Voice Caddie T11 Pro GPS Watch Review

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The Voice Caddie T11 Pro GPS watch is loaded with features that will help you play smarter golf.  Great display.  Touch screen.  Tempo trainer connects your practice to your on-course swings.

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Though it’s not their titular product line, Voice Caddie is my go-to brand for full-featured GPS watches.  Their T9 [review HERE] opened my eyes to the amount of information and features that could be packed into a watch.  The new Voice Caddie T11 Pro raises the bar even further with applications for practice as well as all the info you need to play smart golf.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Voice Caddie T11 Pro GPS watch is controlled by a single button and a touch screen.  Holding down the button powers it on and off.  I found the touch screen responsive and easy to use for most functions.

Getting the T11 Pro into golf mode is easy – swipe left, tap “Start”, and the watch will connect to a GPS satellite.  The T11 Pro makes this connection faster than any watch I’ve used, often in under thirty seconds.  From there, it automatically identifies the course you’re at and asks you to walk to the tee.

Once you’re fully into golf mode, you don’t need touch the Voice Caddie T11 Pro if you don’t want to.  Twisting your wrist turns on the display, and the watch automatically switches to the correct hole and view as you move around the course.

There are settings, which you can adjust on the Voice Caddie app or directly on the watch, to modify your experience.  You can turn on or off the slope adjustment and scoring as well as adjusting the display.

Features & Accuracy

I used the Voice Caddie T11 Pro on six different courses in two states and was generally impressed with the accuracy.  On five of the six courses, the yardages were always within two yards of markers on the ground or the cart’s GPS.  At the sixth course, I saw gaps as big as four yards.  It’s worth noting that this course did not have their greens mapped, so there might be a correlation there.  If you’re concerned about maximum accuracy, check if Voice Caddie has their greens at your home course mapped.  If they don’t, you can request that they do so.

In addition to being accurate, the T11 Pro is quick, updating the yardages with each step.  The display is another major selling point.  The Super OLED screen is huge and bright, easily readable in all light conditions, even when wearing sunglasses.

One of the elevated features of the T11 Pro is the multitude of displays.  From the tee, you get an overview of the entire hole, including a “flyover.”  From this view, you can tap anywhere on the hole to get a yardage to that point.  Tapping hazards shows you the distance to the hazard and the distance to carry it.  Once you get within about 190 yards, the display switches to a view of the green (above) where you can tap to place the pin.

On the green, if the course’s greens have been mapped, you get an elevation map of the green with the ability to tap your ball’s location and get a read on the putt.

An outstanding feature that has carried forward is the automatic measurement of each shot.  As I’ve discussed in other reviews, this is a lifesaver when trying to find your tee shot.  The Voice Caddie T11 Pro also measures the tempo of each swing, allowing you to store the data for later review.  All of this swing sensing is why the T11 Pro is also the best automatic scorecard I’ve ever used.  After each hole, you can confirm you score with one tap.

The Voice Caddie T11 Pro can also help your practice with its tempo trainer.  You can set a target tempo for Full Swing, Approach, and Putt, and then practice to achieve them.  If you’re a fan of Tour Tempo [review HERE] this is a killer feature.  It’s also a great way to make the data you collect on the course more usable.

Finally, the T11 Pro has the best battery life of any GPS watch I’ve ever used.  I played 36 holes, and the battery wasn’t even halfway drained.  This does come at the cost of the watch being rather thick, but it’s not heavy.  The band is also very comfortable, leading to an overall pleasant wearing experience.


The Voice Caddie T11 Pro retails for $350, but Plugged In Golf readers can get it for $300 HERE.

Comparing it the other leaders in this category, Garmin and SkyCaddie, I think the value is excellent.  Garmin’s top of the line watches can cost twice as much.  SkyCaddie’s watch is slightly less, but it requires a steep annual fee to use all the features.  Voice Caddie has no annual fees.


If you want more data to help your on-course strategy, the Voice Caddie T11 Pro GPS watch is tough to beat.  You’ll get full color pictures of each hole and detailed images of every green.  On top of that, it helps you to find your tee shots and can bring your range and “real” game more in synch.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Great review. I’m sold!

  2. Does the t11 function as a normal smart watch when not on the course?

  3. Dan Moral

    It needs to be a bit bigger…

  4. Wow are you fickle. A few months ago you told me the Shotscope V5 was the greatest thing since cheesecake. I enjoy your reviews but you are obviously in cahoots with the manufacturers financially making your opinions suspect and biased.

    • Matt Saternus

      Recognizing that there are numerous excellent products makes me fickle? The V5 isn’t even a direct competitor to the T11 Pro.

      Plugged In Golf has sponsors. They are listed at the bottom of the page under “Sponsors.” You don’t pay for this content. Producing and hosting the website costs money. Hence, sponsors. Please find a serious publication in any field that doesn’t have sponsors. Your desire to see something malicious or scandalous in something that we make completely transparent is childish.

      To come full circle, Shot Scope has been a sponsor of Plugged In Golf for years. If we were “biased,” non-Shot Scope products would be getting lousy reviews, so this positive one should negate your asinine argument.


  5. Would you say this is worth $100 more than the T9? Costco has the T8 for $199, but other reviews have said they’re actually shipping the T9 at that price.

    Torn between the 2 versions…

    • Matt Saternus


      The most obvious difference between the two is the size of the screen. I think the larger screen is helpful given the level of detail the T11 Pro provides. That said, the T9 is great. I would probably pay the extra for the T11 Pro given that this is something I’d be looking to use for several seasons, and I’d like to have the best.


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