra strokes can throw off the auto scoring, but you can easily adjust the score before moving to the next hole.


  19. Khalid Sattar

    T9 is my 1st golf watch. There is a serious shortcoming with scoring. It cannot handle less than 18-hole games. It awards a par score for every hole you don’t play. So on a 9-hole game, it awards you 9 pars for the remaining 9. Completely screws your stats in the app. So I cant recommend this to people who play mostly 9 holes and are interested in stats of their games.

  20. Can I swim with that?

  21. Gerrit Kruger

    Hello matt , I live in Europe I have a T9 but I don’t have the T9 app for iPhone on my iPhone 12 mini do jo no how i can reciev this

  22. Trying to find what courses are included, website is not in English.
    Why buy this watch ? What would be a better choice.

  23. Donn Rutkoff

    I think I am going to get one. Unless there might be a new T10 ready for release? To be my first device. I already gauge distances pretty well from the 150 yard marker. But I want the green contour and size info, and don’t want to have to handle and lose and find and lose and find a handheld tool.

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