V1 Golf App Review

By: Skyler Street

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The V1 Golf app might be a glimpse into the future of golf instruction by providing players and instructors an online arena to instantly communicate, analyze video, and provide feedback.


Let’s say you are on the range getting ready for a big tournament, but something just isn’t feeling quite right with your swing.  Usually, in this situation, you would be in for a tough round, but this time you casually pull out your phone and record a few swings with the V1 Golf app.  The app then sends the video to your instructor, who watches the swings, then sends back a detailed analysis with voice over and graphics to fix the issue.  This detailed feedback is what makes the V1 Golf App unique and appeals to golfers at every level.  The V1 Golf app connects instructors to their players to reinforce what is taught in lessons and provide an excellent medium where they can share information.

Before the snow hit, I was able to make it down the Mistwood Performance Center near Chicago to see just what the V1 Golf App can do and what kind of golfer it works best for.  Before really diving into the app, golfers need to understand that the V1 Golf App is a companion to your golf instruction and not a replacement.  The app will complement and enhance your in-person lessons and give you a clear picture of things to work on.

What Can It Do?

Lesson Review

The V1 Golf app will allow you to see the full recordings of your golf lessons with your instructor.  Whether the video is of you down-the-line, at address, or whatever technology your pro has, the app will have it there for you to review.

Models & Analyze

The “Models” section might be my favorite part of the app because it stores hundreds of high-quality golf swings from hundreds of professional golfers.  Not only can you see driver, wedge, and iron swings from just about every player you can think of, but you can then put them side by side to your own swing for comparison.  I will admit I put my swing next to Tiger’s a lot, and they still don’t look very similar.


This section is devoted to giving you drills from instructors around the country.  While not nearly as extensive as the “Models” section, the “Drills” area covers many basic parts of the swing from swing tempo to correct alignment.


The camera setting on the app films automatically in 240 fps, so you are able to slow it down without missing any details.  It features a silhouette of a golfer at address and also down-the-line so you can frame yourself correctly.

Who Is It For?

The V1 Golf App will have value for most golfers, but especially those who want consistent feedback from their instructors and are on the move.  I can see this app being very handy for young players and aspiring pros who are on the road a lot to play competitively but still need that instruction.  The V1 Golf app will also work well for people who have to travel far for an in-person lesson and don’t have time to go back to their instructor regularly.

Who May Not Need It?

While the majority of golfers can benefit from this technology, those who have the ability to see an instructor in-person for the majority of their lessons won’t have a huge need for the app.  Also, there is quite a lot of technology packed into the V1 Golf app, so if you aren’t very techy, it might be difficult to grasp all of the capabilities.


The V1 Golf app is a fantastic companion to the majority of golfers who want to stay in touch with their instructor without the travel or appointments.  The app is packed with visual goodies to help record your swing and compare it to the professionals while getting detailed instruction quickly from your local pro.

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  1. While the content of this review is great, it would really help the readers to have a section about the pricing and what’s included with the two versions. For example, “The app itself is free and includes these features. The premium upgrade includes these extra features and costs this much per year.”

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