Voice Caddie T8 Golf GPS Watch Review

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The Voice Caddie T8 Golf GPS watch is accurate and easy to use.  Two unique features set it apart from the pack.  No annual fees.

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While, in many cases, laser rangefinders aren’t delivering much in terms of new features, their sister category, GPS watches, continues to explode with innovation.  Generation after generation, they’re getting smaller, more accurate, loaded with new features and better displays.  The Voice Caddie T8 GPS watch is an example of all of those trends, making it one of the best you can buy.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

My Voice Caddie T8 came good to go out of the box, charged up and ready to play.  However, much as we all love to run to course with our new gear, I will advise you to add one step.  Download either the MyVoiceCaddie app (smart phone) or the VC Manager (desktop, HERE) and get your T8 updated.  Voice Caddie is continually adding new green maps and tweaking courses, so spending a few minutes to update your T8 will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Once you’re updated, the T8 is a breeze to use.  There’s one button and a touchscreen, so you never have to worry about remembering which button does what or which sequence of commands allows you to actually play golf.  The T8 is fairly small by GPS watch standards (the face has a 1 3/4″ diameter and is approximately 1/2″ thick), but the screens are thoughtfully laid out so you won’t have many miscommunications with the touchscreen.


Accuracy & Performance

As usual, I’ll start with speed and accuracy.  Having tested several Voice Caddie devices recently, I expected the T8 GPS watch to be accurate, and it was.  The yardages it displayed were consistently within one yard of rangefinder measurements or fixed markers such as sprinkler heads.  It’s also worth noting that the T8 uses what they call “V-Algorithm” to provide distances that are slope-corrected.

In terms of speed, the T8 was very good.  By the time I was lifting my arm to check the distance, it was updated to match where I was standing.  The watch also responds briskly to touchscreen commands.

Now I want to highlight the two features that make the Voice Caddie T8 stand out for me.  The first is the automatic shot measurement.  This watch knows when you’ve made a swing and automatically measures the distance of the shot.  I can hear some of you saying, “Matt, shot measurement is nothing new.”  Yes, I’m aware that many GPS units will measure your shot, but this is the first that I’ve tested that does it automatically and that’s the key.

In just nine holes of golf, I had three occasions where I hit a tee shot, thought, “I know where that is,” then couldn’t find it.  However, because I had the T8, I was able to find each one.  The T8 can very quickly pay for itself in golf balls you don’t lose, not to mention the strokes you save and bets you’ll win.  I can’t say enough about the genius of this feature, and I hope it becomes the standard across the industry.

The other standout feature is the green undulation mapping.  As with the SL1 hybrid rangefinder [review HERE], the T8 uses colors to indicate the high and low points of the green.  This has significant implications for strategy as it can help you avoid being above the hole.  If you play new courses regularly, this feature is a game changer.

Another interesting feature is the tempo measurement.  While I won’t put this on a level with the green mapping or auto shot measurement, seeing the tempo of each swing and putt is a cool add-on.  This feature also allows the T8 to more accurately guess your score on each hole which improves the scorecard functionality.


The Voice Caddie T8 GPS watch retail for $349, but Plugged In Golf readers can save $50 and support the site by buying it HERE.  It’s also worth noting that the Voice Caddie T8 has no annual fees.

Even at full retail, the Voice Caddie costs the same or substantially less than its competitors.  Particularly in this category, it really comes down to what specific features you want.  For me the T8 is the easy choice for best value.


For pace of play and course management, GPS watches have become a go-to technology for me.  The Voice Caddie T8 enhances both of those elements in an easy-to-use package that won’t break the bank.

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  1. Matt,
    What are your thoughts about touchscreen brightness, reactivity and battery life?
    Seems like a great value

    • Matt Saternus


      The brightness was adequate for mid-day bright conditions. The touchscreen was good, as reactive as any I’ve tested. I haven’t played 36 with it, but it has plenty of juice left after 18.



      • Bought just now through your link, but no info on shipping time or whether in stock. Do you know if they are in stock?
        Thanks for your great help with my enjoyment if the game.

        • Matt Saternus

          Thanks, Steve!

          To my knowledge, they are in stock, but I will contact Voice Caddie today to confirm. If there is a delay, I will let you know.



      • For the auto shot measurement; do you have to enter which club you hitting? How is ASM setup?

        • Matt Saternus


          There’s nothing to set up. The T8 senses that you made a swing and starts measuring the distance as you watch. The distance from where you swung to where you are now is displayed on the watch.



          • No, the distance isn’t measured when you swing. It is measured when you get to your ball. Only your tempo is registered at the swing. You can enter your average driving distance, but there is no auto measurement. You’ve oversold a feature that doesn’t exist. I’ve had my T8 for 3 months.

