Under Armour Curry 8 Golf Shoe Review

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Extremely comfortable with great traction, the Under Armour Curry 8 spikeless golf shoes also exude athletic panache.


In golf, like most sports, it’s commonplace to see the names of top players affixed to, or affiliated with, gear and apparel.  Many at the elite level even have cool logos created with their initials.   But it’s the truly elite athletes that can transcend their respective sports – and one of those is Stephen Curry.  Under Armour captures the Curry Brand precisely:  “Golf isn’t Stephen’s job—it’s his obsession. Different game, but same focus, same accuracy.”


The UA Curry 8 golf shoes have an athletic silhouette with plenty of design influence from Stephen’s hardwood counterparts.  The thick speckled midsoles scream cushioned comfort, while the high cut around the ankles offers cues to the secure fit.

A quick glance at the outsole makes it clear that these shoes aren’t intended for use on any hard court.  Under the aggressive nubs, zebra like stripes and two-tone color zones give the UA Curry 8 a pop of style where you’d least expect it.

The intriguing weave patterns of the knit uppers enhance their flair.  There are several points of branding, but they’re executed tastefully.  Top to bottom, the UA Curry 8 spikeless golf shoes exhibit a modern, expressive style while embracing athleticism.


Pulling the shoes out of the box, my first reaction was to how light they were.  Attempting to slip on the UA Curry 8, I quickly learned the big loops on the heel and tongue are there to aid in that endeavor.  The bootie like construction formed a nice fit around my ankles, and the lacing created a wonderful, secure fit overall.  I found the sizing spot on.

The insole was soft and cushiony – supportive but not squishy.  The uppers were form fitting, but with ample flex.  Walking felt effortless, which seemed to stem from the shoes being lightweight and also in the way they flowed with each step.  Examining the UA Curry 8 midsoles more closely, I noted the midsole wasn’t uniform around the back half of the shoe and subsequently learned that the shaping was there to support the “natural motion of the foot.”  Bottom line is the UA Curry 8 are one of the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn.


Comfortable walking is all well and good, but swing-centric performance is what defines a golf shoe.  Probably the most important design element to most golfers is traction, and the UA Curry 8’s is excellent.  Using the term ‘spikeless’ does a disservice to these shoes.  They don’t have removable spikes, but the traction elements are aggressive and numerous.

The UA Curry 8 are definitely mobility shoes, but I found they offered plenty of lateral stability thanks to a wide base and raised midsole on the outside of the heel.  Transitioning to impact in the downswing, flexibility in the midfoot gave me the feeling of transferring energy towards my front side in a powerful, fluid motion.


I wasn’t familiar with the SC logo before starting this review, but I must say it’s distinctive and groovy – much like the golf shoes it adorns.  The athletic styling of the UA Curry 8 is reflective of the comfort and performance I enjoyed on the golf course.  While the appeal of many spikeless golf shoes is versatility, I’ll take the UA Curry 8’s excellent traction over wearing them around town any day.

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  1. The real question is where to find them for sale these days!

  2. Fernando Echeverri

    Under armour it is excellent

  3. Veer Narayan chaudhary

    I need this shoes

  4. It’s interesting to me how much they mirror the look of his Curry 8 basketball shoes (I’m a better basketball player than a golfer, but that’s not saying much lol), and the Curry 8 basketball shoes also got rave reviews on the hardwood. I have a question about the foam cushion– it says on the site that HOVR is used, but 1) on his basketball line, they use Flow and not HOVR, and 2) that doesn’t look like what most implementations of HOVR look like. I can’t see any in the images, but is there branding on the midsole, or did it come with any sort of clarification on the box or anything?

    Also, did you get a chance to see just how water resistant these are/are not?


    • Thanks for reading the review Phil. I do not see any branding related to HOVR on the shoes or the box. But the description on the UA website definitely listed HOVR.

      They are fine with morning dew or a light rain, but once saturated, moisture does pass inside the material.

      – Meeks

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