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Designed for performance on the golf course, the wonderful fit and luxurious fabrics of the Jim Nantz Collection from Vineyard Vines capture an elevated style worthy of the collection’s namesake.


After 20 years growing the Vineyard Vines, most folks have heard of the brand of casual clothing for the whole family – and know its smiling pink whale logo.  This year Vineyard Vines releases the Jim Nantz Collection, bringing a more sophisticated look to the brand while maintaining the quality and comfort it’s known for.  Why Jim Nantz?  He’s one of the most recognized voices in all sports and loves the game of golf.  He even lives on one of the most famous courses in the world – Pebble Beach.  Let’s take a closer look at the collaboration.


Whether it’s the crisp lines of the Carmel Polos or the houndstooth pattern of the Pescadero Pullover, the style of the Jim Nantz Collection has a top shelf, sophisticated look.  All the color offerings are rich and distinctive.  The 55% cotton, 45% poly polos are wonderfully soft and comfortable, while their reinforced collars look sharp right out of the dryer.  The faux leather zipper pulls and subtle logo on the back yokes of the pullover and vest complete the upscale look.


The Carmel Polos have a tailored fit that echoes the collections elevated style.  The shoulder seams sit on top of the arm and the straight cut sleeves cover the biceps.  I went with my typical medium and couldn’t be happier with the fit.

The well executed fit continues with the Pescadero Houndstooth.  Vineyard Vines did a wonderful job giving the sleeves enough room for layering over a shirt without excess fabric that can be cumbersome for the golf swing.

The 17 Mile Performance Vest pays homage to that scenic stretch of coastal highway that captures the spirit of the Monterey Peninsula.  Unlike most water or wind resistant vests I’ve worn over the years, the 17 Mile fits incredibly well around the arms and through the chest.  The length brings the bottom edge past the top of my pants.


The fabric blend of the polos offers plenty of stretch and breathability.  I imagine the cotton content may be an issue when the temperature and humidity are above 90, but for most of the year in most of the country, the shirts are wonderful for golf.

Beyond providing ultra softness on the inside of the Pescadero Houndstooth, the tiny waffle weave creates a comfy layer of warmth.  The 90% polyester, 10% spandex fabric also wicks sweat when you’re in rapid hitting mode at the range.  The split shoulder seams eliminated the stacked seam pressure point that often irritates me when carrying my golf bag.  The same split shirt seams on the side lessen the friction between your elbow and core during the golf swing.  The pullover also incorporates positioned seams in the arms to support natural articulation.

I love the Jim Nantz quote on the Collections jackets and vests: “Block breezes without upping your handicap in these true-blue golf greats.”  As I mentioned above, the fit of the 17 Mile Vest is great for not feeling bulky and with 14% spandex is nonrestrictive.  The balance of the fabric is nylon, woven to make the vest water and wind resistant.  Inside the vest, seams are sealed to further minimize intrusion.  There’s a generous vent flap between the shoulder blades for breathability, another example of Vineyard Vines paying attention to the details that deliver performance in the Jim Nantz Collection.


At the start of every year I joke about the rough life of Jim Nantz, but only because I envy him so much.  Who wouldn’t want to go from prime seats at the Super Bowl, then on to the Final Four, only to finish up the stretch with the big daddy – the Masters.  The Jim Nantz collection from Vineyard Vines has a sophisticated style predicated on performance but more than appropriate for nice dinners in town attending those events.

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  1. Jim Nalepa

    Looks just like my blue houndstooth Graeme McDowell pullover .

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