          • Ron,

            I did not “oversell” the feature, but it seems there was a misunderstanding. The watch does not predict your drive distance, it measures it as you walk. As I explained in the review, this allows you to know when you’re in the right area to start looking for your drive.


        • Cody Loggins

          Is the distance of the shot pretty accurate; Im just wonder how does it knows the difference from a long iron & driver for the distance

          • Cody,

            I think we’re having a communication issue. The watch knows where you made your swing because it feels the movement. When you take your first step from that spot, it says “Shot: 1 Yard”. If you walk 100 yards, it will say, “Shot: 100 Yards.” If you hit the ball into the fairway, the measurement is just for you to know how far the shot went. Where I find value in it is when I don’t see my ball. If I know I hit driver and hit it well, I’m going to walk until the watch says, “Shot: 240 Yards” and then start looking. If I get to “Shot: 300 Yards,” I’ve gone too far. It narrows your search radius, and I’ve found that invaluable in finding drives.


          • Ok; thanks for the reply; I understand now; I purchased one through your link

    • Fail to see how the shot measurement can help in finding a ball. Swing speed and club estimate of distance are good but unless you are tracking the ball, a mis hit will make that info worthless.

  2. Your right Matt about tee shots and not finding them.
    At four dollars a ball that adds up . Plus loosing the strokes is worse than the money.

  3. Joe Menard

    That would be great for old golfer like me who forgets what button to does what, but I can’t afford it plus my wife would kill me

  4. Thanks – bought it through your link after going through their website.
    Will use the trusty Bushnell when close to the green for yardage to pin. But for everything else, this seems like the ticket.

  5. Matt, is the Voice Caddie T8 GPS and its various features approved for use in amateur golf tournaments?

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. With the slope adjustments and green maps, I would assume no, but I don’t know that for certain.



  6. Thanks, Matt. That was my guess. Will keep using my Garmin Approach S20 which is very accurate and responsive.

  7. I just purchased the Voice Caddie T8 through your link. Any approximate guess how long it will take to get here in Georgia? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any specific info on that except to say that many readers have purchased the T8 and I have yet to hear any concerns about shipping times.



  8. This GPS watch is a nightmare to figure out how to set & use it. So far I’m greatly disappointed. User manual is horrible.

  9. Matt,

    Always enjoy your reviews. How does the T8 compare to the Garmin S62. I have the SC300i launch monitor, so is there an advantage to getting the T8 for any type of interface with each other?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      I prefer the interface of the T8, I find it a bit more intuitive. Also, the auto shot measurement feature is a true game changer for me.
      There is no interaction between the SC300i and the T8.



  10. Matt
    I have the t8 and i have not been nearly as impressed as you unfortunately.
    Is there an easier way to get distance to green?
    I have to scroll sideways through 2 green views to get distance to green. I think that is extremely suboptimal.

    Also the device wants to score. Can i turn off that feature? Its not ready for prime time.
    Also it has terrible time with nine hole rounds. It automatically scores par for remainder of holes, which makes the data useless.
    It would be nice if they printed instructions or i could find some on the website but i haven’t found them. By any chance do you have a link?
    I requested updates several months ago, but they have not been able to do them yet. Hopefully they can get to them within a year of request. Courses are bandon dunes resort (couple available). Would think that could be high on their list.

    For me, as currently working, garmin is way way better executed and better value. I want to like voice caddie and they support lpga so i am hoping they can update the software and address these concerns.

    Thanks for any answers you might have.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you go to the settings menu, you can turn the scoring off. It’s quite simple.
      Regarding not seeing the distances, what are you seeing in the primary screen?


  11. Javier E Paredes

    Hi, please, do you know the difference between the Voice Caddie t7 and t8?
    Thanks. Javier

  12. Can the slope adjustment and green undulation function be turned off for amateur tournament play?

  13. Javier E Paredes

    Hi Matt, I agree with Don, the manual is horrible, it only shows the highlight of some of the features, however, no details for all other features and options available for the T7; the user guide is very limited.
    Please, do you know a link or site that provides detailed used guide?
    Thans, Javier

  14. Javier E Paredes

    Thanks much!

  15. David Moreshead

    Problem: automatic shot measurement. I bought the t8 for the reason to get the shot distance and the tempo. I have had it for 4 months and it does not show you the distance or the tempo. I have called and voice caddie tells you your call is very important, but no one ever answers. You leave a message and you don’t get a respond.

  16. Can the voice feature on the T8 be turned off? I find the constant noise distracting.

    • Matt Saternus


      I never encountered a voice feature on the T8. I think you may be confusing the T8 with other Voice Caddie products.


  17. Matt, what exactly is the tempo measurement. mine registers between 2.3 upward to 2.5, but I am not sure what it means 2.5 of what?
    please help!

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