2023 V1 Golf App Review

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The V1 Golf app has tools for filming and analyzing your swing.  Loads of instructional materials.  If you need to film your swing, this is one of the better ways to do it.


From training aids to video games, there are dozens and dozens of golf apps available for smart phones, but one of the most recognizable is the V1 Golf App.  We reviewed this app back in 2019 [find it HERE], but V1 – much like the rest of the world – has changed a lot since then.  This review takes a fresh look at all the new features to help you determine if it’s worth downloading.

What Does It Do?

There are two facets to the V1 Golf app: filming your swing and their video content.

While my concerns with filming your golf swing are well noted [more on that HERE], if you’re going to film your swing, the V1 app is a good way to do it.  They provide several videos with camera set up tips, and there’s a guide that shows you where to stand when you open the camera.  The camera also has a timer.  Additionally, V1 allows you to import other videos from your phone, though if you have the app, I don’t see any reason not to film in the app.

Once you have your swing on film, the V1 Golf app gives you a variety of tools for analyzing it*.  You can draw lines, boxes, and circles in six different colors.  You can also compare your swing to a myriad of “model” swings side by side.

*With V1 Golf+ subscription

Moving to the V1 video content, there are seven Getting Started videos, the aforementioned Model swings, Drills, and the Premium Series.  If you’re not familiar with the app or swing analysis, the Getting Started videos do a great job of getting you up to speed.  Similarly, the Model videos do exactly what they’re supposed to: showing you how the best players in the world swing their driver, irons, and putter.

V1’s Drills videos are searchable by club or topic, which is helpful.  These videos are done by a variety of instructors, so you’re likely to find someone you enjoy watching.  The Premium Series contains three sets of videos – Complete Driving (5 videos), Master the Basics (7 videos), and Improve Your Irons (11 videos) – each hosted by one instructor.

I think the content on the V1 Golf App is generally quite good.  For me, the major selling points are that the content is well-organized, searchable, professionally produced, and, most importantly, vetted.  Yes, you can go to YouTube and find videos on any of these topics, and, yes, the videos might be excellent.  However, they might be terrible.  There is no bad content on the V1 app.

Free vs. Premium

You can download the V1 Golf app for free and get a lot of functionality out of it.  It can be a place to film your swings and organize your swing videos.  You also get a dozen swing model videos and 27 drill videos**.

Upgrading to the Premium or V1 Golf+ costs $10/month of $60/year.  It unlocks dozens and dozens of model swings plus 64 more drill videos.  Most importantly, it opens up the ability to draw lines on your videos and compare your swings to the models.

The Premium Series videos are a separate purchase whether you are a subscriber or using the free version of the app.  The value of the Premium Series videos is getting one cohesive message that covers a topic in depth.

**Numbers are accurate at the time of writing but will likely change over time.


If you like seeing your swing on film, the V1 Golf app is one of the best apps for you.  The analysis tools are easy to use, and it’s nice to have all your swing videos organized in one place.  For the dedicated video analyzer, the additional content you get with the Premium subscription is a very solid bonus.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I’m a big fan of the golf app! It’s easy to use and keeps me plugged in to my game.

  2. I’m a big fan of the golf app! It’s easy to use and keeps me plugged in to my game.

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